Hi fellow coffee lovers,

I’m Tim and Welcome to Coffee Geek (.io)

This is my adhoc chronometrical narrative, sipping my way around the world. New years eve 2013, I was introduced to speciality coffee by Tyson Adams at his cafe Jhai Coffee House in the middle of nowhere in Laos. No cream, no sugar, black as the ace of spades….. and I hated it. However after 4 days of continued persistence, I grew to fall in love with the artisan coffee style. The Coffee Geek was born. Since then my coffee knowledge has grown but I to me I still call myself a beginner as there is so much to learn about the coffee realm.

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Thailand Coffee Fest 2016

Nothing warms the heart more than a hot cuppa. Welcome to the Coffee Geek, a blog that discusses everything about your favorite brew. I thought that the best way to inaugurate it was to bring a coffee festival to you. The Thailand Coffee Fest was a real hub for...

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