Vermillion Cafe | Kyoto Japan

Vermillion Cafe

Kyoto Japan


Really loved the owner and barista of Vermillion cafe.. Positioned perfectly for the foot traffic from Fushimi Inari and Araki Shrine’s. Great place to enjoy the scenery from the shrine hike..


Hey there, it’s Tim again with another episode of Coffee Geek TV. I’m here at a new cafe called Vermillion in the Fushimi Inari shrine in Japan. If you’re doing a bit of sightseeing and want to grab something, this is a brilliant espresso bar.

They use the beans from the Weekender’s Cafe, which you may know from my last video. You know that you’re going to get super quality beans and reasonably priced coffee. If you’re in the area, come and check it out. Tim again, from Coffee Geek TV. Peace out.



Weekenders Coffee Roastery | Kyoto Japan

Weekenders Coffee Roastery

Kyoto Japan

Weekenders Coffee was a pleasant discovery about a 15 minute walk from the hostel I was staying in. The cafe and roaster was located upstairs set in a very simple yet funky layout.

I loved their ‘Cherry Blueberry’ flavored Ethiopian Single Origin Yirgacheffe coffee so much I returned the next day for more coffee and buy some beans too. The owners are super friendly and helpful also… Check them out.


Hello, it’s Tim coming to you again with another episode of Coffee Geek TV.

Here I am in Kyoto Japan. I just stepped out, just trying to find any coffee. I heard about a coffee shop down the road, but it is not open because it’s Sunday here. I read a review about it. Someone complained that they could not use WIFI, but I have no qualms with that. It depends on what you want. I think that if you are looking for the experience, it’s best that you put the computer away. If you are looking to do work, go to a cafe like Starbucks where you can get it done.

I am a place called Weekenders after reading a review. Reviewers touted it as the best place to hang out. It’s more of an experience bar. You can see a stand-up bar and a counter with a barista. Behind me is a counter with a Provac. There is someone over here who has got his laptop out, following one of these roasting profiles.

They have an excellent selection of roasts. The beans come from around the world. They include Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya and other blends. They grind the beans and put them in little jars, which is a fantastic idea. I swayed towards the Ethiopian blend because it has these beautiful, fruity aromas. I taste blueberries and strawberries. I’m partial towards sweet coffee, and I like full-bodied stuff. There is a bit of caramelization there too. This blend is beautiful. Tim, coming to you again with another episode of Coffee Geek TV.


Coutume Cafe | Osaka Japan


Osaka Japan

Apparently Coutume Cafe was permanently closed at this location the date of this post.

My first experience of Steampunk coffee… I wasn’t overwhelmed by the experience to be honest… Although watching the brewing technique in action intriguing, I actually found it the flavor quite watery and under extracted.. I hope one day I can get better experience of Steampunk coffee.



I’m Tim coming to you again from Coffee Geek TV. I’ve come to a place called Coutume Coffee, a French cafe. They do innovative things here, and prepare coffee in a way I have never seen before. It’s called Steampunk.

Let me take you over here and show you how the machine looks. It’s a French press with a siphon built in together. The water rises to this level, and this is where the device compresses the beans. The coffee comes down through the same chamber.

This style of brewing coffee is slightly different. It is not my favorite, but you might want to give it a try. This place is a little difficult to find. If you are in Osaka, Japan, you have to go underground.

I can’t rate it when compared to the other coffees, but you win some and lose some. Tim, coming to again from Coffee Geek TV.


Takamura Wine and Coffee Roasters | Osaka Japan

Takamura Wine and Coffee Roasters

Osaka Japan

This place brought both my beverage passions together – Coffee and Wine.. I place reminded my of the local alcohol shop in Australia called Dan Murphy’s but with a twist.. a built in coffee roaster..

Although a little walk from the Metro, it was worth the visit to experience both of my sensory backgrounds under the one roof.

The upstairs mezzanine of Takamura provided a great ambience. They also have mini Aeropress competitions too.


Hi Coffee Geeks,

I’m Tim coming to you again with another episode of Coffee Geek TV. I’ve arrived in Osaka, Japan. After I dropped my bags at the guest house, I came to this place I learned of called Takamura Wine and Coffee Roasters.

I’m upstairs at the moment in this fantastic cafe. What I love is that it has combined both my worlds. One is my background in wine and the other is my new love for coffee. Let me give you a quick overview of my wine background. I used to work in the wine industry and lived near the wine regions of Australia and used to drink a lot of it. Since moving to Thailand, I’ve found it expensive. and don’t drink as much wine as I used to. The range is limited and the price,not satisfactory as well. That overlapped into coffee and made me to continue to train my palate.

This place is fantastic. Let me give you a quick tour. I’m going to walk down the stairs. Takamura Coffee is rocking. It has got the best range of wines you can imagine. It’s huge and reminds of Dan Murphy’s in Australia. The best feature of this place is the drip bar, where the cafe starts from. They have got a humdinger of a roaster back here. If I could own a cafe it would be something like this because it brings both my worlds together. Come and try this place. Once again, it is Takamura Wine and Coffee Roasters.


Nakamura Coffee | Ise Mie Prefecture Japan

Nakamura Coffee

Ise Mie Prefecture Japan

I’m constantly astounded by the quality of coffee even in the most peculiar location through out Japan.. Nakamura is a roaster set in the family home that sources single origin beans from around the world.. The family hand sorts defect beans before and after roasting to ensure that you have perfect cup each and every time.


Hi all,

It’s Tim again coming to you from Coffee Geek TV. Welcome to another episode. I’ve got something special for you today. I’m at this homey little coffee shop in the middle of rural Ise town of the Mie prefecture called Nakamura Coffee. It based in the family name.

I don’t know the name of the barista yet, but he seems to know his stuff. He has poured specialty coffee all over the world. You can see him there at the moment sifting through his coffee. This fellow hand-selects all the beans and eliminates all the defects. A friend of mine once told me that one bad bean could ruin your cup of coffee. That stuck with me. I have a profound respect for people who make hand selections, and what they do. Rest assured that you will get a good cup of coffee if you come here.

This place is hard to find, so if you are in this area, do give it a try. I will pin the address in this post. Japan is full of specialty coffee shops, and they do a fantastic job of brewing coffee.

I will give you a quick rundown of what I am drinking today. This cup has a Cuban Coffee. I don’t know the bean variety. The coffee has a beautiful macadamia cream flavor; it is my first time trying something like this.

The African Coffees that I tried impressed me, and I shared this with the barista. The man has got Costa Rican Coffees and something full-bodied, like the one from Kilimanjaro. I decided to go for the 40% Brazilian and 60% Costa Rican. It’s good. I don’t get this one, which I have almost finished. It was full-bodied but didn’t have all the characteristics. I tasted a burnt sugar flavor and detected a hint of bitterness, but in all, it is a good full-bodied coffee.

Once again, this is Tim coming to you from Coffee Geek TV. If you would like to, subscribe below. Hit “Show More” and you can contact me through social media. Thanks for watching!

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