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Hi, I’m Tim and welcome to my caffeinated journey, sharing tips, tricks, hacks and product reviews to help you make best choice for your own coffee adventures.

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I have been sipping and writing about coffee since 2014.

New Year’s Eve 2013, I was introduced to Specialty Coffee by Tyson Adams at his cafe Jhai Coffee House (pictured in the center above) in the middle of nowhere in the southern regional village of Paksong, Laos – The heart of the Bolaven Plateau where some of the finest beans are grown in South East Asia.

My first drip-style Pourover brew was served with no cream, no sugar, black as the ace of spades… and I hated it. However, after 4 days of continued persistence, I grew to fall in love with this artisan style coffee. The Coffee Geek within me was unleashed.

Since then my coffee knowledge has grown exponentially working with many farmers and coffee experts yet, as the knowledge of coffee is vast and complex, I still call myself a beginner as there is always something new to learn from the coffee realm.

Some of my coffee accolades include:

These days I spend most of my time based in Chiang Mai running my Digital Agency – Launchpresso Digital Marketing, hopping from cafe to cafe, discovering some of the best specialty coffee artisans this beautiful city has to offer.

The best thing about coffee culture is you connect with many great people around the world purely through being passionate about coffee. And you get to make good friends around the world too.

Through filtering through an initial bias and self-righteous ways on how to drink coffee, I’ve humbly come to learn that there is no right or wrong way on it should be served. We are all unique and have subjective preferences on taste… it’s what makes us all unique.

Through this site I hope to provide you a ton of value on all things relating to coffee. From cafe and product reviews, tips and tricks, How-to’s and great all-round coffee stories.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to follow my journey on Instagram and Facebook.

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Connect with Tim

Tim Sutton: Founder & Managing Editor

Tim is the coffee aficionado behind, based in South East Asia.

Qualified in many coffee certifications, loves reviewing cafes, giving coffee product tips and advice, and sharing coffee knowledge with fellow coffee enthusiasts.

You can find out more on Facebook, Instragram and Youtube

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Connect with Luke

Luke Gilbert: Specialty Coffee Specialist & Roaster

Luke is a Social Entrepreneur and Business owner. As an active player in the Speciality coffee and tea industry, he is a passionate Speciality Coffee trainer and coffee consultant.

His Bloss Roastery, based in Kent, distributes in the UK and EU. Through established relationships Bloss partners with coffee producers across a wide range of origins bringing unique coffees to the UK market.

Luke contributes to Coffee Geek bringing his expert angle, finesse and experience to his articles on the blog.

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Connect with Lee

Chea Hong (Caden) Lee: Specialty Coffee Educator

As a coffee enthusiast and entrepreneur with years of experience in roasting, brewing, extraction, and coffee training, Lee is passionate about educating, consulting, and empowering individuals and businesses in the coffee industry.

Lee has built and grown successful coffee businesses from scratch and knows what it takes to succeed in this competitive field.

With a practical, personalized, and results-driven approach, Lee supports and guides his clients towards achieving their goals and realizing their full potential in the coffee industry and joined the Coffee Geek team three years ago.

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Connect with Vince

Minh Trung Tran (Vincent): Engineer & Technician

Vince Tran is a highly skilled freelance coffee machine repair specialist, with a specialization in repairing high-end brands such as Simonelli and La Marzocco. He has been in the business for around five years and has earned a reputation as one of the best technicians in his area.

During his time there, he honed his skills and expertise in repairing coffee machines. With his exceptional knowledge, he was scouted out by as a consultant four years ago, which led him to become a regular contributor to the blog.

Vince is dedicated to helping coffee lovers with their daily coffee routine by sharing his vast knowledge and experience through his articles.

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