Philz coffee beans

Philz Coffee is known for its unique blends and customized coffee experience. Launched in San Francisco, this brand has become a favorite among coffee enthusiasts due to its dedication to creating the perfect cup for each customer. With a variety of flavors and roasts, Philz Coffee Beans cater to a wide range of preferences while […]

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Is colombian coffee dark roast

Colombia is well-renowned for producing one of the best coffee beans worldwide. But is Colombian coffee dark roast? Let’s dive deeper into the world of coffee roasting and explore the richness of Colombian Coffee. What is Colombian Coffee Dark Roast? Understanding the Roasting Levels Roasting levels, essential for origin coffee’s taste profile, range from lighter

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Best Pre-Ground Coffee for Cold Brew

If you’re a Cold Brew coffee addict like me, you know that making your own Cold Brew at home can provide you with the best taste while saving money. And one of the keys to the perfect cup is using the right coffee. This also applies to Cold Brew coffee. But if you’re not a

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Best Coffee for Cold Brew

As coffee becomes more popular than ever, there are more ways to make it and more ways to drink it. You have probably seen cold brew coffee on menus and in grocery store aisles, and you may be wondering what it is and how it differs from iced coffee or regular brewed coffee. In this

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Best Coffee Beans For Breville Espresso Machine

Now that you’ve bought yourself a high-quality Breville espresso machine, to pull third-wave specialty espresso shots, you need to stock up on the finest and most suitable coffee beans for espresso as well. But navigating through the market without a reference to fall back on can be hard. So, in this article, the Coffee Geek,

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americano vs black coffee

Have you ever struggled to decide between Americano and black coffee at your favorite cafe? The confusion is understandable since both of these beverages appear nearly identical at first glance. However, there are some notable differences between Americano vs black coffee that could influence your decision the next time you order a coffee. Americano, or

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what does vietnamese coffee taste like

Vietnamese coffee offers a unique taste that sets it apart from others. Known for its bold flavor and sweet finish, this coffee has gained quite a fan following. What does Vietnamese coffee taste like? When served traditionally, Vietnamese coffee showcases a perfect balance of bitter and sweet notes, largely attributed to the specific type of

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Does coffee have lecitin? the surprising truth unveiled.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about lectins and their potential impact on our health. So, it got me thinking: does coffee have lectins? After doing some research, I discovered that coffee beans do contain lectins, but in varying concentrations. It turns out that lectins are found in many foods as well, including grains, beans,

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How Many Coffee Beans Can You Eat? The Tasty Truth Revealed

Coffee lovers often look for new ways to enjoy their favorite beverage, and one way that’s gaining popularity is eating coffee beans. The question is how many coffee beans can you eat? While it might seem like a strange idea at first, eating coffee beans can offer a unique taste experience as well as provide

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