25 Different Types of Coffee Drinks – My Comprehensive List

25 Different Types of Coffee Drinks

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages. Many people use it as an everyday booster. Some people simply enjoy the taste and the sensation it provides.

As a result, numerous versions have been invented since its discovery.

In this article, we’re going to talk about 25 different types of coffee drinks.

This is to help you choose what coffee is the best for you and what coffee you should try next time you enter a coffee shop.

So for you to decide what’s your next favorite, keep on reading!

1. Espresso

The most common and popular is espresso. An espresso machine is the best way to make espresso drinks.

If you want to make espresso at home but don’t have an espresso machine, you can also go to the nearest coffee shop in your area to buy an espresso.

Espresso Coffee

Espresso is a coffee made with dark roast coffee beans, fine-grind coffee grounds, and high pressure, resulting in a very flavorful, rich, and concentrated coffee.

If you like strong black coffee, then espresso is the one for you. Espresso is also the base for many other coffee drinks, which we will go over further in this article.

2. Latte

Another popular coffee drink is Latte. Latte is first made in Italy.

It’s a coffee made with 20% espresso shot, 60% steamed milk, and 20% foamed milk on the top and is usually served with latte art.

Latte can be served as hot coffee or cold coffee (called Iced Latte).

Latte is one of the most popular milk-based beverages that you can find anywhere. 

It’s typically made with espresso machines since many come with a milk frother used for making milky coffee beverages.

If you like a little sweet and creamy milky coffee, then Latte is the one for you.

3. Cappuccino

Some people are confused about the difference between Latte and cappuccino; some even think that the two drinks are just the same.

When it comes to the preparation and ingredients, yes, it’s the same. Just like Latte, cappuccino requires espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk on top.

Cappuccino is mistaken with Latte, but they’re actually different

The only difference is the content of the drink. (Check our in-depth discussion about the differences between latte and cappuccino.)

Cappuccino contains 30% espresso, 20% steamed milk, and 40% foamed milk, resulting in a light, creamy, mildly sweet, and not acidic coffee. If this sounds like your bet, then cappuccino is undoubtedly the one for you.

4. Doppio

Those who enjoy espresso coffee and drink a lot of it should try Doppio coffee.

A Doppio coffee is an espresso with two shots.

Doppio is a double-shot espresso

This is also why it was named “Doppio,” an Italian word that means “double.”

Doppio, as previously stated, is an espresso with double serving size. This means that the ratio, brewing process, and ingredients are all identical to those of espresso.

5. Macchiato

Macchiato is another beverage that’s usually confused with Latte and cappuccino. However, a macchiato is only made with steamed milk and espresso.

It’s basically an espresso with a spot of milk in it. The content of milk in this beverage is only 10%and 90%. (Read more about the differences between Latte and Macchiato.)

And unlike the milk-based beverages we discussed above that are sweet or mildly sweet, macchiato has a very strong flavor of espresso, making it a bit bitter and pungent.


But if you want it sweet, you can also add sugar.

If you’re into a milk-based beverage with a strong kick of espresso, then macchiato is the one for you.

6. Americano

Most people think Americano, also known as Cafe Americano, is just a normal black coffee with a nice name.

Cafe Americano is one of the most common drinks you can find in coffee shops, not just in America, just like what it’s called, but also around the world.

Espresso tap with hot water

Americano is more than a cup of espresso. It’s an espresso that’s tapped with hot water. The perfect ratio is required to make this coffee (which is 1:1).

Furthermore, making this coffee also requires good espresso-making skills. (Learn how to make Cafe Americano at home.)

Americano, just like other coffee drinks, can be served as hot coffee or iced coffee. The first Americano I had was the iced coffee version I bought in a local coffee shop.

The taste is strong and earthy, just like what you should expect in an espresso-based coffee.

7. Affogato

Next on our list is the Affogato. An affogato is made with espresso and vanilla ice cream.

It’s an Italian dessert that’s good for those looking for something different with the touch of espresso.

Affogato is espresso with vanilla ice cream

This is also perfect as a summertime drink.

Affogato is made by pouring a shot of espresso in vanilla ice cream in a cappuccino cup. The espresso gives it a robust flavor of coffee, while the vanilla ice cream makes it a bit sweet, cold, and creamy.

8. Mocha Coffee

Mocha coffee is a coffee drink made with espresso, chocolate powder and syrup, and steamed milk. On top of it, you can also ask to have whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

The combination of espresso and dark chocolate is what many people love about this drink.

When combined perfectly, mocha coffee should give you a sweet, luxurious, and chocolate-ty flavor of the beverage.

Mocha coffee is ideal for those who love sweet and chocolate-ty coffee with the boost of caffeine.

So if you’re a fan of chocolate or mocha, then you should try this one.

Mocha coffee is a cup of espresso with steamed milk and chocolate

9. Espresso Con Panna

Con Panna is an Italian coffee drink that is also known in France and the UK as café Viennois.

Con Panna is made by combining espresso and cream, which is also the meaning of its name. 

Espresso Con Panna

If you have an espresso machine, you can make this coffee in minutes! After you’ve made the espresso coffee, simply top it with a generous amount of whipped cream.

For decoration, you can also add grated walnuts and sprinkle them on top. This coffee delivers a strong but creamy espresso drink. 

10. Flat white

Flat white is always present on any coffee shop menu. You may have seen or heard about this before.

Flat white is another milk-based beverage that’s usually mistaken for Latte (If you want to know the difference between the two, you can check out our article about the differences between latte and flat white).

Flat white

But in reality, it wasn’t called flat white for nothing.

A flat white is 33% espresso and 66% steamed milk. If you think that’s plain, you can also ask your barista to add toppings like whipped cream to your coffee.

Because of its contents, a flat white can will give you a generous mouthfeel and a firm but sweet flavor of the coffee.

11. Turkish Coffee

Although it’s called Turkish Coffee, this coffee actually originated in Yemen. The brewing process of this coffee is different from other coffee drinks we discussed above.

Arabica beans are the most commonly used in the production of this coffee, but Robusta beans can also be used.

Turkish coffee's brewing process is really different. 

To make this coffee, finely ground coffee will be boiled in a Turkish coffee maker. During the boiling process, the coffee grounds in the coffee maker will dissolve.

After being boiled, it is now ready to drink. Turkish coffee is a highly caffeinated beverage that will provide you with a solid and rich coffee flavor.

Turkish coffee may not always be available in many coffee shops around you like those other coffee drinks.

If you can’t find one, then trying to make this at home is also a great idea as the materials used to brew this coffee are inexpensive. 

12. French Press

French press coffee is another coffee drink with a distinct brewing method. A French press is a fancy coffee maker used to manually brew coffee.

This method of brewing coffee is well worth the effort because it produces a fantastic coffee with a rich aroma and flavor.

French press requires a fancy brewing material

If you want to make French press coffee at home, you will need to invest in the necessary equipment (see our article about French press coffee makers.

This will help you decide what to buy if you’re planning to). On the other hand, if you wish to try it out and see if it’s to your liking, a French press from a coffee shop will suffice.

13. Long Black

Long black coffee is similar to the Americano coffee we discussed earlier.

A long black is made with espresso and hot water as well. But a double shot of espresso (the amount used in a long black) should be poured over hot water instead(opposite from an Americano).

Long black 

This coffee can also be made with Ristretto instead of espresso.

Long black will give you a much stronger flavor of espresso than the Americano. This is because of the double espresso shot sitting on top of hot water.

If you’re a fan of strong coffee, then long black is perfect for you!

14. Pour-Over Coffee

Let’s now talk about pour-over coffee. Pour-over coffee requires a lot of practice to make since making a perfect and consistent cup of pour-over is the real challenge for many.

However, the materials needed for this coffee are inexpensive and easy to use.

Pour-over gives you more control over your ideal cup of coffee

Pour-overs are made by pouring hot water over coffee grounds on a coffee filter and basket, sitting on a mug, or pour-over server.

This brewing process gives the user more control over their ideal cup of coffee.

What’s good about coffee is it can be any flavor depending on how you brew it.

But when made perfectly, a pour-over coffee should be vibrant, fresh, and high-quality coffee. It also can be robust if extracted longer. 

Pour-over coffee is good for those who are looking for a coffee that gives them more control during the process. 

15. Drip coffee

Drip coffee is frequently compared to pour-over coffee, but drip coffee differs in the brewing process.

Unlike pour-over coffee, which is made by hand, drip coffee is made with an automatic coffee maker that automatically drips coffee into a server.

Drip coffee 

Drip coffee is much easier to make than pour-over coffee but has less flavor variety.

It’s still tasty and savory, so if you’re looking for a satisfying daily brew, consider getting a drip machine.

16. Irish Coffee

Now, if you’re a fan of alcohol and you want it on your coffee, which is a really unique but great idea, don’t worry.

You don’t need to invent a new type of coffee because Irish coffee fits the bill!

Irish coffee is made by mixing Irish whiskey, hot coffee, and sugar and it’s also usually topped with whipped cream.

Irish coffee is a mix of whiskey and hot coffee

Irish coffee is sweet and rich. It has a rich flavor from the hot coffee and is sweet from the sugar.

These flavors overpower the whiskey, but the whiskey still adds a unique touch and aroma.

17. Ristretto

If you think espresso is the strongest coffee, wait until you meet ristretto.

Ristretto is a highly concentrated coffee made in the same manner as espresso.

The difference is that ristretto has a lower water-to-espresso ratio than espresso.

Ristretto is stronger than espresso

Ristretto’s extraction process and time are also shorter than espresso’s.

Furthermore, the coffee beans should be very finely ground. This all adds up to a very concentrated and strong cup of coffee.

If you’re not satisfied with how strong your espresso is, then you should switch to ristretto.

For a detailed review of Ristretto coffee, direct to our article that discusses what is a Ristretto and why it is worth trying. 

18. Mezzo Mezzo

Speaking about its name, “Mezzo” actually means middle, medium, or half.

The name really fits it because Mezzo Mezzo is actually half Americano, half Latte.

It’s made with a double shot of espresso with an equal amount of water (which is an Americano), combined with 60 ml of milk (like Latte).

Mezzo mezzo is like half Americano, half Latte

Mezzo Mezzo is a delicious coffee drink with a really different name. At first hear, you wouldn’t even think it’s coffee.

In terms of flavor, it’s closer to a latte. If you’re interested in this coffee, it’s well worth your time to look into it.

19. Cold Brew Coffee

Cold coffees are typically made by brewing hot coffee and then cooling it with ice. However, cold brew coffee is distinct.

Cold brew coffee is made by soaking ground coffee beans into the water and letting it brew at a cold room temperature for 8 to 24 hours. (Read more about the differences between cold brew and iced coffee.)

Cold brew

Cold brew coffee is said to be 50% or less acidic than other coffee that’s brewed in a normal way.

It’s also sweeter, more convenient, and has more antioxidants than normal coffee. If you want to acquire these benefits, then try a cup of cold brew coffee.

You can find cold brew coffee at the coffee shops near you, but if you can’t find one, or you prefer making it on your own, you can check our article about the process of making a cold brew coffee. 

20. Red Eye Coffee

Red-eye coffee is actually not super popular compared to the other coffee we discussed above.

Red-eye coffee originated in the United States.


This coffee, in line with its name, is designed to help you stay awake at night. 

Red-eye coffee is made by combining drip coffee and espresso, making it very strong, a bit bitter for some, but rich and satisfying. If this is the type of coffee you’re looking for, then Red eye is surely for you.

21. Cortado

The majority of the coffee we discussed above originated in Italy, but this coffee, the Cortado, originated in Spain.

Cortado is another combination of espresso and milk, but it differs from the other milk-based drink we discussed above only in terms of the espresso-to-milk ratio.

Cortado contains an equal amount of espresso and milk

The process of making a Cortado is the same as flat white. However, the Cortado contains an equal amount of espresso and milk.

Furthermore, the steamed milk used in this coffee beverage is not texturized. This results in a less acidic and sweet coffee drink.

22. Frappe

Next stop, Frappes. This coffee drink is quite popular among those who love sweet, cold, and refreshing drinks they can rely on during summer.

If you’re looking for a summertime drink with coffee, frappe has got you covered!

It’s an iced beverage first invented in 1957. Frappes are commonly made with Nescafe coffee blended with shaken iced, sugar, and milk.

Frappe is a very refreshing summertime drink

It’s also usually topped with whipped cream, adding creaminess to the frappe.

Because of this combination, frappes are sweet, creamy, and very refreshing.

23. Breve

Breve is the American version of the popular Cafe Latte.

But instead of steamed milk, Breve uses steamed half and half milk.

Because of the milk used in this beverage, Breve is more prosperous and thicker than a Latte. It’s also foamy and smoother.

Breve is the American version of Latte

However, one of the reasons why some people refrain from drinking Breve coffee is because of the high-calorie content present in the half and half milk which is used in this coffee.

But overall, these coffee drinks are still worth trying, especially if you’re someone who is not strict with your calorie intake.

This coffee is easy to make. In fact, you can make your own at home. If you want to learn how, you can check our article about making a breve coffee. 

24. Vienna

Vienna coffee, just like its name, originated in Vienna, Australia.

This coffee is popular because, aside from being a coffee beverage, this also looks and serves as a dessert coffee.


Vienna coffee consists of a strong coffee, and either dark or milk chocolate depends on your choice.

If you want it sweeter or creamier, you can also add sugar and milk or ask your barista to do it for you if you order in a coffee shop.

Aside from that, Vienna coffee is also topped with whipped cream and a few cocoa sprinkles sitting on it. This beverage is sweet and chocolate-ty.

25. Cafe au Lait

Last on our list is the Cafe au Lait, which means “coffee with milk.”

This beverage, just like the meaning of its name, contains a single shot of espresso and milk.

This drink is straightforward to replicate, so you can do it even at home.

Coffee with milk different types of coffee drinks

This coffee should be strong and bitter in flavor. Cafe au lait is also stronger than Latte, which is how they differ.

If you’re looking for a simple milk-based beverage that’s bitter and strong, this is the one to try.

As previously stated, it is not difficult to replicate, so you do not need to go outside to try this coffee if you have the necessary materials at home.

So, that completes our 25 different types of coffee drinks.

What is the healthiest coffee to drink?

Black coffee is the healthiest type of coffee to consume.

This is because black coffee contains antioxidants, which can help protect your cells from chemicals like free radicals, which can contribute to heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.

Black coffee is a common source of antioxidants in American diets.

Aside from its health benefits, black coffee is also good for weight loss since it contains no sugar and no fat from the milk, which is good to avoid since it can contribute to weight gain.

What are the benefits of drinking coffee?

Drinking coffee, just like already said above, brings a lot of benefits.

For one, it can give you a boost and energy that you need to either stay awake the whole night for work or if you just need a quick pick-me-up drink.

Another benefit you can acquire from drinking coffee is that it can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Some studies found that drinking coffee has a positive effect on it.

Coffee is also a good source of antioxidants, just like what we discussed above. It does also support brain health, promotes weight management, supports heart health, and more.

Indeed, coffee is not just a good-tasting beverage that’s addicting because of the sensation it provides. Coffee is more than just what many people commonly know about it.

Different Types of Coffee Drinks – Bottom Line

Finally, we’ve finished talking about the various types of coffee drinks. These are only a few of what’s out there. There is still a wide range of coffee drinks to choose from.

My recommendation? Don’t settle for the standard cup. Try to go exploring!

There must be a lot of amazing cups out there that we haven’t discussed yet, and a lot of variety will emerge in the future.

Overall, I hope you found this article useful in deciding on your next coffee to try out.


Is it okay to drink coffee daily?

Yes! It is okay to consume coffee on a daily basis. Many people can’t even begin their day without a cup of coffee. However, some people have a low caffeine tolerance, while others have a high tolerance. Simply remember the rule of thumb. 400 mg of caffeine for most healthy adults. If you’re always aware of your caffeine threshold, you can surely enjoy a cup anytime you want.

Is coffee healthier with or without milk?

Many people believe that drinking coffee without milk is far healthier than drinking coffee with milk. But milk consumption can be good for our health. In fact, it contains many important nutrients that our bodies require, such as B vitamins, potassium, calcium, and others.
However, some coffee drinkers prefer to avoid it due to the calories it contains, which can interfere with their diet or if they’re trying to avoid it. Overall, whether or not to add milk to one’s coffee is a matter of personal preference.

Is tea better than coffee?

When it comes to the antioxidants and other health benefits, tea has an edge and is better than coffee since it’s richer with those healthy compounds, although coffee has it too. Additionally, tea has less caffeine, so if you’re trying to reduce your caffeine intake, then tea is much better.

Is drinking coffee good for you?

Drinking coffee is good; however, drinking too much can cause a lot of problems like headaches, anxiety, trouble sleeping, frequent urination, chest pain, dizziness, and many more.

Drinking coffee can also be bad for you if you’re a pregnant woman since it can increase your blood pressure and heart rate. But overall, drinking coffee gives you a lot of health benefits.

Check out the coffee’s pros and cons for more. 

What is the most popular coffee brand?

There are a lot of coffee brands and coffee shops in the world that offer great-tasting coffee. But the most popular among all of those is Starbucks coffee.

Starbucks offers a variety of coffee on its menu. So if you want to try the type of coffee that you’ve read above, going to Starbucks is a brilliant idea.

Aside from choosing what is on their menu, you can also ask the barista to make a specific type of coffee for you. You can also ask them to customize your drink the way you want it to be.

Starbucks’ coffees are pretty authentic, as they use great-quality ingredients. Though their coffee drinks can be expensive,  they’re still worth a shot.

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