Tim Sutton

Tim is the coffee aficionado behind coffeegeek.tv, based in South East Asia. Qualified in many coffee certifications, loves reviewing cafes, giving product advice and sharing coffee knowledge with fellow coffee fanatics. Tim is also the co-founder of the Launchpresso Digital Marketing

Cold Brew Vs Nitro Cold Brew

Are you into iced or cold coffees? If so, you’ve probably heard of cold brew and nitro cold brew coffee. You may have had one of these, but still wonder, what’s the difference between the two? Which one is better? …

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AeroPress Grind Size Dialing in The Ideal

If you are just learning to brew coffee with an AeroPress, the sheer amount of options at your disposal for fine-tuning your coffee can easily be a little overwhelming at first. What is the Ideal AeroPress Grind Size? All other …

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How to Make Cold Brew With a Chemex

Cold brew coffee is the drink of choice for coffee enthusiasts looking for a refreshing drink during the summer. This isn’t just a regular cup of coffee poured over ice to make it cold or an iced coffee. Making this …

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