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Tim is the coffee aficionado behind coffeegeek.tv, based in South East Asia. Qualified in many coffee certifications, loves reviewing cafes, giving product advice and sharing coffee knowledge with fellow coffee fanatics. You can find out more on Facebook, Instragram and Youtube

Best Drinks at Dutch Bros

Have you ever heard of Dutch Bros? Since you’re here, you might be looking for an ideal drink you can purchase in the emerging coffee shop. Dutch Bros has been around for quite a while now, and it’s no surprise …

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Best Starbucks Iced Tea A Barista’s Guide

Hot summer weather increases the desire for an ice-cold beverage to quench thirst and keep the body hydrated. Iced tea is an excellent refreshment to have during the sweltering season. Check with Starbucks as the go-to spot for a host …

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Best Hot Tea at Starbucks

As someone who enjoys tea, you may be curious about the selection of the best hot tea at Starbucks. Whether you desire a calming herbal infusion, a zesty chai latte, or a revitalizing iced tea lemonade, Starbucks has options to …

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A Barista's Guide To Matcha & Green Tea Drinks at Starbucks

Different types of matcha drinks at Starbucks might confuse you, especially if you’re just new to the Starbucks matcha drinks and green tea world. There are teas, lattes, lemonades, frappuccino and more. In this article, we will learn the basics …

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Best Alcoholic Coffee Drinks (With Recipe)

Taking your coffee drink to the next level is exciting, especially if you combine it with something you also love. An alcoholic coffee drink is a coffee combined with alcohol or liqueur. This article will discuss the best alcoholic coffee …

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