Best Starbucks Drinks When You’re Sick: 7 Healing Sippers

Best Starbucks Drinks When You’re Sick

When a cloud of illness looms over you, a warm cup of tea or coffee may just be the remedy you need.

Starbucks has an extensive menu of assorted steaming hot, and refreshing cold drinks that would be a perfect remedy for your ailment.

You can order a tailor-made drink to alleviate the symptoms of an illness be it a sore throat, common cold, or pounding headache.

Below are the seven best Starbucks drinks when you’re sick you can try.

best starbucks drinks when you're sick

Key Takeaways

  • Starbucks offers a rich menu of healthy beverages that are beneficial to your health when unwell
  • Beverages rich in nutrients may alleviate the symptoms of an ailment. For instance, the drinks can clear sinuses, calm a headache, and soothe a sore throat
  • The best Starbucks you can try as remedies when unwell include herbs, hot teas, honey, citrus, and ginger-based drinks
  • Adequate rest and hydration speed up your recovery process when you feel under the weather

7 Best Starbucks Drinks for When You’re Sick

Starbucks offers a variety of beverages that you may take to improve your health when sick.

Considering personal experience (and hundreds of user reviews), these are some of the best drinks to have when you’re not feeling your best.

1. Honey Citrus Mint Tea (Starbucks Medicine Ball Tea)

Best Starbucks Drinks When You’re Sick: Honey Citrus Mint Tea

On top of the list of Starbucks nutritious drinks is the honey citrus mint tea, also known as the Starbucks medicine ball drink.

The drink tops the list as a remedy for an unwell person for the following reasons;

  • Remedy for common colds: The popular drink contains ingredients that are a remedy for the common cold. It is a blend of hot water, honey, steamed lemonade, jade citrus mint, and peach tranquility herbal tea.
  • Improves immunity: The beverage is rich in Vitamin C, a key mineral you need to improve your immunity to treat a sore throat, common cold, and sinuses.
  • Improves digestive and cardiovascular systems: The ingredients of Starbucks medicine ball are rich with antioxidants, components that improve brain health and metabolism.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation: The citrus, honey, rose hip, and chamomile in the drink reduce inflammation and pain in your body. The beverage also has calming and relaxing effects that induce sleep.

For an extra kick, you can also ask for a pump of peppermint syrup to be added. This helps provide additional relief from congestion and will help clear your sinuses in no time.

2. Chai Tea

The Starbucks chai tea latte traces its origin to a traditional Indian drink.

However, Starbucks chai tea has sweet flavors, unlike traditional tea recipes.

The warm drink is a blend of black tea leaves, cloves, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and fennel.  

Chai Tea Latte

Starbucks Chai Tea latte has the following health benefits:

  • Alleviates nausea: Chai tea contains ginger which has an inherent ability to treat nausea, calm queasy feelings, and prevent motion sickness [1].  
  • Reduces inflammation: The cloves and ginger spices in the drink have antioxidant properties that may reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain caused by sickness such as arthritis.
  • Boosts the immune system: Take a few cups of chai tea to boost your immunity system. The cardamom in the beverage has expectorant, antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties to build your immunity to fight off infections and bacteria.  
  • Improves the cardiovascular systems: Cinnamon and black tea in the warm drink help in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, to build a healthy heart.
  • Improves digestion: Black pepper and ginger added to the tea aid in digestion, and subsequently improve body circulation.

3. Steamed Apple Juice

Steamed apple juice is a signature of Starbucks teas worth your investment when you are under the weather.

The drink is packed with nutritional benefits and should be amongst a must-try when unwell.  

The beverage is made from 100% apples, steamed carefully to preserve the apple juice flavor and nutritional benefits of the fruit.

Steamed Apple Juice

If you would like to alter the apple taste, you can add syrups, or brown or white sugar to the juice.  

Take the Starbucks steamed apple juice when you are unwell to derive the following health benefits;

  • Relieves sore throat: The warm apple drink is delicious and an effective remedy that can soothe your sore throat. 
  • Supports cardiovascular system: Apples are good sources of polyphenols and flavonoids which are good in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.   
  • Protects the brain: The polyphenolic properties in the beverage may protect the brain by preventing damage from free radicals. The antioxidants reduce the death of brain cells (neuronal apoptosis).

4. Mint Majesty

Starbucks mint majesty herbal beverage is an infusion of lemon verbena, peppermint leaves, and spearmint leaves.

The drink tastes even better if you take it when warm, sprinkled with lemon and a bit of honey.

Mint Majesty Starbucks Teas

When you are unwell, try Starbucks mint herbal tea which is laced with the following health benefits:

  • Improves the digestive system: Peppermint calms the gastronomical muscles to soothe an upset stomach, improve digestion and reduce nausea.
  • Combats common cold and fever: The mint in the beverage opens body pores to reduce fever. The menthol in the drink is good for soothing a sore throat and opening the nasal passage.
  • Relieves headaches and migraine: Mint improves blood circulation which as a result relaxes muscles, and reduces tension in the body. This may diminish headaches.
  • Improves mental health: Peppermint contains menthol, carvone, and limonene properties that have tranquilizing effects that reduce anxiety and stress.  
  • Stops diarrhea: The menthol in the mint has antibacterial properties that eliminate the growth of contagious foodborne bacteria diseases.

5. Royal English Breakfast Tea

Starbucks Royal English breakfast tea is one of the most popular drinks of the establishment.

The hot drink is made of an infusion of water and blended Kenyan, Ceylon, and Assam black teas.

The black teas have invigorating flavors and feel robust aromas.

 Royal English Breakfast Tea

When you have an ailment, you may try the Starbucks Royal English breakfast tea to get the following health benefits:

  • Improve heart condition: The beverage contains high levels of flavonoids [2] and antioxidants which help in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol hence reducing the risk of coronary disease.
  • Promote gut health: The beverage has antioxidants that promote the growth of good bacteria and also reduce the growth of bad bacteria in the gut.
  • Lower the risk of cancer: The polyphenols in the beverage controls the growth of cancer cells in the body.
  • Improves mood and increases attention: The tea contains L-theanine, a nutrient that improves mood and increases alertness. Take the drink if you are stressed and unable to focus.

6. Passion Coldbuster Tea

Take the Starbucks Passion cold buster tea during the cold and flu season to fight off sinuses and soothe a sore throat.

The beverage is especially popular during winter when common cold ailments are prevalent.

The healthy beverage is prepared using a passion tea bag, an Emperor’s Cloud and Mist bag, a tad of honey, half-steamed lemonade, and hot aqua.

Passion Coldbuster Tea

You will get the following nutritional benefits from your mug of the Coldbuster beverage;

  • Boosts immunity: The drink contains Vitamin C which helps to boost immunity to prevent seasonal colds, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer. Vitamin C also reduces body inflammation and throat swellings when you have a cold or sore throat.
  • Clear sinuses and soothes the sore throat: Honey is an effective natural cough suppressant that aids in clearing sinuses and soothing a sore throat.
  • Improves vision: Passion fruit is rich in Vitamin A which produces rhodopsin to improve eyesight. It is important to note, however, the claim is not scientifically-proven.  
  • Improves sleep: The drink has a microbial effect that relieves stress, fights insomnia, and induces sleepiness.
  • Improves digestive system: Passion fruit is rich in fiber which enhances digestion and bowel movement.

7. Chamomile Herbal Tea

The Starbucks chamomile herbal tea is a mixture of chamomile infused with rose petals, lemon balm, lemongrass, sarsaparilla, and spearmint.

If you need a calming and soothing effect, take chamomile herbal tea.

Chamomile Herbal Tea

Chamomile tea has the following nutritional benefits for a sick person;

  • Improves sleep quality: The chamomile in this tea has been known to help reduce insomnia hence inducing sleep [3].
  • Improves the digestive system: The beverage reduces acidity, prevents stomach ulcers, and reduces other digestive health conditions.
  • Beneficial to the heart: The antioxidants in the tea aid in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.   
  • Prevents some types of cancers: Apigenin in the drink helps to fight cancer cells in the digestive tract, breasts, uterus, prostate, and skin [4].
  • Controls blood sugar: Take chamomile tea for the anti-inflammatory properties that regulate insulin production hence preventing pancreas damage.

Other Starbucks Drinks to Help You Feel Better

In addition to the above seven drinks, Starbucks has a rich menu of healthy beverages you may take when unwell.

Other Starbucks Drinks to Help You Feel Better

The other beverages that have nutritional value good for your health when sick are:

  • Green Tea Latte: This is a great option for those trying to stay healthy and fight off colds. The combination of matcha powder and steamed milk provides you with essential nutrients and antioxidants that can help boost your immune system.
  • Peach Tranquility Tea: This herbal blend of peach, candied pineapple, rose hips, lemon balm, and chamomile blossoms provides a calming effect and helps to reduce stress. The combination of ingredients also helps to fight off any germs or infections.
  • Hot Chocolate: This comforting drink is great for any situation. The sweet flavor and warm temperature can make you feel relaxed while providing you with the needed energy to fight off sore throats or other cold symptoms.
  • Emperor’s Clouds and Mist: This tea is full of antioxidants, vitamin C, and immune-boosting properties. The light sweetness of this special blend makes it an enjoyable beverage that can help to make you feel better.

Summing Up: 7 Best Starbucks Drinks for When You’re Sick – Sick Tea Drinks

At Starbucks, you will get some of the best healthy drinks to speed up your recovery process when you have an ailment.

You will be spoilt for choice since the establishment has a variety of drinks that have nutritional value good for your health.

The healthy drinks are packed with nutritional benefits that alleviate symptoms and rejuvenate your body during sickness.

Some of the nutritionally beneficial drinks include; the famous Starbucks’ medicine ball, the signature drink steamed apple juice, chai tea latte, chamomile herbal tea, passion cold buster tea, minty majesty, and royal English breakfast tea.

The next time you feel unwell visit Starbucks to sip your way back to health. The beverages can help you fight off ailments such as a cold, sinuses, sore throat, or headache.

Be careful to place an order for a tailor-made drink that will improve the symptoms and not worsen your condition.


What Is the Best Starbucks Beverage When Your Sick?

The best Starbucks beverage when you’re sick is something warm and soothing that won’t exacerbate your symptoms. Some great choices include a hot tea such as chamomile, ginger, or peppermint; warm honey-lemon aqua; a classic latte with steamed milk; or a hot chocolate.

Is It Okay to Drink Starbucks While Sick?

Yes, it’s okay to drink Starbucks as long as the drinks you order don’t contain any ingredients that can worsen your symptoms. Avoid drinks that contain alcohol or caffeine, and opt for something warm like herbal tea, or warm lemonade.

What is a Medicine Ball at Starbucks?

The Medicine Ball is a special hot tea drink made with two bags of Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Tea, a bag of Peach Tranquility Tea, steamed lemonade, and honey. It’s known for its immune-boosting properties, making it a great Starbucks drink when you’re sick.

Is Drinking Medicine Ball From Starbucks Good for a Cold?

Yes, the Medicine Ball is a great cold remedy. The herbal ingredients in the tea are known to help reduce inflammation and improve congestion, while the lemonade and honey provide hydration and a soothing flavor. Plus, the warm temperature helps clear your sinuses.

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