Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers (And Snobs): Creative Ideas They’ll Love You For

gifts for coffee lovers

It’s hard to beat coffee as a great gift for the coffee lovers in your life that can’t live without a good cup of joe.

We’ve picked the best coffees, brewers, accessories, and themed gifts for coffee lovers that money can buy to help you come up with a memorable present for every occasion.

Coffee Subscription Boxes

There’s a subscription service for everything, but a coffee subscription box is a gift for coffee lovers that will delight and surprise the adventurous coffee drinkers in your life.

If you’re looking for a one-time purchase, check below for our gift basket picks.

Atlas Coffee Club

With options that allow you to choose a 3, 6, or full 12-month subscription, Atlas Coffee Club offers you the perfect opportunity to explore single-origin coffees from around the world with every monthly box.

You also receive brewing recommendations specifically tailors to complement that coffee and a postcard from its country of origin.


It’s difficult to know what kind of coffee you should give a connoisseur, so Mistobox allows you to personalize a postcard with a gift note and then your coffee aficionado fills out a short quiz that helps Mistobox understand their preferences.

Then, freshly roasted coffee from one of over 50 premium roasters arrives when they schedule it.

Driftaway Coffee

The first box for every subscription starts you off with a tasting kit so you can become familiar with the kind of coffees they can choose for following months’ subscriptions.

By rating the favorites from this first batch, future orders of high-quality, sustainably sourced coffees are tailored to meet those preferences.


Expertly selected coffees come in two different subscription options.

The Classics delivers 1-2 bags per order while The Hookup keeps it to just one.

Rating each coffee through their Trade Taste Type service helps them curate future selections for each order.

Sudden Coffee

If you think there’s no such thing as gourmet instant coffee, Sudden Coffee wants you to think again.

They’ve developed their own unique process for making instant coffee and offer it up with a choice of subscriptions, from a variety sampler pack to a full 24-cup pouch of a single coffee.

Blue Bottle Coffee

This California fixture lets you choose gift subscriptions on a 3 or 6-months basis, or allows you to design your own gift subscription frequency if you really want to go above and beyond when treating your favorite coffee snob.

Standard subscriptions deliver a 6-ounce bag of coffee every other week to guarantee freshness and quality.

If you would like to take a look at more coffee subscription box options, head over to our recommendations here.

Coffee Beans

Nothing beats the gift of expensive whole bean coffee when it comes to impress even the pickiest of coffee snobs.

These coffees are famous for their unique features. Some are brand-specific while others may come from a variety of different roasters, but we’ve picked our favorites for each.

Jamaican Blue Mountain from Volcanica

Coffee lovers indulge in a Jamaican Blue Mountain bean when they want a coffee that has a mild flavor and lacks overall bitterness that can be common in other popular coffees.

Jamaican Blue Mountain beans are usually graded as either 1, 2 or 3 in terms of quality, with 1 being the best.

Death Wish Coffee Co.

This type of coffee is a favorite among those who are looking for the strongest possible coffee.

This is the bean you buy when you want to blow someone’s socks off and keep them moving.

Lab tests have shown Death Wish coffee may have twice as much caffeine than the average bean. 


The usual method of taking a coffee bean from shrub to brew involves a lengthy process that depends on a certain level of fermentation that can lead to the development of potentially dangerous mycotoxins and bacteria.

Lifeboost changes the game in their quest to be the healthiest coffee by skipping fermentation and reducing exposure to other risk factors.

Kona Beans from Koa Coffee

Hailing from the Kona districts of the Big Island in Hawaii, this type of coffee is popular because of its unique growing conditions.

These rare and pricey beans are typically blended with more common coffees to reduce costs and provide larger quantities.

Roasters have to follow strict guidelines if they want to claim their coffees are certified 100% Kona coffee.

Kenya AA from Volcanica

Kenyan-grown coffee is favored not only for its palatable flavor, but the cooperative integrity found in its growing region.

Numerous small-batch farmers contribute to the industry and the region’s acidic soil and perfect balance of sunny days and regular rainfall produce some of the most sought-after coffee beans in the world.

The AA grade is the best and most expensive of these beans.

Volcanica Decaf House Blend

Decaf coffee gets a bad reputation from a lot of coffee snobs, but those who need to avoid caffeine but still crave a flavorful, bold cup of coffee need their fix, too.

The Decaf House Blend from Volcanica is a great gift for coffee lovers who need to chill out.

Coffee Brewers

It can be hard to pick a brewing device if you don’t know what type of coffee aficionado someone is, but it’s hard to go wrong with a quality pour-over funnel.

We’ve selected a few other brewing methods, too, that should meet the standards of anyone who loves good coffee made well.

Hario V60 Brewing Kit

Affordable and popular, this ceramic pour-over model fits the standard-sized coffee mug perfectly and is a favorite among those who want a simple, straightforward way to enjoy the freshest brew every time.

Include unbleached paper filters to step up your gift-giving game.


This unique take on a press pot style of brewing has inspired worldwide championships that take the principles of the best brewing practices to a whole new level.

Somewhere between a pour-over and French press, the Aeropress is more than just a new way to make coffee, it quickly becomes a way of life.


The Chemex style of making pour-over coffee looks like it belongs in a lab, but plenty of coffee lovers pick this for their favorite way of making a cup of coffee because of how much control they can have over every step.

Choose this gift for coffee aficionados who like to brew their pour-overs in different quantities.

Clever Coffee Maker 

The heat-safe plastic of this pour-over device makes it a good gift for coffee lovers who travel a lot and dread the thought of using a hotel room’s cheap automatic drip machine.

They can have the freshest-tasting cup of coffee without the risk of a ceramic or glass funnel breaking in their bag.

Ninja Coffee Bar

There seems to be nothing this Ninja model can’t do.

Not only can it be set to brew an espresso-style cup, but it also comes with a frothing wand that can detach for easy cleaning.

A ledge can drop down to set a cup beneath the drip-brewer for easy single-cup servings, or a warming plate can keep a full carafe hot and ready for a group.

Bodum Chambord French Press

The Bodum brand is almost universally synonymous with French press pot coffee.

The classic glass body and chic black-and-metal frame, lid and handle are always stylish accessories on any kitchen counter.

Coffee lovers who also like brewing loose-leaf tea can use this press pot for both.

Nispira Belgian Siphon Coffee Maker 

This is the gift to give anyone who wears their coffee snob title with pride.

The theatrics of brewing that are inherent with any siphon-style coffee maker are enhanced by the Nispira’s old-world build.

Somewhere between steampunk and science experiment, this coffee maker is designed to spark a conversation with every brew.

Wacaco Minipresso

Those who love a good espresso know you need a robust machine to extract the perfect shot, but the Wacaco brand is trying to shrink that technology down to handheld size.

Cleverly designed to use a small, internal piston that’s hand-powered, it’s a perfect coffee gift for those who want espresso without a lot of equipment.

Technivorm Moccamaster 79112 KBT

With all the familiar features of an automatic drip-brew machine and a few twists to make it modern, the Technivorm Moccamaster is the best choice for a gift that doesn’t require a lot of knowledge of the science behind brewing.

It delivers a quality brew, and the use of an insulated carafe instead of a heating plate will keep coffee warm without overcooking it.

Coffee Grinders

We’ve selected one of each of the most popular types of grinders to make choosing one easy.

A blade grinder is great for small kitchens and coffee lovers who want a quick fix, while the manual grinder is great for anyone on the go. 

A bigger electric burr grinder is the perfect pick for anyone who wants their kitchen to look like a proper cafe.


Nothing beats a simple, straightforward grinder that can handle coffee or spices for the multi-faceted kitchen warrior who wants fresh coffee while they’re cooking up their next delicacy.

This grinder is an affordable solution for someone who has particular tastes but limited counter space.

JavaPresse Manual Grinder Bundle

The conical burrs in this grinder are preferred for their consistency when it comes to grinding coffee beans for fresh brewing methods like a press pot or pour-over funnel.

It makes a great back-up grinder for any aficionado who needs a well-stocked travel kit.

Capresso Infinity 560

Choose this grinder for the coffee lover who has plenty of counter space and wants consistency and variety in their ability to grind coffee for every possible style of brewing.

This grinder can keep it coarse for the French press or grind beans fine enough for an espresso machine.

Coffee Accessories

Every coffee drinker needs a few accessories to pair with their beans and brewing method. We’ve selected our favorites when it comes to taking the normal cup of coffee up a notch.

Read about what we’ve picked for other coffee-themed items down below to make a swag bag complete.

HyperChiller Ice Coffee Cooler

Anyone who loves iced coffee will love this high-tech chiller.

Pouring hot coffee over ice tends to dilute the taste and ruin the experience of enjoying an iced coffee, but the HyperChiller is specifically designed to chill coffee inside of a minute without any dilution.

Pick this gift for anyone who craves an ice-cold cup of coffee but doesn’t want to wait for it.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves photography as much as they love coffee.

What looks like a fancy camera lens is actually an insulated thermos that can keep a cup of coffee hot for hours.

It acts as a clever decoy for anyone who lives or works with a coffee-snatcher, too.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

There’s nothing worse than reaching for a sip of your coffee only to find its gone cold while you’ve been busy working on a project.

This mug warmer takes care of that problem by offering a convenient, desk-friendly solution to this common problem for busy coffee drinkers.

PowerLix milk Frother

This handheld and battery-operated milk frother lets every coffee drinker enjoy the foamy goodness of a cafe latte without the need for a steam-powered machine at home.

Whether they’re brewing with an automatic drip coffee maker or trying out a pour-over, they can top their coffee with a rich layer of bubbly froth.

Cool Beans Coffee Ice Tray

The best type of ice tray for freezing coffee are made of heat-safe silicone.

This way, fresh, hot coffee can be poured directly into the tray and put into the freezer before the flavor starts to dull.

Later, when it’s time to pop them out, the silicone releases the frozen coffee easily.

You can choose traditional cube trays or find ones that freeze coffee into fun shapes, like this one, which makes bean-shaped ice.

Coffee Snacks

What’s a cup of coffee without a delicious treat to pair with it? Choose one or more of these for anyone who has a sweet tooth or wants to try interesting, coffee-infused products to widen their palate.

Dilettante Chocolate Espresso Bean Blend

This delicious treat is a favorite for many coffee lovers.

Choose this 3-pound jar of espresso beans covered in milk, white and dark chocolate for a present that offers the best of all chocolate-covered espresso beans.

Hill Farm Gourmet Dark Chocolate-covered Espresso Beans

Dark chocolate has particular fans given its semi-sweet and sometimes pleasantly bitter taste.

While not as popular as milk or white chocolate may be, pairing dark chocolate with the smoky flavor of a dark-roasted espresso bean makes perfect sense.

Hill Farm is well known for their perfect balance between these two ingredients.

Eat Your Coffee Energy Bar

With the equivalent of one cup of coffee in every bar, this brand delivers a snack that packs a caffeinated punch.

Their flavors are sold in 6-bar boxes that let you order them in a variety pack or just one flavor.

Every bar is also vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO as well as kosher and fair trade.

Coffee Maple Syrup 

What better way to pair morning coffee with pancakes than to slather them with coffee-infused maple syrup?

 For an extra kick, Tree’s Knees coffee-flavored maple syrup can even be used to sweeten up a cup of joe without the need for using refined sugar.

Coffee Books

Curling up with a cup of coffee and a good book is the perfect way to start a weekend morning or settle in for a cozy evening, so give the gift of both. These books will deepen the coffee-drinking experience and pair beautifully with any of our choices for self-care coffee items in the next section.

World Atlas Of Coffee

Touted as a definitive exploration of the world’s coffee from bean to brew, this book is the best present to buy for someone who loves to know everything about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into bringing coffee to the cup.

The coffee snob in your life will undoubtedly thank you for the gift of knowledge, then proceed to share with you everything they learn.

Coffee Passport Journal

This gorgeously made and pocket-sized journal guides the user on their tasting journey with clever prompts and a map to mark the origin of each coffee they taste.

Blank pages also let coffee-loving writers record their thoughts or sketch pictures to help them remember every detail of their experience.

Uncommon Grounds

Author Mark Pendergrast puts the history into a modern context in this book that sure to wow the coffee connoisseur who wants to connect the dots between coffee’s ancient roots and the way we enjoy the drink today.

This book explores how coffee culture has been shaped on the global stage over the centuries in a unique and charming way.

Coffee Life In Japan

Although Japan’s association with tea is well known and celebrated, there is a robust and thriving industry around coffee, too.

Merry White digs into the details of how the Japanese have incorporated coffee and cafes into their daily life and explores some of the unique distinctions between what’s popular there and elsewhere in the world.

The Social Life Of Coffee

This book focuses on the British response to the rise of coffee as a popular drink and the cafe as an important meeting place for social experiences.

While the author provides a global context of coffee as an important commodity, the way in which it has shaped its own place in British culture is given a close examination.

Brew: Better Coffee At Home

This book is a great gift for an expert coffee drink, but it’s perfect for the novice who wants cafe-level results in the comfort of their own.

Not every trick you find behind the bar at the local coffeehouse has its match for the at-home connoisseur, but author Brian W. Jones teaches you how to pull off some amazing feats of coffee brewing expertise in this easy-to-read book.

Coffee Self-Care

Everyone could use a little pampering, and these gifts for coffee lovers will inspire anyone to spend a little extra time on themselves.

Package them with some of the swag we list down below or give them with one of the accessories we mentioned earlier and you’ll be a winning gift-giver.

Old Factory Scented Candles 

Their Coffee Shop line of candles come in three recognizable scents: coffee bean, hazelnut and chai tea.

By using hand-poured natural soy wax and high-quality fragrant oils, Old Factory candles last a long time and fill a room with their enticing scents.

Espresso Coffee Scrub

As a scrub, coffee makes a wonderful exfoliant and is the perfect addition to anyone’s soothing self-care routine.

The all-natural ingredients in Amiré’s Espresso Coffee Scrub focus on nourishing the skin as well as cleansing it without any harsh or dangerous chemicals.

Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Mask

As a company known for its awesome and creative bath bombs, Lush doesn’t disappoint with this venture into the world of coffee-infused face and body cleansers.

With a scent that blends the best notes of a freshly roasted coffee with cocoa extract, it’s a mask that leaves skin feeling soft and deliciously fragrant.

Coffee & Oatmeal Soap by Aspen Kay

Invigorated with coffee and paired with naturally soothing oatmeal, this soap exfoliates and moisturizes all in one bar.

In addition to the lively coffee and toasty oatmeal scene, warm spices and sweet vanilla oils infuse the soap with their own powerfully uplifting fragrance.

Coffee Gift Baskets & Collectibles

When a subscription box is too much but you still want to give a selection of premium quality products, one of these coffee subscription gift boxes will work perfectly.

If you need to add a little something extra, choose one of the books we reviewed or tuck a coffee-scented soap in the basket.

Good Morning Coffee Gift Box by Bean Box

Sold as a complete “breakfast in bed” kit, the Good Morning Coffee Gift box showcases four boutique coffees alongside tasty treats from around the world like Italian biscotti cookies and Dutch stroopwafels.

Use the included preserves as a dip or spread, or enjoy one of the two packets of gourmet granola that also comes in the box.

Cooper’s Cask Coffee Gift Box 

Coffee beans that have been aged in whiskey, rum or wine barrels make excellent gifts for coffee lovers in your life who wants a uniquely flavored product.

You can choose a coffee gift box that includes samplings of every type of aging process or pick one or two you think they’ll like best.

California Delicious Starbucks Gift Box

With so many coffees and coffee-related items, a Starbucks gift box like this is a great gift that combines recognizable products with interesting and useful items.

Four types of coffee, plus a couple of packets of the brand’s own version of instant coffee, Via, are offered along with biscotti and a specialty mug.

Bosphorus 16-piece Turkish Coffee Set

The Turkish style of brewing coffee involves a unique set of tools, cups, and ground coffee, so a specialty set like this makes for a lovely gift that anyone would be proud to display between brews.

The brewing pot is made of copper and the cups made of porcelain with matching copper holders, tray, sugar bowl and coffee tin.

Coffee Swag

Give your coffee drinker the gift they can wear with pride. These ideas are sure to delight anyone who wants everyone to know they have one true love: coffee.

Just a Mama Who Loves Coffee – Women’s T-shirt

That first cup of coffee is priority number one for most coffee lovers, and this shirt makes it clear that nothing’s getting done until this mama’s coffee fix is satisfied.

Pair it with their favorite bag of coffee and a new mug to make it a gift they won’t forget.

Caffeine Loading, Please Wait – Men’s T-shirt

A picture is worth a thousand words and this one says it all: coffee first, everything else later.

Graphic tees are easy and affordable gifts that everybody likes, which makes this shirt a no-brainer for the coffee-obsessed man.

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice – Printed Baseball Style T-shirt

Anyone can rock fall’s favorite drink, the pumpkin spice latte.

This quintessential slogan celebrating that summer’s over and the holidays are here is a fun gift for those who celebrate the appearance of this specialty drink on every coffee shop’s seasonal menu.

If You Can Read This, Bring Me Coffee Socks

Socks with adorable coffee-themed slogans and art make great stocking stuffers during the holidays, but they’re an appropriate gift all year round.

They’re an affordable gift, too, so buy a pair for every day of the week to really impress someone.

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