Does Tim Hortons Have Oat Milk? Your Guide to the Ultimate Creamy Delight!

Does tim hortons have oat milk

Oat milk has taken the world by storm, becoming a popular plant-based alternative to traditional dairy milk.

With more people embracing dairy-free and plant-based diets, it’s no surprise that coffee lovers wonder if their favorite coffee chains, like Tim Hortons, have joined the oat milk trend.

A customer asks a Tim Hortons employee if they offer oat milk

Tim Hortons, the beloved Canadian coffee chain, is known for its wide range of coffee and specialty beverages.

As customer demands for plant-based options grow, Tim Hortons has responded by steadily introducing new and delicious non-dairy alternatives to their menu. Does Tim Hortons have oat milk?

Good news for oat milk fans, Tim Hortons has indeed added oat milk to their beverage offerings, thanks to a collaboration with Chobani, allowing customers to enjoy a creamy, lactose, and gluten-free option in their coffee drinks.

Key Takeaways

  • Tim Hortons offers Chobani’s oat milk as a plant-based alternative to dairy milk
  • Oat milk can be added to any hot or iced beverage on the Tim Hortons menu
  • Tim Hortons continues to expand its offerings, responding to the increasing demand for plant-based options

Tim Hortons and Plant-Based Beverages

As a lover of Tim Hortons, you might be curious about their plant-based beverage options.

The popular Canadian coffee chain has been expanding its non-dairy offerings in recent years, making it more convenient for vegan and lactose-intolerant customers to enjoy their favorite hot or iced beverages.

In December 2021, Tim Hortons introduced Chobani’s oat milk to their menu, adding it alongside existing plant-based milk options like almond and soy milk (at select locations).

This move provided an even more inclusive range of non-dairy alternatives for customers who prefer a dairy-free option.

A Tim Hortons store with a display of plant-based beverages, including oat milk options

When it comes to coffee and tea, Tim Hortons has you covered with their various plant-based milk options.

From cold brews to classic coffee or tea, you can now enjoy these beverages with your choice of oat, almond, or soy milk (depending on location).

Besides their famous coffee, Tim Hortons also offers numerous plant-based syrup options for customizing your beverages.

Some of the dairy-free syrups include:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Cane Sugar
  • Mocha (In Canada only)
  • Roasted Hazelnut

Seasonal flavors like Baileys, Fudge Brownie, and Brown Sugar Cinnamon[^2^].

As for the cold drinks on their menu, Tim Hortons caters to plant-based preferences as well.

Many of their vegan cold drink options are made with plant-based milk such as almond, coconut, and oat milk, ensuring you have multiple choices for refreshing beverages.

In an effort to stay competitive in the market and cater to a growing preference for plant-based options, Tim Hortons continues to invest in providing innovative non-dairy and vegan-friendly alternatives.

The addition of Chobani’s oat milk and other plant-based milk options in their Canadian locations is proof of their commitment to providing a diverse range of options for all customers.

So next time you find yourself at your local Tim Hortons, rest assured knowing that your plant-based and dairy-free needs are well taken care of, allowing you to enjoy your coffee, tea, or cold brew with the peace of mind that your beverage is tailored to your dietary preferences.

Does Tim Hortons Have Oat Milk?

A Tim Hortons cup sits on a table with a bottle of oat milk beside it. The iconic logo is visible on the cup

Yes, Tim Hortons does offer oat milk as an option for their beverages. The popular Canadian fast-food chain has recently started providing oat milk as an alternative to dairy milk in their drinks to cater to the growing demand for non-dairy milk options.

The introduction of oat milk in Tim Hortons locations has extended the choices available for customers who prefer plant-based beverages.

Tim Hortons has collaborated with Chobani to bring their flavorful and froth-able plant-based oat beverage to various restaurants across Canada.

Chobani’s oat beverage is lactose-free and gluten-free, offering a creamy, plant-based alternative for customers to enjoy with their hot or iced beverages.

For people who prefer dairy-free options, Tim Hortons also provides other types of milk alternatives, such as:

  • Almond milk
  • Coconut milk

These alternatives are available in the U.S., while oat milk is offered in both the U.S. and Canada.

Many of their syrups and flavor shots are also made without milk, making it easier for customers to customize their drinks with dairy-free options.

So next time you visit your local Tim Hortons, feel free to ask for an oat milk latte or another beverage with their non-dairy milk alternatives.

Tim Hortons continuously strives to accommodate the varying preferences of their customers, offering oat milk and other vegan-friendly options to help you enjoy your favorite drinks while keeping your dietary choices in mind.

Oat Milk Varieties and Brands

Various oat milk cartons and logos displayed in a grocery aisle

Chobani Oat Offerings at Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons has collaborated with Chobani to introduce their Chobani oat milk at their establishments.

This lactose and gluten-free plant-based beverage provides a creamy alternative to traditional dairy milk in your drinks.

Its versatility allows the Chobani oat milk to be used in various beverages such as hot and iced lattes.

Comparison to Other Non-Dairy Milks

When choosing a dairy-free milk, it’s essential to consider the taste, texture, and nutritional benefits for your beverages.

Let’s compare oat milk with other popular non-dairy alternatives:

  1. Oat Milk – Chobani oat milk offers a creamy texture similar to dairy milk, making it a popular choice for hot and cold beverages. Its delicious flavor doesn’t overpower your drink, and it’s an excellent option for those who are lactose intolerant or have a gluten allergy.

  2. Almond Milk – Almond milk has a subtle nutty taste with a thinner texture compared to oat milk. However, it is lower in calories and higher in vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamin E.

  3. Soy Milk – Soy milk is widely known as a good source of protein, and it delivers a creamy texture that is an ideal alternative for coffee and tea. Its mild flavor ensures that the taste of your beverage remains intact.

  4. Coconut Milk – Coconut milk offers a distinctly tropical flavor and a rich and creamy texture. However, if you’re not a fan of coconut taste, this might not be the best option for your drinks.

In conclusion, Chobani oat milk is an excellent addition to Tim Hortons’ non-dairy offerings. With its creamy texture and mild flavor, it provides a delightful plant-based alternative for your hot and cold beverages.

Depending on your taste preferences and dietary needs, you may also choose from other alternatives such as almond, soy, or coconut milk.

Specialty Oat Milk Beverages

A colorful display of oat milk cartons and bottles with the Specialty Oat Milk Beverages logo, set against a backdrop of a modern café or grocery store

Introduction of Cinnamon Caramel Oat Latte

Tim Hortons has expanded its menu to include oat milk as a non-dairy alternative.

One exciting addition is the Cinnamon Caramel Oat Latte.

This beverage combines the rich flavors of caramel and cinnamon with the creaminess of oat milk, creating a delightful and satisfying drink.

You can enjoy this warm, inviting latte as an excellent alternative to your usual order.

Cold Brew Options with Oat Milk

Aside from the hot beverages, Tim Hortons also offers oat milk cold brew options to cater to iced coffee lovers.

One such option is the Cinnamon Caramel Oat Cold Brew.

Similar to its hot counterpart, this iced beverage brings together the two popular flavors of caramel and cinnamon while incorporating the smooth, creamy texture of oat milk.

You can even opt for a plain or blueberry-tinged cold brew if you prefer something simpler or more fruity, respectively.

Furthermore, you can customize various iced beverages with oat milk, including iced coffee and other seasonally available options.

This flexibility allows you to enjoy your favorite drinks with a dairy-free twist without sacrificing taste or consistency.

Seasonal and Limited-Time Offers with Oat Milk

Tim Hortons is known for its exciting and delicious limited-time beverages that cater to various preferences.

With oat milk now available, seasonally-inspired drinks can also incorporate this dairy-free option.

Be on the lookout for these unique and flavorful seasonal oat milk beverages in the future, as they might just become your new favorites.

To put it concisely, Tim Hortons has expanded its menu to meet the growing demand for non-dairy alternatives.

You can now enjoy a wide variety of hot and cold beverages made with the creamy, delicious taste of oat milk.

From the Cinnamon Caramel Oat Latte and Cold Brew to seasonal and limited-time offers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Nutritional Information

A menu board displays "Nutritional Information" with a list of milk options. Oat milk is highlighted as a choice at Tim Hortons

Health Benefits of Oat Milk

At Tim Hortons, you can now enjoy a variety of beverages with oat milk as an alternative to traditional dairy milk.

Oat milk is a popular choice among customers due to its numerous health benefits and appealing taste.

Oat milk is naturally dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free (provided the oats are processed in a gluten-free facility), making it suitable for people with dietary restrictions or those who prefer a plant-based lifestyle.

Additionally, oat milk has a creamy texture and a slightly sweet taste, making it a delicious addition to your favorite Tim Hortons drinks.

When choosing oat milk at Tim Hortons, you may be interested in its nutritional content.

Oat milk typically contains fewer calories and fat than whole cow’s milk, while still being a good source of protein.

For example, a Tim Hortons Oat Latte made with Chobani Oat Beverage is a perfect choice, and contains fewer calories when compared to a similar-sized latte made with whole milk.

Here are some nutritional highlights of oat milk at Tim Hortons:

  • Calories: Oat milk has fewer calories than whole cow’s milk.
  • Sugar: Oat milk in moderation is not overly high in sugar content.
  • Protein: Oat milk provides a respectable amount of plant-based protein.
  • Fat: Typically lower in fat than cow’s milk, making it a suitable option if you’re watching your fat intake.

Keep in mind that the specific nutritional information for your Tim Hortons oat milk beverage will vary depending on the size and ingredients of your drink.

You can find more detailed information on the Tim Hortons Nutrition Menu.

By opting for oat milk in your Tim Hortons drink, you’re not only making a more environmentally friendly choice, but you’re also reaping the nutritional benefits of this delicious plant-based milk alternative.

Enjoy your next Tim Hortons oat milk beverage knowing you’re making a smart and tasty choice!

Barista Insights

Barista pouring milk into a coffee cup at a cafe counter.

Preparation of Oat Milk-Based Beverages

Oat milk is a popular non-dairy alternative for your favorite beverages, including coffee, tea, and smoothies.

Tim Hortons offers Chobani’s oat milk, which delivers a creamy consistency for both hot and cold drinks.

When making hot coffee with oat milk, it’s essential to pour the milk slowly into your coffee while maintaining a steady stir.

This allows the oat milk to incorporate evenly for a satisfying and velvety texture.

With blended coffee beverages, you should add oat milk alongside other ingredients at the beginning to ensure proper blending.

For tea enthusiasts, oat milk pairs well with various flavors such as chai, black tea, and herbal tea.

Adding a touch of brown sugar complements the natural sweetness of the oat milk while enhancing your tea’s aroma.

Best Practices for Frothing Oat Milk

Frothing oat milk can be a bit different than frothing dairy milk.

Follow these best practices to achieve that perfect frothy texture:

  1. Temperature: Heat your oat milk between 130-140°F (55-60°C) to avoid scorching or separating. Use a thermometer to monitor the temperature accurately.
  2. Frothing Pitcher: Use a stainless-steel frothing pitcher to prevent rapid heat loss.
  3. Technique: Tilt the frothing pitcher slightly and submerge the steam wand fully, allowing the right amount of air to create microfoam. Listen for a smooth “hissing” sound. Avoid large bubbles and splatter.
  4. Swirl and Tap: After frothing, swirl the milk gently to mix the foam with the liquid. Tap the pitcher on the counter to get rid of any large bubbles.
  5. Pour: Slowly pour the frothed oat milk into your espresso or coffee to ensure a seamless layer of microfoam.

Oat milk froths well, making it a great choice for cappuccinos, lattes, and espresso-based drinks.

Give oat nog a try during the holiday season for a festive twist that combines the creaminess of oat milk with the familiar spices of traditional eggnog.

Remember, practice is essential in perfecting these techniques.

Always follow the proper brewing and frothing steps to create excellent, delightful oat milk beverages at your local Tim Hortons.

Future of Oat Milk at Tim Hortons

A Tim Hortons storefront with a prominent oat milk advertisement and customers enjoying oat milk beverages inside

Innovations and Upcoming Oat Milk Products

As a Tim Hortons fan, you may be excited to know that the presence of oat milk on their menu is likely to grow in the future.

With oat milk gaining popularity as a healthy and sustainable alternative to dairy milk, it’s only natural that Tim Hortons will expand its oat milk offerings, possibly following in the footsteps of competitors like Starbucks.

Expect to see more oat milk-based blended coffee beverages as Tim Hortons enhances its plant-based portfolio.

The introduction of oat milk lattes and cappuccinos may pave the way for more innovative drinks, such as oat milk frappes and smoothies, or even oat milk-based desserts.

Oat milk brands like Oatly and Planet Oat could provide inspiration for Tim Hortons to create unique and scrumptious oat milk treats, enriching your experience as a customer.

Strategic Partnerships and Brand Collaborations

The collaboration between Tim Hortons and Chobani has already resulted in the availability of Chobani’s delicious oat milk at Tim Hortons locations across Canada.

This partnership might just be the beginning of a long-lasting relationship between the two brands.

In a world where plant-based alternatives are becoming increasingly popular, it would make sense for Tim Hortons to explore other collaborations, possibly venturing into partnerships with well-known oat milk brands like Oatly or Planet Oat.

By leveraging these strategic partnerships, Tim Hortons could further solidify its commitment to offering sustainable and eco-friendly options on its menu.

As the world of Chobani oat continues to evolve, so might Tim Hortons’ alignment with this innovative brand.

Perhaps future collaborations might lead to exclusive, co-branded oat milk products and promotions to entice you and other customers, setting Tim Hortons apart from its competition.

In conclusion, the future of oat milk at Tim Hortons looks promising.

With the potential for innovative products and strategic partnerships, your plant-based beverage options at this beloved Canadian chain might become even more exciting and diverse.

Comparison to Competitors

A table with Tim Hortons products next to competitors' products, with a prominent oat milk carton on the Tim Hortons side

Oat Milk Offerings at Starbucks and Other Chains

When it comes to oat milk as a dairy-free option, Tim Hortons has embraced this trend by offering Chobani’s oat milk in more than 4,000 locations.

This addition complements their existing plant-based milk choices, including almond and soy milk (at select locations).

As a regular coffee drinker, it’s essential to compare Tim Hortons’ offerings against other popular coffee chains.

Starbucks, a major competitor, has also expanded its dairy-free milk options, with a range of alternatives such as almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, and the popular Oatly oat milk.

Incorporating these non-dairy milk alternatives into your favorite beverages can create a variety of delicious and creamy drinks.

For instance, an iced oat milk latte or a vanilla oat milk espresso can be excellent options for a refreshing pick-me-up.

For coffee chains like Tim Hortons and Starbucks, the introduction of oat milk is an important move, led by their Chief Marketing and Operating Officers.

These executives understand the growing demand for dairy-free options due to dietary preferences, lactose intolerance, and environmental concerns.

As a Canadian coffee lover, you can now enjoy a diverse selection of non-dairy milk choices, including popular brands like Oatly and Planet Oat.

As an avid coffee enthusiast, staying informed about the expanding range of dairy-free milk alternatives ensures you can make the best choices for your taste preferences.

From the creamy texture of oat milk to the rich, bold flavors of almond milk, the options continue to grow, enriching your coffee experience.


Tim Hortons, Canada’s largest quick-service restaurant chain known for its coffee and doughnuts, has embraced the growing demand for plant-based options by incorporating oat milk into its offerings.

The Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons made a significant move by partnering with Chobani to supply oat milk, highlighting the “Oat Drink Barista Blend” as the oat beverage of choice in restaurants all across Canada.

This partnership underscores Tim Hortons’ commitment to diversifying its menu to include more vegan and dairy-free options, catering to a wider audience including those who personalize their coffee with non-dairy milk.

In addition to introducing Chobani’s oat milk, Tim Hortons has expanded its menu to include the Beyond Meat breakfast sausage, making it the first among Canadian quick-service restaurants to offer a full suite of plant-based options from Beyond Meat.

The inclusion of vegan oat milk and Beyond Meat products like the breakfast sausage and farmers breakfast wrap showcases Tim Hortons’ innovative approach to menu development, responding to consumer demand for more sustainable and ethical food choices.

The oat beverage’s introduction allows customers to enjoy a perfect pairing for their coffee, with the option to customize drinks such as the seasonal oat nog.

This move is not just about offering an alternative to dairy-based creamers but also about enhancing the coffee drinking experience for those seeking plant-based milk options.

Tim Hortons’ decision in 2020 to add almond milk to its national menu, followed by oat milk, reflects the chain’s progressive stance on accommodating dietary preferences and food sensitivities, considering oat milk is also gluten-free.

“Tim Hortons is a great partner, and we’re proud to be their oat beverage of choice,” remarked Peter McGuinness of Chobani, indicating a mutual recognition of the potential of oat-based products.

This development is a win for both Tim Hortons and its customers, offering a slightly sweet, creamy alternative that complements the chain’s coffee without compromising taste or quality.

As Tim Hortons continues to innovate within the vegan and plant-based market, it remains a beloved destination for coffee lovers across every province in Canada, whether they’re seeking traditional flavors or plant-based innovations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A customer at Tim Hortons asks about oat milk at the counter

What milk alternatives are available at Tim Hortons?

Tim Hortons provides a variety of milk alternatives for their customers.

Some of the non-dairy milk options include almond milk, coconut milk, and oat milk to cater to different preferences and dietary needs.

Is there an oat milk option for lattes at Tim Hortons?

Yes, oat milk is available for lattes at Tim Hortons.

Although it might not be officially listed on the menu, you can request oat milk for your latte or any other drinks that suit your taste.

Can I find dairy-free options on the Tim Hortons menu?

Tim Hortons offers various dairy-free options for customers with dietary restrictions or personal preferences.

In addition to the milk alternatives, some dairy-free syrups and flavor shots are also available to enhance your coffee drinks without dairy.

Are there any vegan drink options at Tim Hortons?

Yes, Tim Hortons provides vegan drink options by offering non-dairy milk alternatives and syrups.

With these ingredients, customers can customize their drinks to meet their vegan preferences and requirements.

What are the nutritional contents of Tim Hortons oat milk beverages?

The nutritional content of Tim Hortons oat milk beverages may vary based on the specific drink and additional ingredients.

Generally, oat milk is considered a healthy and nutritious choice, often fortified with vitamins and minerals.

You can find more information about the nutritional values of specific drinks on the Tim Hortons nutrition information page.

Does Tim Hortons offer unsweetened almond milk as an alternative?

As one of the available milk alternatives at Tim Hortons, almond milk can be an option for those looking for a dairy-free substitute. However, it’s not clear if they specifically offer unsweetened almond milk.

You may need to inquire at your local Tim Hortons about the availability of unsweetened almond milk for your drink preferences.

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