How to order a Cuban coffee at Starbucks (The Right Way)

How to order a Cuban coffee at Starbucks

Cuban coffee, or Café Cubano, is sweet, rich, and a tasty coffee drink which is why many people are drawn to it.

However, this coffee drink is not always displayed on every coffee shop’s menu, just like the common latte or cappuccino.

It could be hard for you to order your favorite Cuban coffee at Starbucks, cause the same is true when it comes to the Starbucks menu.

But worry no more because we got you! In this article, we’re going to discuss how to order perfect Cuban coffee at Starbucks.

This ought to help you know what to say to the barista the next time you enter a Starbucks café.

So let’s get into it.

Good Cuban Coffee at Starbucks

Cuban coffees are known for being strong, rich, and tasty, which many coffee enthusiasts enjoy.

First of all, there are different types of Café Cubano. To order Cuban Coffee – It would be best if you decided first what do you want.

It could be Cafe con Leche, Cafecito, Colada, and Cortadito. If you’re unsure which one to order, I’ll break it down for you – here are some tips.

Because there are no Cuban coffee options on the Starbucks menu, you must know how to order them directly to the barista.

Cafe con Leche

Cafe con Leche is a 1:1 ratio of espresso and scalded milk. Since Cafe con Leche cannot be seen on most Starbucks menus, you can’t just say its name and size, and you have it!

This can also be more difficult if the barista is not familiar with this coffee drink.

But don’t lose hope. You can still have your favorite Cafe con Leche at Starbucks by asking for a shot or two of espresso (If possible, ask them to use a dark roast bean for a stronger coffee).

Ask them to pour an equal amount of extra hot steamed milk with no foam (just in case they don’t have scalded milk, steamed milk is a good alternative.)

You can also ask for brown sugar if you prefer.

Cafe con Leche is made with espresso and scalded milk with a perfect amount of your preferred sugar.

Note that this cannot be the same as the authentic Café con Leche, but this will be very delicious and enough to satisfy your cravings.


To order a Cortadito coffee at Starbucks coffee shop, you can ask for two ristretto shots combined with a dissolved sugar of your preference.

Finally, ask them to add an equal amount of steamed milk on top.

You can also request to serve it in a 6oz cup so you can enjoy it.

Cortado coffee is an espresso shot with milk.


Assume you want to order a Cortadito at Starbucks, which is a coffee made with Cuban espresso and sugar to make it both strong and sweetened.

In that case, you can ask for a strong brewed coffee, a mixture of equal parts of brewed coffee and sugar, then mix it together.

Cafecito is a Cuban espresso with sugar.


When it comes to Colada, just like those other Café Cubano, there’s no way that you can order it by just saying you want a Colada.

To order it at Starbucks, you can ask for a doppio espresso or a long shot.

Then ask the barista to add about 2-4 tablespoons of sugar, depending on your preference.

Colada is a very delicious Cuban coffee that everyone should try. 

In addition to those, you may also choose if you want a hot coffee drink made or a cold coffee. If you want a hot coffee, just specify it to the barista so they can serve the right coffee for you.

Starbucks Cuban Coffee – Conclusion

That’s how you order a Café Cubano at a Starbucks. As you see, it’s very simple to order any coffee you want, even if it’s not on their menu.

As long as you know what makes your favorite coffee and what coffee in their menu is the closest to it, then customize.

Starbucks is resourceful, and their baristas are approachable and well-trained, so don’t be shy to ask for your special drink. Thanks for reading.

Liked to learn to make your own? See how to make Cuban Coffee here.


What is a Cuban latte macchiato?

A Cuban macchiato is a coffee with evaporated or condensed milk added to it. The closest drink to it that you can order at Starbucks is the espresso macchiato.

Is Cuban coffee tasty

Yes, many people love classic Cuban coffee because it’s tasty and has a great aroma that every coffee lover enjoys.

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