Brewista Gooseneck Kettle Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Brewista Gooseneck Kettle Review

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Strictly speaking, if you are a bit of a coffee nerd like me, then having a kettle to pour over your morning coffee or tea will save you a lot of headaches.

Brewista’s intelligent gooseneck kettle is a great option for coffee lovers. It comes with almost all the functions needed for making great coffee like warm settings, ergonomic handle, and some extra functions like its variable temperatures designed to make pouring over easy and effortless. 

Apart from heating the kettle, its gooseneck spout allows for better pouring control and comes with an array of helpful extra features, and offers excellent control.

In the Brewista Gooseneck Kettle review, we look at how this has become a game-changer for coffee geeks which comes at a nominal price, so you can save money and enjoy your coffee using one of these kettles.

Features of Brewing Artisan Gooseneck kettle

Although this Brewista electric gooseneck kettle is gorgeous, it offers much more than a stunning design. In fact, it was built to meet the requirements of baristas who work at home and who are professionals.

Aesthetic Design

Brewista Gooseneck kettle is an attractive and practical kettle that can be set to a variable temperature and a spout designed to give you the best precision.

It’s designed with style to your brew bar, it comes with a lid made of wood and base, and a handle with four body colors, and all are built to last and function.

At home or in cafes, The Brewista Artisan kettle has been designed with the highest quality in mind.

With precise temperature control, you can manage your brew and get the maximum value from your coffee.

With daily tasks to be used daily, the size is a key feature of this Artisan Kettle is ideal for pouring over coffee since its center of balance makes for a slow pour, allowing for greater precision and ergonomics, with a swivel handle to ensure comfort.

Temperature Control

The kettle is very fast to warm. The kettle can handle the temperature of 104/40C up to 212F (100C).

The Brewista Artisan Kettle lets you select a precise temperature for your water with either the “+” or “-” buttons.

In addition, you can change the displays to Fahrenheit and Celsius by simply pressing one button. 

Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle, 1 Liter, For Pour Over Coffee, Brewing Tea, LCD Panel, Precise Digital Temperature Selection, Flash Boil and Keep Warm Settings, Stainless

Once you’ve set the temperature, the unit will also remember your settings when you next switch on the kettle.

Another significant aspect of the temperature control feature is that when the kettle is at the base, it will display the temperature in real-time.

The temperature control function exactly as it is advertised. If you employ an infrared thermometer for double-checking it, you’ll see the accuracy.

Gooseneck Spout

Its “gooseneck” kettle element is probably the main reason a home barista could be attracted to a kettle that looks like this.

If you’ve not had the pleasure of utilizing the Gooseneck kettle, you’re not getting the best pour. 

This kettle can pour tea into the tightest of spaces even if you want to make tea with a teapot that holds 20ml. It’s got a lovely well-controlled flow that makes to pour your coffee. 

Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle, 1 Liter, For Pour Over Coffee, Brewing Tea, LCD Panel, Precise Digital Temperature Selection, Flash Boil and Keep Warm Settings, All White

You can indeed buy an electric kettle with a spout similar to this for less price, but it’s not equipped with the additional bells and whistles, like the timer with programmable functions.

Keep Warm

Auto-warm is another major benefit of Brewista Artisan. Brewista Artisan.

It can keep your beverage at the desired temperature (for up to one hour) using its Keep Warm setting

This means that you can leave the water inside the kettle while grinding your coffee beans and make the filter paper and dripper.

Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle, 1 Liter, For Pour Over Coffee, Brewing Tea, LCD Panel, Precise Digital Temperature Selection, Flash Boil and Keep Warm Settings, Matte Black

Once you have everything in place, raise the kettle to pour water, confident that the kettle is at the right temperature for your coffee. 

The only thing you’ll need to remember is to hit the Keep Warm button after you have placed it back onto its pedestal

Auto-On And Off

With this fantastic feature, you don’t have to get up early in the morning to boil that water.

 Simply, set a date and time for the kettle to warm up and then wake up with brewing ready water. 

If you do not use it for more than 60 minutes, it will shut off automatically. 

Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle, 1 Liter, For Pour Over Coffee, Brewing Tea, LCD Panel, Precise Digital Temperature Selection, Flash Boil and Keep Warm Settings, Pearl White

Super Boil Function

Sometimes, you’re trying to get somewhere in the nick of time. 

If so, the Brewista Artisan will have you covered. Pressing the Flash Boil button will alter any previously chosen temperature. 

Furthermore, Fast Boil takes advantage of the 1000-watt heating element to get cold water to a boiling point within three to four minutes.

Built-in Timer

If you are removing your kettle’s base, click the timer icon on the screen. This will activate the built-in counter timer. 

If you’re making pour-over coffee, the primary aspect to keep in mind is the extraction time. 

This feature will consider that aspect without needing a separate device, like an app for timers on your phone.


Another important feature. Are you going to make coffee for yourself? Do you make coffee for your family or guests frequently? 

If you’re brewing for your own use, you’ll be able to make it with the 0.8-liter kettle. If you’re making several cups at once, it is recommended to use 1.2 milliliters or greater.

There are two capabilities in the Brewista Artisan.

If you usually make up to two cups of pour-over coffee, the capacity model of 600ml is sufficient. If you typically seek to make greater than 2 cups of coffee at once, you must choose the model with 1L capacity. 

The 600ml model comes with the fill line to that capacity. Do not be enticed to fill it higher, which could cause spills.

Whatever model of Brewista Artisan you choose, the product is simple to use and lightweight.

Flow Rate

The kettle is extremely precise in its flow and precision, allowing extracting the most optimal amount of coffee pour-over coffee.

The flow rate isn’t too fast nor too slow but is just right. This means that it won’t suddenly pour in too much coffee when you speed up, and it won’t stop pouring when the speed is reduced. 

The entire process of pouring is smooth and controlled. The water will fall precisely where the spout’s directed, which makes it ideal for newbies.


The Brewista Artisan isn’t one the cheapest models. Although it’s more expensive than other features-rich models, it’s also more costly than other models with variable temperatures.

 It is indeed adjustable and provides excellent control. Furthermore, the features available assist in making top-quality coffee. 

However, it’s an expensive choice for home users. If you take care to maintain the kettle and descale it frequently and clean it, you should expect to get plenty of use from it. 

Additionally, to the many features it comes with, it is beautiful, and you will get what you pay to a great extent.


  • 2L capacity is ample to pour over any size
  • Programmable timer
  • The “Hold” feature maintains the desired water temperature for up to one hour
  • This includes preset temperatures for all types of tea and coffee.
  • Digital temperature control of water with 1-degree increments


  • A bit expensive
  • The Brewista Gooseneck Variable Temperature Kettle does not automatically heat up
  • The Clock resets when unplugged

Final Verdict – Brewista Gooseneck Kettle Review

The Brewista kettles are making waves in the world of coffee recently. In fact, more and more professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts are embracing these efficient electric models.

With well-designed models like the one featured you’ll find in the review below, it’s not difficult to figure out why. This kettle is an excellent choice for home brewers serious about making a great cup of coffee. 

It is easy to handle, has a beautiful design, and includes a few useful features such as auto shut off/on, built-in timer, etc. 

The gooseneck kettle can make a great addition to the coffee maker toolkit if you have the budget for it.


Is a gooseneck kettle worth the cost?

When properly used, it gives you greater control of the flow rate and allows you to be more precise in the location you pour the water onto the ground. Also, it makes brewing much more effortless.

Does Gooseneck Kettle have the ability to boil water?

Yes, similar to other kinds of operations, Gooseneck kettles can be used to make coffee and boil water for various purposes, such as tea.

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