How to make Cold Brew Coffee

In this article, we will look closely at one phenomenon of the last few years, Cold Brew Coffee — coffee made with cold water, using coarsely ground beans, and how to make Cold Brew Coffee thanks to mastering a different brewing method. The slow, almost elegant extraction draws out the best flavor of the bean. […]

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What is a Macchiato

Macchiato (mah-kee-yah-tow) or Espresso Macchiato originated in Italy but is widely drunk around the globe. If you find yourself in Italy ordering one, pronounce “ch” not in the English way, but as “k”. So, you’ve ordered your first Macchiato – What should you expect to find in your cup? A traditional Macchiato comes to life

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Tips for Reusing Grounded Coffee.

Good to the last drop, and then some — you want the most out of your coffee, so we’ve put together this guide on how to make your used coffee grounds go the distance. From the kitchen to the garden and even in the bath, we’ve got an answer for what you should do after

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"What happened to

With the tagline, “Serving coffee, art, history and literature lovers on the World-Wide-Web since 1995” it’s not surprising that would become a popular website for coffee lovers. Visitors to the site could find information about coffee culture and its history. It also had a Coffee Bookstore and Coffee Forums section where readers could interact.

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18 best cafes in Hong Kong

The coffee scene in Hong Kong follows a slow-to-start but rapidly rising popularity in all of South Asia, a region more often associated with a love of tea (Ma, 2018). These days, you’re just as likely to find a coffee shop on the corner of every major intersection as you are to find a tea

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Discover the 13 Best Cafes in San Francisco - perfect spots to work from!

Though Americans had been enjoying coffee across the new and growing nation for decades already, California’s mid-1800s Gold Rush saw demand for this stimulating beverage skyrocket (“A Bay Area Coffee History”, 2016). As a busy port city, San Francisco’s contributions to the production and culture surrounding coffee began early and continues to set trends to

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Best co-working cafes in New York City.

If you’re working remotely or studying hard, you may be in need of an environment that inspires you to get busy — and makes you put on something other than pajamas for the day. New York City’s coffee shop scene offers a little something for everyone. Like Los Angeles or San Francisco, turning cafes into

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Aeropress extraction test with the correct filter.

Though you may find it hard to believe that any coffee maker created by the guy who reinvented the frisbee could possibly produce anything worth drinking, the Aeropress has already reached cult status amongst the coffee geeks of the world. In fact, this $20 plastic plunger has created a whole new level of ritualized brewing

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Before we start covering off the coffee basics, there are some of the technical aspects of coffee, let’s take a little tour of the world of specialty coffee, how I arrived here, and the basics that you’ll need to know to produce a cup of coffee you can be proud of. Let’s start with a

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