How To Replace A Keurig Water Filter & 6 Maintenance tips

How to replace Keurig water filter

Your Keurig coffee maker might help beckon you out of your slumber each morning with the smell of coffee.

But just like your Keurig takes care of you, you want to also be sure to take care of it, else the coffee it brews and consequently, the machine itself will degrade over time.

Not only do you have to clean your Keurig by descaling it every 3 to 6 months, you must also replace the water filters every few months.

In this article, we discuss how to replace a Keurig water filter and how often it should be done.

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Where is The Keurig Coffee Maker Water Filter?

Disconnect your Keurig coffee machine and move it so you’ll be able to see the water reservoir. The filter is in there.

There you will find a long handle, the upper filter holder, and lifting this out will take the filter device out.

Keurig Coffee Maker Water Filter

At the lower end, you will find a lower filter holder. Once you pull these apart, inside you should definitely find the replaceable carbon filter.

Preparing the Water Filter

Be sure to comprehensively read your Keurig charcoal filter instructions, just in case your Keurig is a special model.

Should it happen that you may have lost them, the manufacturer has all of them online. The general process for many Keurig filter replacements starts with readying the charcoal filter.

This is often vital to getting all the charcoal residue out of the filter, after which it’s able to be used again.

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Simply empty out the filter and dip the carbon filter into a dish of fresh, cold water for a minimum of five minutes.

After the new filter has soaked for five minutes, rinse it under cold water for 60 seconds. Now your Keurig water filter is set to be used again, and it is time to put it back in.

When to Change the Water Filter

The purifying water filter inside the water reservoir in your Keurig coffee machine is meant to last a pre-set number of brew cycles – not any particular length of your time.

The less you make use of your Keurig, the less often you must replace the water filter. Keurig suggests that you ought to change the filter every two months.

But if you are not brewing each day, it is recommended that you modify the filter with every 60 tank refills.

Replacement Water Tank

You’ll also get into the practice of descaling the Keurig with every other filter change.

Some newer Keurig models let you start a filter reminder so there is not any guesswork at what point you should replace the filter.

Like any other charcoal filter, once it’s used up, it’ll now not filter the tap water inside the reservoir as it normally does.

This may not only affect the standard of the coffee but can affect how quickly particles will build up inside the machine.

Most of the latest Keurig models use similar charcoal filters, and they are often found in most major shops that sell Keurigs. You’ll also find them online for as little as 65 cents each.

Cleaning the Reservoir Properly

Just before you place your filter back in its original spot, it would be a great idea to brush your water reservoir with a warm, soapy scrub at the sink.

Really get into those hard-to-reach places, because residue and dirt can appear over time. For the best-tasting coffee, it’s wise to clean your Keurig reservoir more or less every three weeks.

Replacing the Water Filter

Next, you have to take the filtration housing — the upper and lower filter holder —out of the water reservoir.

Move them away from each other by pressing within the tabs on either side of the base of the handle to take away the lower filter holder.

Once it’s separated, simply take out and discard the old filter cartridge. Take the lower filter holder to the sink and rinse out the mesh on the inside, give it a more detailed clean if you think it is necessary.

Put the new filter into place and snap the upper filter holder back on. Place the filtration device back into position inside the reservoir by pushing it firmly down until it snaps back into position.

Filter Maintenance

With the filter back in position, it is time to top up the reservoir with new, icy water.

As for the filter, Keurig mentions replacing it every two months, but they do not say if that’s for someone who drinks a few cups every day or if it’s for a little office, so use your best judgment. Some coffee drinkers use them for a couple of months.

The more coffee you drink, the quicker you’ll have to replace the filter. If you continue to find that your coffee does not taste the same as you remember, you’ll have to think about descaling the machine.

Keurig includes a helpful video on their support site for those who’d like a step-by-step visual guide.

Common Questions about the Keurig K200

For those who have not entered the world of Keurig, the K200 is a fantastic machine for beginners. It uses K-cups to not only make tasty coffee but also hot cocoa, mochas, and tea.

Simply choose the poison you want and the Keurig K200 will brew it!

Keurig K200 Plus Series 2.0 Single Serve Plus Coffee Maker Brewer- Imperial Red

Does The Keurig K200 (AKA Keurig 2.0) have a water filter?

The Keurig K200 does indeed have a filter! The K200 contains a water filter that measures around 2 inches long and is approximately 1.125 inches tall, Oh! and also the filter is placed inside a BPA-free plastic filter handle

Does the Keurig 2.0 even need a water filter?

This is a typical question we receive almost every day. Some people think their coffee maker will be fine and dandy without a water filter. Well, think again dear reader.

Most coffee machines have a filter for a practically perfect reason, yes that includes the Keurig K200 and almost all other Keurig coffee machines.

It’s certainly recommended to own a filter in your Keurig K200 to enhance the general taste of your coffee.

Having a filter will also shield your coffee machine from the buildup of minerals in your water. If you would like good-tasting coffee, you will in all probability need a filter.

If you are making coffee the same way as usual, but for some reason, it just doesn’t seem to taste as lip-smacking as before, then you would possibly be overdue for a Keurig water filter replacement.

The nice thing about Keurig coffee makers is they’re suitable in such a large amount of ways — from utilizing coffee pods to filtering the water for you.

But then again, those filters don’t last forever, and once they are all used up, you can forget about having a reliably tasty cup of coffee. Don’t be alarmed, though, because it is easy to change them.

Which Keurig models do not have a water filter?

The Keurig K-Mini, K-Mini Plus, K15, and Rivo system models don’t have water filters and do not need any kind of filter maintenance. These models were planned for single-households and small workplaces.

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There you have it, our thorough guide on the whole shebang, and all you need to know about the Keurig water filter. With any luck, this answered most of your questions!

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