Review Of The Best Drip Coffee Makers Of 2019

best drip coffee maker review

As the culture around drip coffee continues to evolve, certain standards of the industry trend towards striking the balance between traditional offerings and interesting, new features.

With the mechanism for drip-brewing coffee being a fairly simple piece of machinery, brands must now compete at an elevated level to rank among the best automatic drip coffee makers. 

How do you know which features determine the best drip coffee maker? Don't worry, we've done the research on all the coffee makers that made our list for Top 10.

Not only will we show you a quick comparison of how each stacks up to the next, but we break down exactly how each coffee maker ranks according to our favorite industry standards. 

There are so many ways to brew coffee, but drip coffee makers like these will always have a popular demand from home enthusiasts who want an easy and quick option for a traditional cup of joe.

We'll walk you through how to make the most of these awesome coffee brewing devices for gourmet results and long-lasting use, plus answer all your frequently asked questions on the drip brew process. 

As the best coffee maker on our list, the Moccamaster balances a simple, straightforward function with key features we love to see in any coffee brewing device.

This Dutch brand is known for their industry savvy details, like a boiling element made of copper and an insulated carafe that keeps drip coffee hot for up to an hour without using a hot plate.

Technivorm puts you in the barista's seat with a range of basket adjustments that you can control to get your preferred cup of drip coffee just right.

When you see how it compares to the rest of the coffee makers on the list, you'll understand why we picked the Moccamaster for the number one spot.

  • Handmade style with stainless steel and glass components
  • Insulated carafe with travel lid to keep brewed coffee hot
  • Three choices for brew-basket flow includes drip-stop service
  • Costly by comparison to similar coffee makers
  • Needs a lot of counter space
  • No programmable display

Our Top Coffee Makers List

best coffee maker, can brew 10-cup
Technivorm Moccamaster KBT 79112

Brewing Capacity: Up to 10 Cups 

Warming Plate: No, Thermal Carafe

Programmable: No

bonavita bv18000 home coffee brewer
Bonavita BV1800SS

Brewing Capacity: Up to 8 Cups 

Warming Plate: No, Thermal Carafe 

Programmable: No

braun 12-cup coffee maker
Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense

Brewing Capacity: Up to 12 Cups 

Warming Plate: Yes

Programmable: Yes

breville coffee brewer with glass carafe
Breville BDC400 Precision Brewer

Brewing Capacity: Up to 60 Ounces 

Warming Plate: Yes 

Programmable: Yes

bunn coffee brewer
BUNN BT Velocity Brew

Brewing Capacity: Up to 10 Cups 

Warming Plate: No

Programmable: No

cuisinart 3200 14-cup coffee maker
Cuisinart DCC-3200 PerfecTemp

Brewing Capacity: Up to 14 Cups 

Warming Plate: Yes

Programmable: Yes

keurig pod
Keurig K55 K-Classic

Brewing Capacity: Up to 10 Ounces 

Warming Plate: No

Programmable: No

ninja CF080Z with glass carafe
​Ninja Coffee Maker CF080Z

Brewing Capacity: Up to 43 Ounces 

Warming Plate: Yes

Programmable: Yes

Oxo drip machine with filter basket
OXO On Barista Brain 8710100

Brewing Capacity: Up to 9 Cups 

Warming Plate: No, Thermal Carafe

Programmable: Yes

cuisinart 2000 coffee filter and 12-cup coffee maker
Cuisinart DCC-2000

Brewing Capacity: Up to 12 Cups 

Warming Plate: Yes, Internal Reservoir

Programmable: Yes

Bonavita BV1800SS

The Bonavita BV1800SS cements its place as one of the top drip makers in this price range by using high quality components that are built to last.

Though it's a little pricey given how basic its functions are, the durability and compact style work great for a straightforward and solid brew cycle. We expect consistency and long-lasting use with this model.

bonavita bv18000 and bv1900
  • Showerhead-style water flow fully saturates coffee grounds
  • Dishwasher-safe carafe, brew basket and showerhead
  • The durable heating element provides a consistent temperature for brewing
  • Very basic model with no extra features
  • Reduced brewing capacity by comparison to similar coffee makers
  • The water container cannot be removed for descaling

Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense

At this price point, the Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense is a great choice for an impressive gift to the budding drip coffee lover. 

Any veteran of the basic brew will also appreciate the consistent high quality you can get from this device and the choice between single and small serving sizes and the larger full-pot capacity. We wish Braun opted for a thermal carafe, though, which we'll explain more in a bit.

  • Brew strength selection for regular or bold flavor
  • LCD display clock with programmable timer
  • Small batch brew settings for 1-4 cups
  • Basic style without much flair
  • Non-thermal carafe
  • Brewing function inoperable if clock breaks

Breville BDC400 Precision Brewer

The sleek design of the Breville BDC400 Precision Brewer really stands out in a crowd of chrome-and-black designs. The stainless steel and glass components boast a minimal design that doesn't detract from its feature-rich functions.

The list of possible brew settings means anyone should get a great cup of drip coffee that suits their preferences once they figure it out.

breville automatic
  • Choice of cone or flat-bottomed brew container
  • LCD display with several pre-programmed selections
  • Pour-over function increases versatility
  • Learning how to use programmable functions takes time
  • Some settings do not completely saturate grounds
  • The automatic valve may be prone to jamming

BUNN BT Velocity Brew

While the BUNN BT Velocity Brew may not look flashy or fancy, it's a workhorse appliance from a trusted industry leader. While you may not have as many options as some of the other favorites on our list, we included this model for the durable build and its dependable reputation.

Read on to learn more about our opinions about using cone versus flat-bottomed filters like this one uses.

bunn coffee
  • The internal thermostat monitors water temperature as it heats
  • Insulated carafe keeps the coffee hot for upto 2 hours
  • Water disperses in a spray for complete saturation
  • Not a programmable model
  • The plastic build can feel cheap and lacking in durability
  • No drip-stop for pouring while coffee brews

Cuisinart DCC-3200 PerfecTemp

We don't hold it against the Cuisinart DCC-3200 that its boxy shape looks a little old school since the bright LCD display and backlit buttons provide a range of smart choices.

The price for what you're getting with this brand's drip coffee maker hits the right mark. Its solid heating element and permanent filter are both components that add to any coffee maker's longevity.

one of the best drip coffee maker
  • Compact design fits easily in small spaces
  • Easy to read LCD display and backlit buttons
  • Customizable settings and programmable memory
  • Steam condensation can build to the point of dripping
  • Wash cycle may end prematurely at times
  • Can be clumsy to pour water into the container

Keurig K55 K-Classic

As one of the newest innovations for the drip brewing market, the Keurig's K-Classic model sticks with the best features that originally made the brand a household name.

Pod brewing isn't for everyone, especially if they want a lot of coffee brewed all at once. Coffee lovers who want single-serving cups as fresh as can be can't go wrong with a Keurig brewer.

keurig coffee
  • Water passes through a filter to improve flavor quality
  • Cup size and strength selections for brew fine-tuning
  • Removable water container for easy filling and cleaning
  • No temperature or drip-stop adjustment settings
  • Only capable of brewing one cup at a time
  • A limited amount of grounds fit inside prepackaged or refillable pods

Ninja Coffee Maker CF080Z

Considering the price point for a Ninja Bar when compared to many of the other models on our list, it's a steal of a deal to get this many functions and features in one device.

Ninja wants to bring you an espresso bar experience without the expense of an espresso machine, and with this model, they really nail it. However, all the bells and whistles can be overwhelming for the average drip-brew drinker.

great for iced coffee
  • Highly versatile capacity and strength selections
  • Accommodates carafe or single-serving cups
  • Milk frother adds cafe-style richness and flavor
  • Could be confusing for some users
  • Costly if features are not a factor
  • Uses hot dish rather than a thermal carafe

OXO On Barista Brain 8710100

While the OXO On Barista Brain brewer may not be impressive at first glance, this brand has taken the time to really think about what matters most when drip-brewing coffee.

By replicating the pour-over practice of letting the grounds bloom before a full brew, OXO gives you a chance to experience proper extraction techniques without as much trial and error. We'll explain why good saturation is so pivotal to your cup of drip coffee a little later on.

Oxo coffee machine
  • Staggered pump brewing allows coffee to bloom
  • Stainless steel insulated carafe keeps coffee hot
  • Wake-up timer allows users to schedule brewing
  • The pause-and-pour mechanism can sometimes leak
  • Bulky body and design
  • Water pump timer can cause slow brewing time

Cuisinart DCC-2000

What we like most about Cuisinart's DCC-2000 model is the balance between single-serve dispensing and full-pot brewing. By using an internal coffee reservoir, it saves you the step of jostling a carafe to pour yourself a cup of joe.

It's a simple feature, but surprisingly convenient, especially in addition to the other programmable features this model provides.

cuisinart 2000 coffee machine
  • Dispenses single-serving portions directly into a cup
  • Charcoal water filter improves flavor
  • Gold-tone filter allows natural oils to extract into the brew
  • Digital display and buttons are not backlit.
  • The internal heating element can overheat coffee
  • Water filters may need frequent replacement

Things to consider before buying a drip coffee maker

Even though drip-brew coffee makers all function around a simple extraction process, you need to know how to recognize which features will serve your use the most.

Ultimately, the preferences you and the other coffee lovers who may be sharing use of the machine with you in the home or office will determine which of our top coffee makers works best.

1. Brewing Capacity

The average brewing capacity for most drip coffee makers is between 10-12 cups. According to industry standards, a single serving cup of coffee measures around 8 fluid ounces.

With these parameters in mind, consider how much coffee needs to be prepared on a regular basis for one brewing cycle. If you're caught up wondering when to choose an insulated carafe over a heating plate, check out our frequently asked questions section down below.

2. Programmable Features

Because coffee is such a popular get-up-and-go drink for the morning, many coffee drinkers prefer machines that have brewing timers that they can set up the night before.

Waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee is one of life's most comforting pleasures for the at-home aficionado. The ability to program a timer and set a memory feature for repeated brews are almost entirely unique to drip-brewing devices in the coffee making market.

3. Price

As with many products, an impressive price tag doesn't always equal long-lasting and amazing quality. When it comes to some of the best home coffee makers, it's almost impossible to judge a device's quality by the price alone.

Some models on our best coffee maker review may cost more than others, but we're confident in our research that the features, design and durability are worth it in each case. We included a wide variety of price points in our review so that there's something for every budget to consider.

Making the most of your drip coffee maker

No matter which coffee maker you choose for your home or office, there are some important considerations to make in order to make best cups of coffee each time.

Read through these tips and make sure to check out our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about drip-brew coffee makers right after.

1. Use filtered water

If your coffee maker does not come with a water filter, consider keeping a full pot of filtered water handy for refilling the reservoir while brewing. Fresh, filtered water is an essential component of excellent coffee.

2. Wipe down the heating plate

If you choose a device with a hot plate, be sure to keep it clean of drips and puddles between uses to prevent rusting, short-circuiting, or corrosion.

3. Freshly ground beans

Using freshly ground beans or storing coffee grounds in airtight canisters can make all the difference no matter which coffee maker you choose.

4. Machine cleaning cycles

Cleaning your machine, or descaling it, not only helps maintain its longevity, it is necessary for preserving the purity of flavor. For heavy use, clean it once a week. Once a month wash is fine for moderate to light use.

5. Wash carafe and brew basket regularly

When using machines with a carafe or permanent filter, clean them after each use for the best results every time.

Frequently asked questions

Is a hot plate or thermal carafe better for keeping brewed coffee warm?

Conventional coffee wisdom notes that a heating dish can overheat a carafe of coffee if left to sit for longer than half an hour. For homes and offices where a pot of coffee doesn't last that long, it's not a concern.

If you know a pot of coffee tends to linger, choose a maker with a insulated carafe to keep coffee hot without losing out on flavor.

Is a cone or flat-bottomed filter better?

Some coffee drinkers say that if there is a difference between a cone or flat-bottomed filter, it's hard to taste it in the finished cup. However, there's some sense to the debate that favors a cone-shaped filter basket over any other.

As hot water moves through the cone of coffee grounds, it stays in contact with a higher volume of grounds. This can mean a fuller, stronger flavor profile if the brew is timed correctly. If it's not, it can become bitter more easily than a flat-bottomed filter.

What is the benefit of using a permanent filter basket?

Environmental impact and convenience aside, one of the main reasons consumers choose a permanent filter basket over disposable paper ones is flavor.

With paper filters, many of the important volatile oils that give coffee its unique and powerful flavor are left behind in the brew container. Permanent mesh filters allow these oils to make it to the cup, much like a French press would.

How hot should water be for drip-brewed coffee?

While some enthusiasts insist on a fixed number, we find that anywhere between 195 to 205 degrees will properly extract flavor when using a drip brew coffee maker. On average, drip-brew devices hover around 200 degrees, which is just fine.

What is the optimal coffee grounds to water ratio for a drip-brew device?

Because there are so many roasts and each machine disperses water differently, it's hard to pin it down to an exact ratio that will work every single time.

When measured by weight, general advice says it takes about 7 grams, or 1 tablespoon, of ground coffee for every fluid ounce of water. 

How do brew baskets and pod capsules compare?

The biggest difference is simply the flexibility of serving size between the two. A brew container allows for larger capacity brews and typically doesn't function well for single-serving cups.

A pod capsule of coffee, whether prepackaged or refillable, will only provide one serving of coffee. If you're serving more than one person at a time regularly, like in an office or a busy home full of coffee drinkers, it's worth the convenience of using an automatic drip-brew coffee maker with a brew basket.