How to Make AeroPress Iced Coffee

How to Make AeroPress Iced Coffee

If you’ve ever wondered how to make an easy iced coffee in your AeroPress Iced Coffee machine, this is the article for you!

This coffee-making gadget allows you to prepare delicious coffees with ease and quickly. Using cold water, ice cubes, and some of your favorite grounds, you can quickly and easily make a delicious iced coffee with your AeroPress.

How to Make AeroPress Iced Coffee

Why Use An AeroPress To Make Iced Coffee?

The AeroPress is a fantastic device to use when brewing iced coffee. Its versatility, efficiency, and ease of use make it the perfect coffee brewing tool for both hot coffee and a cold brew made to your liking.

Both forms of AeroPress coffee are great, but each has a slightly different method.

AeroPress Cold Brew Coffee

In general, AeroPress coffee tends to be a bit less bitter, while pour-over coffee is brighter due to the method’s production of a higher number of acidic compounds.

The AeroPress has so many advantages over other methods of brewing your beans.

For one, it helps reduce acidity and bitterness while ensuring a perfectly measured pour every time. It’s also easy to use, inexpensive, and portable.

As a result, it’s an all-around excellent addition to any aficionado’s setup.

With this guide, you’ll be able to take advantage of all those benefits for cold as well as hot coffee, and what’s better than an incredibly refreshing frosty brew in the middle of summer?

Let’s jump in!

What’s the Ideal AeroPress Iced Coffee Recipe?

AeroPress cold brew recipes can range from extremely sweet and syrupy to sharp, crisp, and toasty, so there’s sure to be at least one that suits your tastes.

To hit the perfect notes, you can always get some additional flavoring before serving.

iced coffee

We also highly recommend tweaking aspects of any iced AeroPress recipe to suit your liking.

After all, without devoted coffee heads messing around with standard ways of doing things, we would never have discovered the [inverted (~) method].

Refresher: How to Make AeroPress Ice Coffee

A note on Coffee grind size

While preparing coffee, it’s important to follow a few simple guidelines to get the best taste. First, determine the grind of your coffee.

A medium-coarse grind tends to be best for most people, but the AeroPress can work with coffee grounds of all sizes.

A medium-coarse grind tends to be best for most people, but the AeroPress can work with coffee grounds of all sizes.

You may want to adjust the grind depending on your taste. Overall, a finer grind will yield a bitter flavor, and while too course a grind won’t extract the flavor as well.


Your coffee recipe AeroPress. First, you’ll need a paper filter and coffee. Make sure the coffee is ground to your preferred texture before proceeding.

For best results, place the plunger on a digital kitchen scale, and set it to grams. Pour in 20 gr of coffee. Add water and stir.

AeroPress Paper Filters

Insert the plunger into the AeroPress and gently press it until the rubber seal is completely covered. Allow the coffee to steep for at least 4 minutes.

Once the brew has cooled, add milk and sugar to taste. Serve immediately, or let it cool.

If you’re waiting to serve, you can take advantage of the time and convert your coffee to cold brew by pouring it over some coffee ice cubes.

Either way, in this scenario we recommend that you keep it refrigerated for several hours to ensure the flavor is well-balanced.

If serving immediately, be sure to let the coffee steep for several minutes before you finish brewing, so the AeroPress is able to extract as much flavor as possible.

How to ‘Do the Cold Brew’ – Our Iced AeroPress Recipe

While it’s not an entirely different method than what you would do to make a traditional brew with your AeroPress, there are a few simple steps you can take to make especially delicious iced coffee.

For iced coffee, we recommend grinding your coffee a bit less—so it’s coarser—than normal. You need at least 15 gr of coffee beans ground to a medium consistency.

You’ll also want around 100 gr of regular ice.

Place the AeroPress on a flat countertop and turn it upside-down so you can place the plunger into the chamber. Make sure your filter cap stays snugly attached. Now get the coffee grounds.

Close up view of cold brewed coffee with ice cubes

In this case, we’re going to use a mason jar in place of a coffee cup. Place the 100g of ice into the mason jar. Pour about 75g of water into the AeroPress so it rises to between markings 2 and 3.

Allow the coffee and the water to steep over the ice inside the AeroPress for around 1 minute.

At that point, slowly but firmly press the plunger down and extract your delicious cup of coffee cold brew into the mason jar.

Leave the coffee for a few seconds to allow it to bloom before serving.

Make Your Own Shaken Iced AeroPress Coffee

Grind finer, get coffee, and change your water ratio

As we’ve mentioned, one of our favorite things about AeroPress coffee recipe is just how easy it is to customize almost every quality of your coffee to produce the perfect cup.

You can change your brewing time to allow for deeper extraction, allow it to steep or sit longer before drinking to enhance coffee bloom or stir in powdered or liquid flavors.

Cold brew

With cold brew coffee, your options increase even further. Instead of using regular ice to brew your coffee, you can pre-make coffee ice cubes for a fuller, less watery taste, and consistency.

With a normal iced pour, you’re sacrificing a good amount of coffee volume to water when you use enough ice to make coffee iced.

Ice cubes made of coffee bring all the cooling benefits to your cold brew without adding more water than you intend to with your personalized mixture.

We’d also recommend tweaking the ratio of coffee to water and ice inside the chamber of your AeroPress.

Play with different levels of each and add milk or milk alternative to achieve your perfect making cold brew recipe AeroPress espresso. Then share your reviews with us here!

Cold Brew with Paper Filters

Some coffee enthusiasts prefer to use specially-made paper filters with their AeroPress espresso recipe. The benefits they get are mostly related to the reduction of oils that get it through to your glass.

Some find that while it succeeds in that, it also adds a somewhat papery taste to their brews.

AeroPress Paper Filters

There are some that actually prefer the flavor of the oils, and all that matters is that you use some filter in a properly-secured filter cap.

Final Thoughts

AeroPress Iced coffee is one of our favorite forms of coffee in the world, which is a huge statement!

We bring our AeroPress with us wherever we travel to, and on hot days it’s wonderful to be able to add some ice to the mix and make coffee using our go-to method in an instant.

AeroPress iced coffee

We highly recommend you give iced AeroPress coffee a shot, and if you discover any special tweaks or hacks of your own, let us know!

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