How to Make AeroPress Cold Brew Coffee: 3 Cool Options

AeroPress Cold Brew Coffee The Complete Guide

Are you looking for the perfect way to make your cold brew? If so, AeroPress might be the perfect tool for you.

While the AeroPress has gained a ton of popularity and almost cult-like commitment for its portability, versatility, and tight control over hot brewed coffee, it’s easy to overlook when setting out to make yourself an ultra-refreshing cup of cold brew coffee.

But the mighty AeroPress is versatile not just in terms of the multiple methods (such as the inverted method) you can use with it and the fact that it puts other coffee makers to shame in its admirable approach to espresso-like coffee.

AeroPress Cold Brew is, in our experience, a very worthy contender in a lineup of strong choices for the best cold brew method.

A very worthy contender in a lineup of strong choices for best cold brew method.

The Benefits of Using an AeroPress Coffee Maker

All Around Value

One of the best ways to enjoy coffee without spending a fortune is to brew it using an AeroPress. This simple fact is one of the things we like best about it.

Because not everything related to exquisite coffee needs to be exceptionally cost-prohibitive.

Unbeatable Personalization

This tiny gadget allows you to make a smooth cup of coffee with full body and sweet cocoa notes if that’s your cup of tea joe.

Excellent Efficiency

Cold brew coffee with ice in glass and bottle

You don’t have to use an entire bag to make a good cup of coffee with an AeroPress, and you can get your AeroPress coffee impressively close to the taste and strength of espresso without the fuss and expense of an espresso machine.

Options, Options, Options

You can use this device to steep your beans overnight, and you will get rich, flavorful coffee in the morning.

You can travel with it—as many coffee lovers (including this post’s author) do—and in its simplicity, it provides an almost unparalleled level of control over the strength and flavor of your brew.

What’s not to love?

Refresher: How to Make Amazing Coffee with Your AeroPress

The Original AeroPress Brewing Method

To make coffee using an AeroPress, simply add 15 grams of finely ground coffee beans to 100 g of room-temperature water.

Make sure the water level is set to the “1” printed on the AeroPress.

Once you have your beans ground and the AeroPress cooled, you’re ready to make the coffee.

Before starting your coffee, make sure the water temperature is 175 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the water is at the right temperature, place the coffee grounds in the AeroPress and pour it over it.

Press down firmly until a long hiss is heard. Once it sounds right, you’ve got yourself an awesome brew.

Can You Use an AeroPress For Cold Brew Coffee?

Once it’s ready, pour the coffee into a mug and enjoy!

The AeroPress method produces a smooth, full-bodied cup. Instead of using an entire bag of coffee, you only need about 30-60 grams.

While the AeroPress method has become popular in recent years, there are many benefits to using a traditional cold brewer instead.

If you’re thinking about trying brewing coffee in an AeroPress, you’re in the right place:

Can You Use an AeroPress For Cold Brew Coffee?

The short answer: absolutely! An increasingly common question in the coffee community is, “Can you use an AeroPress for cold brew?” And we highly recommend giving it a shot.

Making cold brew or iced coffee in an AeroPress has a number of benefits.

You can even use it to make your own cold brew concentrate, which will provide you with an easy-to-replenish base to make cold brew with whenever you get the urge.

Let’s look at why making AeroPress cold brew makes sense:

Why Cold Brew Coffee in an AeroPress?

There are a couple of reasons to try this method. First, it’s faster and simpler than making coffee in a pot and then cooling it, and of course, the AeroPress simply makes a great cup of coffee.


By default, cold brew from an AeroPress has a smooth and natural taste. It isn’t as bitter or chocolatey as iced coffee from a regular pot.

The best part? The AeroPress makes cold brewing fast and easy to do at home.

the AeroPress simply makes a great cup of coffee


Another great reason to use an AeroPress for cold brew is the convenience of the device. Cold brew is a great way to get your coffee fast and fresh!

By using a cold brew AeroPress, you can enjoy a cup of cold coffee without having to leave the house.

Cold brew coffee with ice in glass near orange slices


The AeroPress is also convenient and easy to use in the fridge, and you’ll save a lot of money when compared to buying cold brew from the coffee shop.

Plus, it allows you to create cold brew from both hot and cold water. Let’s explore how:

How to Make AeroPress Cold Brew

A glass of cold brewed coffee with ice cué on white tabletop

The AeroPress can produce several types of cold brew. The typical method requires a coarse grind and room temperature water.

Depending on the strength of your coffee, you may first leave it for around 12 hours or overnight.

Option 1: Make Your Own Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Cold brew concentrate is a great ingredient to have on hand. It literally makes “brewing” your own iced coffee as easy as adding water.

You make a batch, keep it in the fridge, and you’ll have several pots worth on hand at all times.

Making cold brew concentrate is just as easy as making hot coffee. The only difference is the ratio of ground coffee to water.

For coffee concentrate, you’ll use around 1 ounce of freshly ground coffee beans for every 4 ounces of water.

Make Your Own Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Make hot coffee with this ratio using your favorite method for your AeroPress is the inverted method, and then let your coffee concentrate cool either at room temperature or in the fridge.

You can then use it at will to make cold brew coffee, or add it to your favorite cooking-with-coffee recipes.

Since it’s essentially the same as making traditional hot coffee, this is one of the all-around easiest methods for cold brewing.

Option 2: Chill a Batch Overnight for Cold Brew Coffee in the Morning

The traditional method for making cold coffee in an AeroPress involves using medium-ground coffee beans, 185F water, and 16 grams of coffee for every 8-ounce serving.

The steeping time is about one minute, and you need to stir the coffee for 10 seconds before popping it in the fridge.

Let it chill for a few hours—typically overnight—and then pour it over ice.

This is definitely the simplest way to prepare cold brew, although it’s not the most efficient, nor is it (obviously) fastest.

When brewing cold brew with an AeroPress, the coffee should be coarsely ground.

This grind will make the coffee stronger and smoother. The AeroPress should also be cooled before you start brewing.

The next day, you’ll enjoy a delicious cup of cold brew. You can also use milk to make your coffee even richer.

This method yields a flavorful, espresso-like drink that tastes better than ever.

Option 3: Use Coffee Ice Cubes to Make AeroPress Iced Coffee

Another way to make cold brew with an AeroPress is by adding coffee ice cubes. These cubes will help to cool the coffee, but they won’t water it down.

Once the coffee is cold, you can top it off with cold water or milk if you like.

Close up view of cold brewed coffee with ice cubes

While this is a great way to create an iced beverage, it’s not the best way to brew cold brew.

That’s because you’re technically not making cold brew coffee this way. You’re brewing regular coffee and cooling it down. But who’s to say it doesn’t get delicious results?

In fact, coffee ice cubes are similar in approach to using cold brew concentrate.

In both methods, you’ve got a pre-made, pre-chilled coffee element that serves as the foundation for the cold brew you’re ultimately getting.


Just like when brewing traditional hot coffee, make sure the coffee grounds are touching the rubber part of the base.

Fill the AeroPress with water and press the plunger for a few seconds.

The resulting beverage should be very close to the flavor of traditional cold brew. After a few minutes, you can enjoy your coffee without spending hours brewing it.

Important Reminders from Coffee Enthusiasts

In order to create a delicious cold brew, you need to use a coarse grind.

If you want a stronger coffee flavor, you can use an AeroPress to brew a blend to your liking.

Simply change the ratio of coffee to water, add the water to the AeroPress, and wait ten seconds after brewing before serving.

You can also experiment with different types of coffee and brew it as cold brew. After all, coffee can be a very personal beverage. So why not experiment?

Don’t Forget!

Before you make your first cup of coffee, be sure to grind your beans finer than espresso or drip coffee.

Once ground, pour your coffee into the AeroPress and set it on top of a mug. Then, add two or three cups of water and stir until saturated.

Wrap-Up: Making Cold Brew Coffee with an AeroPress

Before making your first batch of AeroPress coffee, you’ll need a few ingredients.

A medium-fine grind for your coffee beans and ice cubes are your first two.

Then, prepare a tall glass and freeze it for about 20-30 minutes for the best, most refreshing results.

When it comes to making a good cup of coffee at home, AeroPress is one of the easiest options.


These processes to achieve a refreshing cold brew are also simple to do. Just be sure to keep an eye on the temperature of your water and ground coffee.

For a true cold brew, it takes about 12 to 24 hours for a batch to fully extract the flavor of the coffee. It’s well worth the wait!

If you don’t have time to steep your coffee for 12 hours, you can always use a pour-over coffee maker.

This method for traditional cold brew requires a bit more setup and tear down, but the result can be better than those involving pre-made coffee concentrates or ice cubes that essentially turn hot coffee into cold.

With most other methods, however, you’ll have to spend more time and money in the process.

When making amazing coffee with your AeroPress, you’ll find there are far more upsides than downsides.

Just be sure to use the right amount of coffee and the appropriate amount of water for your personal preference—that personalization is one of the key selling points of AeroPress!

Once you’ve done your first, you can spice things up by making another batch of coffee with all your favorite add-ins.

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