When Was Iced Coffee Invented? Uncover the Chilling Origins!

when was iced coffee invented

There’s a fascinating story attached to every gulp of your favorite refreshing beverage – iced coffee. When Was Iced Coffee Invented?

Let’s explore the riveting journey of how the original iced coffee emerged on the global beverage map, transforming our coffee experiences forever.

Where Did the First Iced Coffee Originate?

The history of iced coffee is as rich and diverse as the drink itself. The first iced coffee, believe it or not, has its roots cemented in Algeria, a place comparatively less recognized for its coffee culture.

The Role of Algeria in the History of Iced Coffee

Where did the first iced coffee originate?.

The first iced coffee, famously known as Mazagran, originated in Algeria.

This original version of the iced coffee was fundamentally a different type of coffee, as it was given to French soldiers during the Battle of Mazagran to keep them chilled and refreshed.

These soldiers added water to their coffee to create their cold coffee drink, which was not only a relief in the heat but also subtly embodied the local culture’s essence.

Mazagran: The First Version of Iced Coffee

This drink made of cold water and coffee was not just a beverage for the soldiers, but an inspiration, which they took back to France.

This was how Mazagran, the cold version of hot coffee, gained popularity and made it possible for people across the world to chill while they sip their favorite drink.

Mazagran: The first version of iced coffee

The Transformation of Hot Coffee to the Iced Version

The Algerians, through their invention, showed the world how a simple everyday hot coffee could be transformed into a refreshing iced coffee.

Over time, different regions adopted this drink, tweaking it to their preferred taste, leading to several versions of iced coffee.

The transformation also had coffee shops and cafes experimenting and creating innovative coffee drinks.

How is Iced Coffee Made?

Making iced coffee involves more than just adding a few ice cubes to your hot coffee. Two primary methods are commonly used: the cold brew method and the ice cube method. Each method imparts unique flavors to the coffee drink.

How is iced coffee made?.

The Brew: From Coffee Beans to the Perfect Coffee Drink

Cold brew coffee is typically made by steeping coffee beans in cold water for an extended period. With a rich taste and an intense aroma, it can serve as the perfect base for your homemade iced coffee, making iced coffee at home less daunting than it seems.

Using an Ice Cube: The Cold Coffee Method

One quick way of making coffee is by dissolving instant coffee or coffee syrup mixed with hot water and then allowing it to chill. Next, add ice cubes to give it a cold twist.

An easily-accessible method, it turns your hot coffee into a delightful cold coffee drink quickly!

Using an ice cube: The cold coffee method

Cold Brew vs Ice Cube: What’s the Difference?

The difference between cold brew and iced coffee lies in the preparation method. While cold brew is made by steeping coffee beans in cold water over an extended period, iced coffee is made by pouring brewed coffee over ice.

The cold brew method results in a smoother, less acidic taste compared to immediately iced coffee.

Cold brew vs ice cube.

When Was the First Iced Coffee Made?

The first iced coffee, as documented, took shape around the year 1840. It was the birth of the original iced coffee known as Mazagran.

The Year 1840: The Birth of the Original Iced Coffee

It might be hard to believe, but iced coffee has been in existence for nearly two centuries. The soldiers at the Battle of Mazagran in 1840 created the forerunner to the iced coffee we know today.

Coffee Made from Coffee Syrup: A Different Approach

Contrary to the traditional method, some people prefer making their iced coffee using coffee syrup mixed with cold water, resulting in a similar refreshing outcome.

The sugar in the syrup acts as a sweetener, eliminating the need for additional sugar, which was a novel concept at that time.

The Evolution of Iced Coffee Recipes over Time: When Was Iced Coffee Invented?

The iced coffee as we know it has evolved over time, mainly driven by new coffee brewing methods, creativity of baristas and cultural preferences.

Whether it’s adding sweetened condensed milk or a shot of espresso, each unique ingredient has contributed to making an iced coffee that we love to order at our local coffee shop today.

YearEvent Description
17th CenturyThe earliest records of cold coffee consumption in the Middle East, where coffee was brewed and then cooled with ice or cold water.
1840sIced Coffee in Algeria: French colonialists in Algeria are said to have popularized iced coffee, known as “café mazagran,” which was a combination of coffee, cold water, and sugar, often served with ice cubes.
1860sViennese Iced Coffee: Vienna, Austria, introduced its version of iced coffee, which included sweetened coffee, cold milk, and ice cream.
1900sIced Coffee in the United States: Iced coffee started gaining popularity in the United States during the early 20th century, with people experimenting with various recipes and preparations.
1960sCommercialization: In the mid-20th century, iced coffee became a commercially available product, with brands like Nestlé introducing instant iced coffee.
1990sIced Coffee Chains: Coffee shop chains such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts began offering iced coffee as a regular menu item, contributing to its widespread popularity.

Who Created the Frappuccino?

The credit for creating the famous frappe goes to Dimitris Vakondios, a Greek barista. A turning point in coffee history was when Starbucks introduced the Frappuccino, which took the coffee world by storm.

Starbucks Introduced the Frappuccino: A Turning Point

Starbucks introduced the Frappuccino in the 1990s, and it quickly became a success.

This iced coffee drink, apart from refreshing the consumers, played a significant role in popularizing iced coffee drinks worldwide and changing how we perceive coffee.

Starbucks frappuccino blended beverages.

Meet Dimitris Vakondios: The Man Behind the Frappe

Dimitris Vakondios was a Greek barista who invented the frappe, a version of iced coffee, by accident. He used instant coffee and shook it with cold water and ice, creating a foamy, refreshingly cold coffee drink.

The frappe still remains a popular coffee drink in Greece and around the world.

The man behind the frappe.

From Cafe to Coffee Shop: How Frappuccino Changed the Game

The introduction of Frappuccino by Starbucks to a global audience changed the game for coffee shops.

It not only put iced coffee on the global map, but also had people thronging to cafés to enjoy this cold coffee drink, making it a summer favorite.

How Can I Make Iced Coffee at Home?

Making an iced coffee at home is a fun and simple process. You can make your brew using a variety of methods such as using instant coffee or preparing a cold brew coffee.

Adding sweetened condensed milk or other sweeteners as per your preference can add that extra touch of indulgence.

How to Prepare Cold Brew Coffee at Home

To prepare a cold brew coffee at home, all you need is some coarsely ground coffee beans and cold water.

Mix the two and let it steep for a while, strain it, and voila, your cold brew coffee is ready! Add some sweeteners or just drink it as is, it’s completely up to you.

Making Iced Coffee Using Instant Coffee: A Quick Guide

If you want a quick iced coffee, instant coffee is the way to go. Just dissolve the instant coffee in warm water, let it cool and then add chilled water or ice.

Adding milk or sweetener can make this quick and easy iced coffee a real treat for your taste buds.

The Use of Sweetened and Condensed Milk in Homemade Iced Coffee

Want a creamy, indulgent iced coffee? Try adding sweetened condensed milk! While chilling your coffee, add a tablespoon (or more) of sweetened condensed milk, and stir it in.

Not only does it sweeten your coffee, but it also adds a cremey texture, making your homemade iced coffee a real delight.

When almost every café and coffee shop offers their version of iced coffee, knowing the history and how you can make it at home can give you a new appreciation for this drink.

So next time you’re in need of a refreshing, chilled beverage, why not make your own iced coffee?


When was the concept of brewing cold coffee first invented?

Iced coffee was likely invented by the French during the 19th century. There was a drink called Mazagran, made from coffee syrup mixed with water, enjoyed by French Foreign Legionnaires in Algeria. It was usually served cold to combat the heat.

How does the brew of iced coffee differ from that of hot coffee?

Iced coffee is simply coffee that has been cooled down after brewing. It can be made from any type of roast, dark roast coffee is often used.

But the brewed coffee should be allowed to cool before you put it in a tall glass with ice cubes, otherwise, the hot coffee will melt the ice cubes and dilute your drink.

What are some common coffee recipes that use ice cubes?

There are many, but one of the most common is a simple iced coffee which is just brewed coffee poured over ice in a tall glass. You can also make a sweetened coffee mix and chill it before pouring over ice.

When did drinking iced coffee become popular?

Drinking iced coffee became popular in the 20th century, although it was invented centuries before that. Its popularity especially soared during the 2000s with the rise of specialty coffee shops.

What is cold brew and how is it related to iced coffee?

Cold brew is a type of iced coffee but it’s made differently. Instead of brewing coffee with hot water then cooling it down, you steep coffee grounds in cold water for a long time.

The result is a coffee that’s less acidic and can be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Is shaken coffee the same as iced coffee?

Shaken coffee, also known as “shakerato”, is indeed a type of iced coffee. It’s an Italian recipe where espresso and a bit of sweetener are shaken until frothy and then poured over ice.

How do you order an iced coffee if you prefer it cold, but without the ice cubes?

Some people prefer to not have ice cubes in their iced coffee as when they melt, they can dilute the drink. You can simply order it as “iced coffee, no ice”. They will prepare your coffee cold, without adding any ice cubes.

Is there any variant of iced coffee that includes vanilla ice cream?

Yes! There’s a variant of iced coffee called “Aussie iced coffee” that’s topped with vanilla ice cream. Another one called “Affogato,” an Italian classic drink, is actually a scoop of vanilla ice cream drowned with a shot of hot espresso.

What’s the connection between iced coffee and the Arab and Berber forces?

The Arab and Berber forces as part of the French Foreign Legion in Algeria are credited with popularizing the drink we now know as iced coffee. It was called Mazagran back then! Okay, so next time we like coffee cold, we know whom to thank.

Have there ever been any coffee maker accidents that resulted in inventing a new coffee drink?

Funny enough, yes! The frappe, a very popular iced coffee today, was actually accidentally invented when a Nestle employee couldn’t find hot water for his coffee and shook instant coffee with cold water and ice.

This created a frothy, cooling beverage which became a big hit, especially in countries with hot weather such as Greece.

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