White Coffee [Explained]: What It Is & How To Make It.

White Coffee_What it is and how to make it.

White Coffee isn’t Actually White

As adventurous as it might feel to be showing off your lugubrious cup of white coffee, the name itself is kind of deceptive and ‘white’ doesn’t relate to the coffee’s color.

While the results of brewing the beans will end in a really light beige coloration, the coffee itself won’t really be white.

In our experience and by conducting several experiments with the drink, white coffee can be defined as a carefully light-roasted coffee at around 325°F when pitted against your average light, medium and dark roasted coffee which is roasted at 450°F – 480°F.

Moreover, white coffee has preserved the natural and earthy flavors found within the initial coffee berry.

If it so happens that you just are someone who adores light-roast coffee, you may easily discover that white coffee should definitely be appealing to your taste buds.

white coffee

But hang on for a moment! Did you know that white coffee even has several definitions which are reliant on the sort of beverage you get?

For example, it could be referred to as a ‘flat white’, or a straightforward cup of coffee with cream and milk.

In other cases, it could also be where you originally purchased the coffee, but in the majority of cases, it refers to the method during which the bean is roasted.

The Background and Origins of White Coffee

White coffee could be viewed as a typical modern trend, but it initially encompasses a long history of getting its origins rooted within the far eastern parts of Yemen.

The term “white coffee” actually has absolutely nothing to do with adding whiteners such as milk or cream and as a result, you ought to not confuse it with a flat white. As we mentioned before it refers to a particularly light roast, which found its origins in Yemen.

white beans

The beans of this particular coffee are so light, that the beans don’t even maintain the classic dark brown colorings of traditionally roasted coffee.

The beans for this exclusive coffee are roasted at a higher temperature.

Roasting specifically takes place at about 325 F in comparison to roasts between 450 and 480 F.

The latter is more for traditional light to dark roasts. 


The result of this roasting method is that the beans are very hard and may be grounded by utilizing specialized commercial grinders.

As soon as these beans are brewed, you may have a flavorful cup of java which is pale beige in color.

Here are some product varieties of coffee:

Indonesian Kopi Putih White Coffee

This coffee is formed from lightly roasted coffee beans.

If you’re trying to find Indonesian white coffee you’ll possibly come across a preferred brand named Luwak instant coffee also known as “Luwak White Koffie” which comes with non-dairy creamer.

Though before you go purchasing any Kopi Luwak coffee I highly recommend you read my article on the topic here first.

Flat White Coffee

A flat white maybe a coffee drink that’s made out of a mixture of espresso with microfoam. You can go as far as comparing it to a latte, but smaller in size and with the addition of less microfoam, therefore containing a greater ratio of coffee than milk.

White coffee that’s been created from flare roasted coffee beans has become more and more popular around the world.

Flat White Coffee

So What Does White Coffee Actually Taste Like?

Those who have smacked their lips on white coffee have described it more often to having a very nutty taste with extremely low bitterness. These aspects originate from the lessened amount of roasting time the beans endure.

The naturally produced sugars of those beans don’t seem to be caramelized during the brewing process. This leaves the drinker without the effect of it being void of a bitter aftertaste.

Furthermore, the unprocessed acids found within the beans don’t change their state, which is consequential to bringing some brightly acidic zest.

On average, light roasts are unlikely to draw attention to the fragile quality of the beans, and this trait is improved by a tremendously light roast. The choice of beans will have a very important outcome on the finishing product.

This roasting process may be a grand approach to understanding the fine distinction of beans from diverse areas.

In the beverage’s region of origin, Yemen, it had customarily been served up flavored with a spiced combination identified as Hawaij.

This old tradition continues to be widespread in many coffee shops to the present day.

Hawaij mostly often consists of multiple spices including; cumin, black pepper, turmeric and cardamom among others. it’s this spicy blend’s ability to harmonize with the nuttiness of the brew, which makes white coffee such a tasty drink.

Does White Coffee Have More Caffeine than Regular Coffee?

A lot of coffee shops that provide this ashen coffee have advertised it as encompassing a good deal more caffeine when compared to darker roasts.

Whilst its caffeine content does lessen slightly during the roasting period, there’s modest methodical evidence for the reduction to be noteworthy.

In many instances, coffee shops state that white coffee beans are 50-70% percent higher in caffeine content.

The real amount is predicted to be nearer to five. If you’re trying to find an extremely caffeinated brew, you’re more likely to find a specific bean rather than a very light roast.

white coffee 1

Is White Coffee Better For You Than Black Coffee?

White roast coffee is repeatedly sold as a health concoction because of its lower roasting temperature levels.

Supporters of this claim have stated that the lighter roast bean pilots toward a bigger measure of chlorogenic acid. It contains a carotenoid particle that guards well against cardiovascular illness and reduces swelling.

This is positively factual; although not to the extent that you should switch from black coffee if you don’t essentially like the drink.

How does one Drink White Coffee?

The biggest irony regarding white coffee is that this white-colored drink is especially consumed “black”, in other words without adding milk or cream.

Loads of coffee enthusiasts propose adding almond milk, apparently, this goes mostly well with the nutty-tasting flavor profile of the brew.

white beans

Should you be subjected to heartburn or acid reflux, adding dairy may well be an excellent alternative to reduce the soaring acidity consequent from this light roast.

As is the case with all types of coffees, the way you drink it mainly depends on personal preference.

Where are you able to Find Good White Coffee Beans?

White coffee is difficult to seek out, and you ought to purchase it in pre-ground packs. We’ve also found that it’s possible to choose a bag of white coffee without the trouble of visiting the local coffee outlet.

Below you will find a list of the foremost recommended white coffee makers.

Poverty Bay’s ‘white tornado’

Poverty Bay Coffee Company has created its renowned ‘White Tornado’ coffee beans. These beans are roasted to 325 degrees and encompasses a caffeine kick to have you perked up for five hours. The taste is described as having sweet and nutty notes with a lightweight and mellow after taste.

Abbey Roast

Southwest New Mexican roaster, Abbey Roast, provides their white coffee selections in 12oz and 5lb bags.

Using Brazilian Arabica beans at low temperatures and subsequently extracted before the primary crack, these beans are available in whole bean in addition to coarse, medium, and fine pre-ground choices.

Keep in mind that it’s easier said than done to grind these.

abbey roast coffee

Alaska Artisan Coffee

Often brought up as a “Polar Blend” of white coffee, the Alaska Artisan Coffee coffee company has been roasting artisan beans for over twenty years.

Their beans are steadily available and are found in several sizes from a petite 5oz sample to a huge 8lb bag. Nevertheless, they only feature in a pre-ground selection.

Wired Willey’s

Lastly, we’ve got Wired Willey’s white coffee. This blend from Lowery’s Premium Roast Gourmet Coffees comes in 16oz, 32oz, and 4lb options. Wired Willey’s is pre-ground and delivers fresh from the roaster.

A fair warning though because the grounds from Wired Willey’s swells when brewing.

This coffee has been given lots of rambling reviews and is definitely worth tasting. Especially when you consider venturing into the realm of white coffee.

How To Brew an Ideal Cup Of White Coffee?

In spite of its rising reputation, white coffee isn’t extensively available at coffee shops and is mainly found far away from main urban centers.

Coincidentally, it’s doable to create this beverage from the comfort of your home.

To do this you have to get your hands on white coffee beans. Moreover, you’ll need to do away with your mouldiness concerns and buy them pre-ground.

This can be thanks to the actual fact that your home grinder won’t be able to grind these hardly roasted whole coffee beans.

For the foremost part, professionals urge brewing these beans in an espresso-like style so as to induce the best of the easy-going flavor.

Choose any piece of apparatus which will yield a very intense brew, like an espresso machine, or a Moka pot is ideal.

As soon as you’re done brewing, you’ll add Hawaij spice mix for a spot-on cup of white coffee. Alternatively, we suggest adding just a touch of almond milk for a delicious health drink.

Choose any piece of apparatus which will yield a very intense brew, like an espresso machine, or a Moka pot is ideal.

Health Benefits of White Coffee

White coffee has basically all of the antioxidants and nutrients found in normal coffee.

It’s better than a wholly roasted coffee because its health features are contained and nutrients don’t seem to be misplaced during the roasting process. 

This makes white coffee an improved choice when pitted against regular coffee.

white coffee

White coffee also helps you stay awake due to its high levels of caffeine. Regardless if you have got to remain awake or need a jolt of energy, White coffee is certain to be your most suitable choice.

White coffee incorporates a high antioxidants level which improves your health additionally to being less acidic than other coffees.

This has been evident when coffee beans are roasted for extended periods, the more acidic they become. Seeing as white coffee beans are modestly roasted, it has far less acidic contents.

Because of its light roasting, white coffee has high levels of chlorogenic acid which is an infinite antioxidant while being great for stomach problems.


Now that we’ve checked out a number of the foremost basic aspects of white coffee, allow us to have a look at the most often asked questions regarding this beneficial drink.

Is White Coffee Real Coffee?

It should be clear by now that white coffee is real coffee. The sole difference compared to other coffees is that it’s simply been roasted to a lighter level than the beans found in ordinary coffees. 

A distinguished dissimilarity is that white coffee is sometimes employed in espresso or other highly-extracted coffee drinks, like a Moka pot, in a unique technique of directing the flavors.

What Is The Difference Between White Coffee and Black Coffee?

The biggest difference between white and black coffee all boils right down to the roast. The terms “white” or “black” actually refer to the bean. A white coffee berry is roasted at a lesser temperature for a smaller amount of time while tasting sugary and lightweight.

On the other hand, black coffee is roasted at an elevated temperature for an extended period. Black coffee tastes darker and more concentrated.

Is White Coffee different from Malaysian white coffee?

Yes, white coffee is totally different from Malaysian white coffee, or Ipoh. 

In Malaysia, a coffee drink that uses coffee beans is typically served roasted in oil margarine; these beans are ground, brewed, and served with sweetened milk

Sweetened milk is customarily utilized in tropical locations because of its ability to last for a longer period of time as compared to fresh milk. Milk is additionally poured in cortadito, a coffee drink served in Cuba.

Can you make white coffee in an exceedingly regular coffee maker?

White coffee grounds are thick and less absorbent than ordinary ground coffee, making the brewing process even inimitable.

The most excellent method to brew several white coffees is by using equipment that uses pressure. There are some types of coffee makers we recommend namely; Espresso Machines, Moka Pots, and also the AeroPress.

Blonde Roast vs. White Coffee

To put it simply, Blonde roasts and white coffee are completely different. Despite the very fact that blonde roast coffee is fully roasted, white coffee normally emanates from under-roasted beans.

Flat White vs. Latte

Even though the precise size of cup and proportion of coffee to take advantage of might differ, the universal thinking is that a flat white is smaller than a latte and more often than not has more espresso.

Just in case you like the degree of flavors of specialty coffee but you’re in the mood for something dairy-based, a flat white may well be an improved alternative than a latte.

Since it has a smaller amount of milk, a flat white will allow you to fully experience the centripetal profile of its beans. Is it dispassionately better? Nah. There are many ways to familiarize specialty coffee and that we all have a personal favorite.


Is a flat white stronger than a latte?

A flat white could be a more intense drink that may have a sturdier taste of coffee than milk. It may be brawnier than a latte as far as caffeine is taken into account because it makes use of two shots.


The flat white merges the flavor and concentration of espresso with the affluent feeling of a dairy-based drink.

Our Final Thoughts

So all-in-all now you get the just of it. White coffee isn’t really a kind of coffee drink exactly but a bean from the far Middle East.

Have you ever tasted white coffee? Are you able to grab it at your local coffeehouse or have you ever attempted to create your own?

Should you think about yourself as a coffee lover, you’ve got to give white coffee a shot.

It’s honestly a good idea to commit to trying and sampling diverse assortments and flavors. This offers your taste buds a visit of flavor and develops its tasting supremacy.

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