What is a Cascara Latte? The Unusual “Coffee” Drink

What Is A Cascara Latte

It might be your first time hearing about the cascara latte. You rushed into a Google Search to see what it is, and you’re now in the right place to find out what is a cascara latte.

A cascara latte is just like the usual latte that everyone adores. It’s made with an authentic espresso shot and steamed milk.

The only difference is that the cascara latte has cascara syrup and cascara topping. And that’s what made it special and different from the usual latte.

But what is this syrup? What is cascara in the first place?

What is a cascara?

What is a cascara?

Have you heard them saying that coffee is a fruit? It’s because before undergoing many processes to become a coffee bean. It first looked like a cherry.

This coffee cherry has coffee seed or two green coffee beans inside, which would be roasted into the coffee beans that you are familiar with.

 Dried Coffee Cherry Skin: cascara

After they get the coffee beans inside the coffee cherry, they will usually throw away the shell of the gear beans, the cascara (a Spanish word that means shell), or make it a fertilizer.

But in this case, instead of making it just a fertilizer, they’re making syrup from the coffee cherry extract and adding it to drinks like a latte.

How to make a latte cascara?

To make a cascara latte, you need to:

  1. 2oz espresso shots
  2. 3/4 cup of Steamed milk (whole milk)
  3. 1oz cascara syrup
How to make a cascara latte?

Then you’ll need to:

  1. Make a cascara syrup by boiling 40g of cascara or dried coffee cherries in a cup of water. Then add 1 cup of white sugar/dark brown sugar. Make sure to dissolve the sugar by stirring. Then cool it down and filter out the cascara syrup.
  2. Make your latte by brewing espresso shots and adding steamed milk to it.
  3. Add the cascara syrup you created on top of it in the amount you desire.
  4. This is optional, but if you want it to be like a Starbucks cascara latte, you can also sprinkle an extra dust of cascara and cane sugar.
  5. Enjoy!

So now that you know how to make it, you may wonder, what does it taste like?

What does a cascara latte taste like?

Is cascara latte worth trying?

The cascara latte is still a latte, so you can expect it to have the same flavor as the caffe latte. It’s milky, and subtle with a luxurious mouthfeel and a coffee flavor that lingers in your mouth.

But in addition to the normal taste of a latte, the cascara also adds a brown sugar and maple flavor.

It’s subtly sweet because of the added syrup but still doesn’t overpower the strength of the coffee bean.

What is a Cascara Latte – Conclusion

I hope this article has informed you about the cascara latte, such as what it is, how to make it, and how it tastes.

Overall, the cascara latte is a must-try beverage because it is both delicious and distinctive.

This drink is available to try at Starbucks and other coffee shops, but it can also be made at home.

Thanks for reading.


How much caffeine is in cascara?

Cascara contains only 25% caffeine when compared to its beans. Cascara tea also contains less caffeine (25 mg) than a standard cup of coffee (80 mg). The caffeine in cascara adds to the caffeine in the latte.

Is cascara latte good?

Yes. It’s excellent and worth trying! Cascara Latte has a unique flavor. It’s sweet and slightly tart, with notes of dark fruit and like cherries and raisins. It’s still a latte so you can also expect it to be creamy and milky with a hint of caramel or brown sugar. 

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