Weekenders Coffee Roastery

Kyoto Japan

Weekenders Coffee was a pleasant discovery about a 15 minute walk from the hostel I was staying in. The cafe and roaster was located upstairs set in a very simple yet funky layout.

I loved their ‘Cherry Blueberry’ flavored Ethiopian Single Origin Yirgacheffe coffee so much I returned the next day for more coffee and buy some beans too. The owners are super friendly and helpful also… Check them out.


Hello, it’s Tim coming to you again with another episode of Coffee Geek TV.

Here I am in Kyoto Japan. I just stepped out, just trying to find any coffee. I heard about a coffee shop down the road, but it is not open because it’s Sunday here. I read a review about it. Someone complained that they could not use WIFI, but I have no qualms with that. It depends on what you want. I think that if you are looking for the experience, it’s best that you put the computer away. If you are looking to do work, go to a cafe like Starbucks where you can get it done.

I am a place called Weekenders after reading a review. Reviewers touted it as the best place to hang out. It’s more of an experience bar. You can see a stand-up bar and a counter with a barista. Behind me is a counter with a Provac. There is someone over here who has got his laptop out, following one of these roasting profiles.

They have an excellent selection of roasts. The beans come from around the world. They include Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya and other blends. They grind the beans and put them in little jars, which is a fantastic idea. I swayed towards the Ethiopian blend because it has these beautiful, fruity aromas. I taste blueberries and strawberries. I’m partial towards sweet coffee, and I like full-bodied stuff. There is a bit of caramelization there too. This blend is beautiful. Tim, coming to you again with another episode of Coffee Geek TV.


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