lly vs Lavazza: The Ultimate Showdown of Coffee Kings!

lly vs lavazza

When it comes to Italian coffee brands, Illy vs Lavazza are two Italian Coffee giants that often come to mind.

Both companies have a long history in the world of coffee, offering unique and distinct flavors that have garnered them devoted followings.

Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or just starting to explore the robust world of Italian coffee, understanding the fundamental differences between Illy and Lavazza can help determine which brand of coffee suits your taste preferences.

Two coffee brands, illy and Lavazza, face off in a vibrant, bustling café setting with steaming espresso machines and colorful packaging on display

Illy and Lavazza not only differ in their history and approach to coffee, but they also vary in their selection of coffee bean types, blends, roasting methods, and flavor profiles.

Additionally, both companies have developed iconic products and offerings, while catering to specific brewing methods and coffee machines.

Beyond their taste and quality, both brands hold influences in the broader coffee culture and focus on sustainability as well as ethical practices in their production process.

Key Takeaways

  • Illy and Lavazza are giant Italian coffee brands, each with its own unique history, flavors, and devotees.
  • The two companies differ in bean types, blends, roasting methods, iconic products, and brewing methods.
  • Apart from taste and quality, both brands have cultural impact, focus on sustainability, and ethical practices.

History of Illy vs Lavazza

Two coffee brands, Illy and Lavazza, stand in opposition, with their logos prominently displayed, representing their history and rivalry

Both Illy and Lavazza are iconic Italian coffee brands that have had a significant impact on the global coffee industry.

In this section, we will delve into their origins and explore the legacy of their founders, Francesco Illy and Luigi Lavazza.

Francesco Illy’s Legacy

Francesco Illy, an inventor and coffee enthusiast, founded Illy in 1933 in Trieste, Italy. His vision was to create a brand that offers high-quality coffee blends to elevate the standard of coffee consumed worldwide.

During his time, Francesco developed innovative techniques to ensure consistency and quality in every cup of Illy coffee.

For instance, he invented the Illetta, which is considered the precursor to modern espresso machines.

Today, Illy brings its commitment to using exclusively Arabica coffee beans and maintaining a consistent flavor profile across its products. You can learn more about the brand by visiting the official Illy website.

Luigi Lavazza’s Innovation

Luigi Lavazza founded Lavazza in 1895 in Turin, Italy, driven by his passion for coffee and its endless possibilities.

He was a true innovator, traveling the world to discover new flavors and blending techniques. His pioneering spirit led to the creation of some of Lavazza’s most iconic coffee blends.

Over the years, Lavazza has evolved, successfully adapting to changing tastes and preferences. However, the company’s core values of innovation and excellence remain the same.

One of Lavazza’s key advancements is mastering the art of blending different coffee beans from various regions, providing a wide variety of options for coffee lovers to choose from.

You can learn more about Lavazza by visiting their official website.

In summary, Illy and Lavazza are storied Italian coffee brands with rich histories and impressive legacies, each contributing significantly to the world of coffee.

Take a moment to appreciate their founders’ unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation the next time you enjoy a cup of their exceptional brews.

Coffee Bean Types and Blends

A table with various coffee bean types and blends from illy and lavazza, displayed in colorful packaging with the logos prominently featured

Arabica and Robusta Beans

When comparing Illy and Lavazza, it’s important to know the types of coffee beans used by these Italian coffee brands.

Illy exclusively selects 100% Arabica beans for their coffee, known for their sweet taste and distinctive flavors.

This decision significantly elevates their status as a premium coffee brand.

On the other hand, Lavazza loves Arabica beans as well but often mixes in 20% to 40% Robusta for a kick.

Arabica coffee beans, which make up to 75% of the produced coffee worldwide, tend to have a higher concentration of both lipids and sugars, contributing to a smoother and more refined coffee profile.

Robusta coffee beans, comprising the remaining 25% of global coffee production, generally have a stronger and more bitter taste due to their higher caffeine content.

Blends and Single-Origin Varieties

Both Illy and Lavazza, two coffee brands offer various blends and single-origin coffee options to cater to different tastes and preferences.

Here’s a quick comparison of their offerings:


  • Blends: Offers carefully crafted 100% Arabica blends that provide a balanced taste and rich aroma.
  • Single-Origin: Illy’s single-origin coffees highlight the unique flavors of particular regions, like Ethiopia and Brazil.


  • Blends: Lavazza showcases distinct blends, featuring a mix of Arabica and Robusta coffees that are imported from different regions globally.
  • Single-Origin: Like Illy, Lavazza also provides single-origin options, reflecting the specific characteristics of selected coffee-growing regions.

By understanding the coffee bean types and blends offered by Illy and Lavazza, you can make a more informed decision on which coffee brand suits your taste and preferences as best coffee.

Roasting and Flavor Profiles

Coffee beans roasting in two separate machines, emitting rich aromas. One batch from illy, the other from lavazza, each developing their unique flavor profiles

Roast Levels and Techniques

When comparing Illy and Lavazza, it’s essential to consider the roasting techniques and levels each brand employs.

Typically, Illy still uses a medium roast for its coffee beans, resulting in a smooth and balanced flavor.

On the other hand, Lavazza offers a wider variety of roast levels, including light, medium, and dark roasts.

This makes Lavazza more versatile, catering to different taste preferences.

Illy takes pride in its unique and consistent roasting process, which ensures uniformity among the beans.

This method enhances the natural aromas within the beans, resulting in a more refined taste.

Lavazza also uses coffee for a tailored roasting process, particularly for its Italian roast blends, imparting a more robust flavor that many coffee aficionados enjoy.

Identifying Flavor Notes

Understanding the flavor profiles of Illy and Lavazza will help you appreciate the distinct and subtle taste differences between these brands.

Illy’s Arabica beans tend to produce a more delicate and nuanced taste, with hints of caramel, chocolate, toast, and fruit.

This leads to a well-rounded and balanced coffee that highlights the beans’ natural flavors.

In contrast, Lavazza’s blend of Arabica and Robusta beans can result in bolder flavors, often featuring chocolate, hazelnut, brown sugar, and fruit.

As you explore the world of Italian coffee company, remember that individual preferences play a significant role.

By understanding the different roasting techniques and flavor profiles of Illy and Lavazza, you can tailor your coffee experience to your taste buds.

Embrace the opportunity to experiment with various roast levels and flavor notes to discover what suits you best.

Iconic Products and Offerings

A steaming cup of illy coffee sits next to a bag of lavazza beans, surrounded by elegant coffee accessories and a backdrop of lush, green coffee plants

Lavazza Super Crema and Crema e Gusto

Lavazza, a renowned Italian coffee brand, offers a wide variety of products.

Among their most popular offerings are the Lavazza Super Crema and Crema e Gusto blends.

Super Crema is a medium roast blend, perfect for those who enjoy a balanced coffee with a mild flavor profile.

It’s made from a combination of Arabica and Robusta beans, resulting in a velvety crema and a smooth taste.

Crema works well with moka pots and espresso machines, providing an authentic Italian coffee experience.

On the other hand, Crema e Gusto is a dark roast blend that appeals to those who prefer a more robust flavor.

Known for its bold taste and rich crema, this blend is also a mix of Arabica and Robusta beans.

Crema e Gusto is ideal for making strong espresso and other coffee-based drinks, satisfying the taste buds of more adventurous coffee drinkers.

Illy’s Unique Espresso Offerings

Illy, another leader in the Italian coffee scene, focuses on innovation and quality with their espresso offerings.

They are known for their patented iperEspresso capsules which are designed to work seamlessly with Illy’s espresso machines.

These capsules aim to deliver a perfect espresso every time, showcasing the company’s dedication to excellence in every cup of coffee.

In addition to their cutting-edge technology in espresso machines, Illy offers a range of coffee blends to cater to various preferences. Illy’s espresso blends are crafted from 100% Arabica beans, ensuring a consistently high-quality taste.

Some of their popular blends include medium roast, dark roast, and decaffeinated options. Illy’s coffee is also available in various formats, such as ground coffee for moka pots and whole beans for those who prefer to grind their own coffee.

As you explore the world of Italian coffee and try different products from Lavazza and Illy, you will undoubtedly appreciate the variety and artistry that goes into creating these iconic coffee offerings.

From Lavazza’s Super Crema and Crema e Gusto to Illy’s innovative espresso blends, there’s a coffee experience to delight your senses and match your individual taste preferences.

Brewing Methods and Coffee Machines

A table with illy and lavazza coffee machines, surrounded by brewing equipment and coffee beans. Steam rises from the machines as they brew espresso

Traditional Brewing

When it comes to traditional brewing methods, both Illy and Lavazza offer various options to suit your preferences.

If you prefer a classic Italian espresso, using a Moka pot is an excellent choice as both brands have blends specially formulated for this brewing method.

Besides the Moka pot, other conventional brewing methods such as French presses and manual pour-overs can be utilized with both coffee brands to create a fantastic cup of coffee.

  • Moka Pots: A staple for Italian households, Moka pots produce rich and bold espresso-like coffee. Illy only uses 100 % Arabica beans shine with espresso, resulting in a smooth and well-rounded brew.
  • French Press: This brewing method is perfect for those who enjoy intense and full-bodied coffee. Lavazza’s blends with Robusta and Arabica beans work well in a French press, enhancing the flavors and textures in your cup.

Modern Brewing Innovations

As the coffee industry continues to evolve, Illy and Lavazza have embraced modern brewing innovations and offer options tailored for espresso machines and other automated coffee machines.

Both brands provide a variety of coffee capsules and pods to cater to consumers with coffee machines that require them.

  • Espresso Machines: If you’re looking for the luxury of having a perfect espresso at the touch of a button, both Illy and Lavazza offer blends specially designed for espresso machines. You can rely on the quality and consistency of the beans to create a balanced and memorable espresso shot.
  • Coffee Machines: For those who want the convenience of automated brewing, both brands produce capsules and pods that are compatible with various coffee machines. You can enjoy the rich taste of Italian coffee in different strengths and flavors with the push of a button.

In summary, both Illy and Lavazza cater to a wide range of brewing methods, from the traditional Moka pots and French presses to cutting-edge espresso machines and automated coffee devices.

By choosing the right blend and coffee machine, you can enjoy a marvelous cup that represents the very best of Italian coffee culture.

Cultural Impact and Brand Identity

Two coffee cups sit side by side, one adorned with the iconic illy logo and the other with the distinctive lavazza branding. The cups are surrounded by symbols of culture and identity, such as art, music, and architecture

Italian Coffee Culture

When it comes to Italian coffee culture, Illy and Lavazza are two iconic brands that immediately come to mind.

Both have their roots of coffee in Italy, where the art of coffee making has evolved over centuries, creating a unique coffee experience that is deeply appreciated by its people.

Illy and Lavazza have played significant roles in shaping Italian coffee culture, with each brand representing their own style, flavors, and coffee experiences.

Illy is known for its smooth and balanced taste, while Lavazza boasts a deep, chocolatey flavor profile.

The secret to the success of these Italian coffee giants lies not in the origin of the beans, but in the art of blending and roasting them, which showcases the Italian mastery in coffee making.

Over the years, these brands have competed with each other, fostering a sense of pride among their loyal customers, which has helped both companies drive innovation and maintain their positions as leaders in the global coffee industry.

Global Influence

As Italian coffee brands, both Illy and Lavazza have made their presence felt beyond the borders of Italy and have become global ambassadors for Italian coffee culture.

Through their expansion, they have introduced the world to Italian-style coffee experiences, from the Classico coffee espresso to the creamy cappuccino, which many people around the world now identify as a staple of Italian cuisine.

The competition between Illy and Lavazza extends beyond their home country to international markets as well.

This rivalry has not only pushed the two brands to strive for excellence but has also encouraged the spread of Italian coffee culture worldwide.

By opening coffee shops, such as Illy’s “Espressamente Illy” and Lavazza’s “Lavazza Espression,” these brands have created spaces for customers to enjoy a genuine Italian coffee experience.

Your appreciation for authentic Italian coffee wouldn’t be complete without understanding the significant roles these brands have played in shaping Italy’s coffee culture and spreading their influence globally.

While there are differences in taste and flavor profiles between Illy and Lavazza, one thing is for sure: they both represent the pride and passion behind the Italian coffee tradition.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

A bustling coffee plantation with workers using eco-friendly methods, while a nearby factory implements fair labor practices. The contrast between illy and lavazza's commitment to sustainability and ethics is evident

Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives

When comparing Illy and Lavazza, both brands prioritize sustainability in their coffee production.

Illy ensures that their coffee beans are grown and processed in a sustainable manner, focusing on reducing the environmental impact and improving the quality of life for the farmers involved in their production.

Their sustainability practices include emphasizing water conservation, using eco-friendly packaging, and supporting farming communities through fair pricing.

On the other hand, Lavazza has implemented various sustainable agriculture initiatives as well, such as their Lavazza Training Center that offers training programs for coffee growers around the world.

This helps improve both the quality of their coffee beans and the sustainability of their practices.

Additionally, Lavazza aims to certify all their coffee production sites with independent certification schemes to ensure that their efforts are meeting measurable environmental and social goals.

The ¡Tierra! Project

The ¡Tierra! Project is a Lavazza initiative aimed at improving the social, environmental, and economic conditions of coffee producing communities.

This project is implemented in countries such as Peru, Colombia, and Honduras.

Through the ¡Tierra! Project, Lavazza provides technical assistance, training, and support for sustainable coffee farming methods.

Some of the results achieved through the ¡Tierra! Project are:

  • Improved farming techniques: By providing training and support, Lavazza ensures that farmers adopt more sustainable farming practices, leading to higher quality coffee beans and increased yields.
  • Social development: The project has contributed to the improvement of living conditions for coffee-producing communities by providing access to clean water, electricity, and educational opportunities for children.
  • Environmental protection: The adoption of eco-friendly farming methods has protected natural resources and reduced deforestation in coffee-growing regions.

In conclusion, both Illy and Lavazza place a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices in their coffee production.

By incorporating sustainable agriculture initiatives and projects like the ¡Tierra! Project, these brands are not only improving their own environmental and social impact but also ensuring that you can enjoy a high-quality and ethically sourced cup of coffee.

Product Accessibility and Consumer Preferences

A busy coffee shop with illy and lavazza products displayed prominently, with clear signage indicating accessibility options for different consumer preferences

Availability and Coffee Subscriptions

Both Illy and Lavazza offer a range of coffee products that cater to various preferences.

On the one hand, Illy is known for its competitive pricing but a smaller selection of whole bean coffee options.

On the other hand, Lavazza provides a wider variety of roast levels and offers more affordable prices.

Illy Coffee Subscription
Illy provides a recently launched home coffee subscription service, which can enhance the convenience of receiving your favorite blends regularly and directly to your doorstep.

This service covers whole bean coffee, ground, and pods for popular machines.

Lavazza Coffee Subscription
Lavazza does not currently offer a coffee subscription service.

However, their products are widely available in supermarkets, online retailers, and specialty stores.

Personal Preference and Market Variety

When it comes to personal preference, both brands have their loyal followers.

As you explore their offerings, you’ll notice each Italian coffee giant has distinctive features and taste profiles.

Illy – Founded in 1933 by Francesco Illy, the brand emphasizes its commitment to sustainable practices and high-quality beans.

Illy’s blends typically have a smoother and more balanced flavor, which appeals to those who enjoy a mellower cup of coffee.

Lavazza – Established in 1895, Lavazza prides itself on its rich history and long-standing coffee tradition.

Lavazza’s offerings often showcase more robust and full-bodied flavors, which can be a better fit for those who appreciate a bolder taste in their coffee.

In terms of market variety, Illy and Lavazza both offer a diverse range of products, including whole bean coffee, ground coffee, coffee pods, and compatible capsules for various machines.

Your choice between the two brands will primarily depend on your taste preference, convenience, and budget.

Comparative Analysis: Quality, Price and Value

Two coffee cups side by side, one with illy logo and the other with lavazza logo. A price tag and quality indicators visible in the background

Evaluating Coffee Quality

When comparing Illy and Lavazza, the quality of coffee is generally a crucial aspect to consider.

Both Italian brands are known for their quality coffee and have garnered praise for their espresso offerings.

However, they differ in their approach and offerings.

Illy is renowned for its consistent quality and dedication to the art of espresso.

They provide a variety of roast levels and coffee styles, including whole bean, ground, and pod coffee options.

Illy is also trusted for its high-quality coffee line and different roast levels.

On the other hand, Lavazza is a popular choice for people who prefer a more traditional Italian coffee.

They offer an extensive range of products encompassing various beans, roast levels, and ground coffee options.

Lavazza is also known for its superb quality, though they tend to lean more towards traditional tastes and styles.

Price Points and Budget Considerations

When it comes to pricing and budget, both brands cater to diverse audiences.

Here’s a brief overview of the price ranges to expect:

  • Illy Whole Bean Coffee: ranging from $12 to $20 for 8.8 ounces
  • Illy Ground Coffee: $12 to $16 for 8.8 ounces
  • Lavazza Whole Bean Coffee: $9 to $25 for 12-ounce bags or 2.2-pound bags
  • Lavazza Ground Coffee: $5 to $15 for 12-ounce bags

As you can see, the price points of Illy and Lavazza differ depending on the specific coffee type and size.

Illy’s products tend to be slightly more expensive, while Lavazza offers a more budget-friendly selection.

However, it is essential to consider that the price can vary based on the seller or platform of purchase.

To summarize, both Illy and Lavazza provide quality coffee offerings at varying price points, catering to diverse preferences and budget considerations.

Whether you prefer a consistent espresso experience or a traditional Italian coffee taste, your choice will depend on your personal preferences and the affordability factor you’re looking for.

Global Bean Sourcing and Origins

Lush green coffee plantations with mountains in the background, showcasing the diverse origins of illy and lavazza beans

Ethiopian and Central American Beans

When it comes to coffee sourcing, both Illy and Lavazza ensure that their beans come from the best regions around the world.

From the single-origin Arabica beans used by Illy to the diverse range of beans used by Lavazza, these companies prioritize quality and sustainable practices in their supply chain.

For instance, Ethiopian beans are highly regarded for their unique fruity and floral flavors, making them a staple for premium coffee brands.

In Central America, countries like Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Honduras produce highly sought-after beans due to their balanced acidity and flavor profiles.

Both Illy and Lavazza source beans from these regions, capitalizing on the rich coffee heritage of African and Central American countries.

Asian and South American Contributions

In addition to beans from Ethiopia and Central America, Illy and Lavazza also recognize the significance of Asian and South American countries in the coffee industry.

Illy’s blend, for example, includes beans from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, India, and others.

South America, particularly Brazil and Colombia, is renowned for producing high-quality Arabica beans that are often used as a base for coffee blends.

Asian countries like Indonesia, India, and Vietnam contribute robusta beans, which add a more intense, bold flavor to the blends. These regions altogether enrich the taste profile of both Illy and Lavazza’s coffee offerings

In conclusion, both Illy and Lavazza have a well-rounded global sourcing approach to coffee beans, incorporating beans from regions like Africa, Central America, South America, and Asia.

This diverse sourcing strategy allows them to create distinct blends and flavor profiles, catering to the tastes of coffee enthusiasts worldwide.


When it comes to choosing between Illy and Lavazza, coffee enthusiasts are often torn between two of Italy’s most renowned coffee brands.

Both offer a rich history and a dedication to the craft of coffee roasting, but they cater to different palates and preferences.

Illy, founded in 1933, prides itself on a single blend of high-quality arabica beans, offering a smooth, balanced flavor that is generally preferred among coffee drinkers who appreciate a milder cup.

Illy’s commitment to quality is evident in its “Illy Overview,” focusing on certified specialty coffee that delivers a consistent taste profile.

The brand’s approach to espresso coffee, with its signature pre-ground coffee and espresso coffee pods, aims for perfection in every cup, making it a staple in the Italian espresso market.

On the other hand, Lavazza, established in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza, has a broader offering, including a larger percentage of robusta coffee in its blends, which contributes to a stronger cup of coffee.

Lavazza’s range includes everything from dark roast coffee to flavored coffee, catering to those who prefer a more robust and intense flavor.

With its roots deeply embedded in the Italian coffee culture,

Lavazza has mastered the art of blending different types of coffee to create unique flavor profiles, making it a favorite for those who like a bit more kick in their cup.

The brand’s “Lavazza Overview” showcases its innovation in both traditional roast coffee and modern espresso coffee pods, highlighting its versatility and appeal to a wide range of coffee lovers.

Both Illy and Lavazza offer something special for coffee aficionados.

Whether you lean towards Illy for its artisanal approach and focus on single-origin, high-quality arabica beans or prefer Lavazza’s rich, bold blends and innovative coffee solutions, your choice ultimately depends on the type of coffee experience you’re seeking.

While Illy might come at a higher price than Lavazza, its dedication to offering a singular, exceptional coffee blend is unparalleled.

Conversely, Lavazza’s diversity in blends and its ability to balance robusta and arabica beans make it a versatile choice for those exploring the breadth of coffee flavors.

In the end, whether you choose Illy or Lavazza, both brands embody the spirit and passion of Italian coffee roasting, each offering a unique window into the world of Italian espresso.

Frequently Asked Questions

A stack of illy and lavazza coffee packages with a "Frequently Asked Questions" banner above them

What’s the difference between illy and lavazza italian roast coffee?

The main difference lies in their roast profiles and blend compositions.

Illy is known for its consistent and smooth blend, focusing on a medium roast that highlights the coffee’s natural flavors.

Lavazza offers a wider range of roasts from light to dark, catering to different preferences.

Each brand delivers unique tasting notes and qualities, making them favorites among coffee lovers.

Lavazza espresso, for example, is highly praised for its rich and bold flavor compared to illy’s more balanced and nuanced espresso.

Can you give me an illy overview?

Sure! Illy is a popular Italian coffee brand known for its high-quality espresso coffee beans and single-serve coffee options.

Founded in 1933 by Francesco Illy, the company has established itself as a symbol of excellence in the coffee industry.

Illy typically uses 100% Arabica beans, selected from the best crops worldwide.

Their coffee is known for being rich, smooth, and well-balanced, perfect for those who like illy’s signature blend.

They’re also known for their commitment to sustainability and the artfulness of their coffee presentation.

What about Lavazza coffee? What makes it stand out?

Lavazza is another titan in the Italian coffee scene, having been founded in 1895 in Turin by Luigi Lavazza.

It’s renowned for its deep expertise in blending different coffee varieties to create rich and complex espresso blends, lavazza espresso being a fan favorite. Lavazza coffee stands out for its variety, offering everything from light, fruity notes to dark, chocolatey profiles.

Not to mention, Lavazza is credited with inventing the concept of coffee blending, which is now a standard practice in the industry.

They also frequently collaborate with designers and artists to create unique, collectible packaging.

How do illy and lavazza compare with Danesi coffee?

While illy and Lavazza are more widely recognized global brands, Danesi coffee is another respected Italian coffee roasting company that offers high-quality Italian espresso beans.

Danesi tends to focus more on artisan coffee, highlighting the quality of roast and the beans’ origin.

Compared to Lavazza and illy, Danesi might be less accessible but is highly regarded among espresso aficionados for its distinctive taste profiles and artisanal approach.

Each of these Italian coffee giants brings something unique to the table, and preference often comes down to personal taste.

Which brand is considered the best Italian coffee brand?

Deciding on the “best” Italian coffee brand boils down to personal preference, as each brand – whether illy, Lavazza, Danesi, or another Italian espresso label like Kimbo coffee – offers something unique.

However, both illy and Lavazza are often cited as the best by various coffee reviews due to their rich history, consistent quality, and broad appeal.

They stand at the forefront of Italian coffee innovation and culture, making them highly favored around the globe.

Still, exploring different brands and their offerings, like single-origin roasts or limited blends, can help you decide which one you like best.

Is there a coffee maker that works best with either illy or Lavazza coffee?

Generally, both illy and Lavazza coffee can be enjoyed with any good quality coffee maker, especially if you’re making espresso.

However, each brand also produces their own line of coffee machines designed to work seamlessly with their specific capsules or coffee grounds.

For example, illy has the Y3.2 espresso and coffee machine, which is optimized for illy’s Iperespresso capsules.

Similarly, Lavazza has machines like the Lavazza Blue or A Modo Mio, perfect for their own capsules.

If you prefer using a moka pot coffee brewing or a traditional espresso machine, both illy and Lavazza offer espresso grounds that will produce excellent results.

Does either illy or lavazza offer single-origin coffee?

Yes, illy offers single-origin coffees as part of its product line, allowing coffee lovers to explore unique flavors and characteristics from specific regions.

These are often available in limited editions, reflecting illy’s commitment to showcasing the diversity of coffee around the world.

Lavazza also offers single-origin options, though they’re more celebrated for their blended coffees.

Both brands’ single-origin offerings provide a great way to experience the nuances of coffee from different corners of the globe, from the highlands of Ethiopia to the mountains of Colombia.

What’s the best way to store illy or Lavazza coffee to maintain its freshness?

To keep your illy or Lavazza coffee as fresh as possible, store it in an airtight container at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, moisture, and strong odors.

Both illy and Lavazza package their coffee in specially designed containers that protect the coffee from air and light, but once opened, transferring the coffee to a dedicated coffee canister can further extend its shelf life.

Avoid storing coffee in the fridge or freezer, as this can cause condensation, ultimately affecting the coffee’s flavor and aroma.

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