How To Cool Down Coffee Fast: 5 Quick Cooling Hacks

How to cool down coffee fast: 5 Quick Cooling Hacks

You’ve got a cup of coffee in your hand. There’s only one thing standing between you from getting your coffee fixed: it’s too hot!

We all have been there. So, how to cool down coffee fast? What are you going to do?

What do you need to know about getting that perfect cup of coffee to cool down quickly so that you can enjoy it?

It’s an effortless task. You can learn how to cool down coffee fast by using my list of five awesome hacks.

Hot coffee

5 Quick Cooling Hacks for

The perfect temperature to brew coffee is recommended around 200°F by the National Coffee Association.

So when you’re making the coffee yourself with a machine or perhaps purchasing it from your favorite coffee shop, this is the temperature it will be.

It’s fantastic to extract every flavor out of the beans; however, it’s way too hot to drink. The recommended drink temperature is 120 to 140 degrees F.

The main problem remains, what ways to cool down coffee can be used to bring it down by 70° quickly?

Here are five hacks that I have found to be effective:  

Pre-Freeze Coffee

Another excellent method is to pour your coffee into an ice cube tray and set it overnight.

Then, you can use the ice cubes to cool hot or room temperature coffee without worrying about drinking water.

Alternately, instead of freezing the water for iced coffee, I suggest adding cold milk to the ice cube tray.

When these ice cubes melt in the glasses, the coffee will become richer rather than watery.

Pre-Freeze Coffee

Blow on your Coffee

The next one on the list is the incredibly simple method of blowing on your coffee. Blowing on coffee for 3 to 4 minutes can change a hot cup of coffee into a drinkable one.

According to my testing, this method is more effective than stirring it up, using a spoon, or just letting it sit.

Use add-ons/Toppings

My final trick is easy. Add cream, honey, cow’s milk. You can coconut milk or almond milk if you like your coffee dairy-free.

Incorporating a cold ingredient in the coffee can dilute it and speed up the cooling process. 

Transfer coffee from one glass to another

This is an old trick that is used by almost all. It’s simple, quick, and easy to perform.

You require two cups and the use of your hands. You need to pour the coffee from one cup into another continuously. 

Once you have done this, the coffee will be cooler, ready to drink, and taste more refreshing.

Pour coffee in a chilled cup

This method can be beneficial as it cools your beverage in a short time, compared to leaving your drink to cool by itself or pouring it in a different glass again and again.

All you need to do is put the glass or cup in your refrigerator and allow it to cool. After that, based on the speed at which your fridge cools, remove the cup and pour in the coffee. 

You can also put a hot cup of coffee or a glass pot of coffee in the refrigerator. This is assuming that there aren’t any defects in the glass. Be careful repeated use frequently can cause cracks and weaken the glass.

Try Cold Brew as an Alternative

There’s been a flurry of cold brew coffee lately and, even though it sounds like a fancy drink, it is actually quite simple to make in your home.

You can coarsely grind the coffee beans at home and then dump the ground with water in a large container, jar, or French press.

Cold Brew

Let the coffee rest for a minimum of 12 hours, then filter coffee grounds and dilute it with milk or water and relish the results of your work.  

Tip: On a hot day, if you are in the mood for some iced coffee, brew coffee, let it cool down, and then add ice cubes. Pour it in a mason jar, and you’ve got yourself a refreshing cold coffee.


Can you cool down hot coffee?

Yes, you can. Using various methods like adding ice cubes, milk, putting it in the fridge, etc., you can cool down hot coffee.

How do you make coffee cold without watering it down?

You can avoid watering your drink by making the ice cubes from coffee instead of water. You can also add milk and honey in coffee and then into the ice cube tray.

Are there other ways to cool down coffee?

Yes! You can use the following methods as well:

  • The idea of putting everything under a fan is a common thing people do when they need to cool down food or beverages. All you require to do the task is your cup of coffee and a fan. Then, you just need to wait until the temperature is cool enough to drink.
  • Increase the surface area. Everyone is aware that when you pour hot liquid into a large bowl or cup, it cools faster than when stored in a smaller container. Because of more surface area, the liquid can transfer the warmth into the air around it more quickly, thereby increasing the rate of cooling and making it possible to drink the cold beverage.
  • You can use a cocktail shaker. Pour coffee into a regular cocktail shaker, add ice and enjoy. Additionally, if you strain out the cubes and drink them, you will be able to enjoy your cold coffee without it watering down.
  • Find a metal cup. A thin aluminum cup is the best choice because it has the highest heat transfer properties. Place this cup into a large container. Fill the area in the cup by putting crushed ice. The finer the ice, the more efficient this process is. Combine the crushed ice in a bowl with fine salt and stir. Pour hot coffee into your metal cup and watch it cool quickly.

How long until coffee cools down?

It depends! The rate of heat loss in your coffee cup is proportional to the difference in temperature between the coffee and the room you’re sitting inside.

For example, the temperature of your coffee is 194°F, and the cafe’s room temperature is at 66° F. Then the difference of 128°.

The final number that you require is the half-life. This means the amount of time it takes in every situation to get the temperature is divided by two.

Based on the cup, liquid, and the type of beverage. In this instance, the time is two minutes.

What is the fastest way to cool down coffee?

The quickest and effective way to cool down a hot coffee is to include liquid nitrogen. The only disadvantage is that most of us do not have access to this. Also, the health and danger risks that can entail when freezing the drink.      

If you want to drink it cool, try making ice cubes, place it in the refrigerator (or in a cool location), and blow on it, this will provide the most efficient results.

If you’re unable to complete all three, you can try two. In either case, you’re likely to have a cooler drink more quickly than just letting the coffee sit at the counter.      

Iced coffee


As mentioned above, there are various hacks that you can use to make your hot coffee cool. You can use these hacks or any other. The best approach is the one that you can access.

Most of these hacks are conflicting in the FAQ. I’m really not sure what angle you were going for here but I think you’ve missed the mark on these.


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