How Long Can Coffee Last in the Fridge & 3 Storage Alternatives

How Long Can Coffee Last In The Fridge

Coffee is a cherished and often expensive drink.

When you make coffee, you want it to be delicious and fresh. Storing coffee is an excellent method to keep it fresh. But how long can coffee last in the fridge?

Black coffee can be kept in the fridge for about a week or two and be safe to drink when kept within an airtight package. A minimum of 2 days is ideal for getting the best taste; however, it stays safe longer than that.

Coffee flavored with creamer or milk can last for two days in the refrigerator.

In particular, if you’re planning to warm it once it’s been taken out of the fridge, returning it to room temperature ensures that all bacteria get eliminated, making a clean glass of coffee.

 how long can coffee last in the fridge

I cannot guarantee that it’ll be a good drink, but I can guarantee it is the safest beverage!

How Long Can Coffee Last In The Fridge

Let’s review how long types of coffee can last in the fridge:

Cold Brew 

Brewed coffee can last for up to two weeks, instead of the three days that most people suggest. But if you store it correctly in a refrigerator, it tastes fantastic for up to two weeks.

It’s a little different as there is no oxidation like in a hot cup of coffee after you let it cool down to room temperature.

This is the reason why hot coffee becomes stale earlier than cold brew.

A cold brew can be enjoyed for two weeks.

Cold brew

In terms of safety, so long as you’ve stored it in a sealed airtight container instead of the coffee maker, you’ll be perfectly safe to drink it.

Iced Coffee

This is a fascinating topic since, for me, the shelf-life of iced drinks is until the ice has melted.

And it’s still safe to drink. Coffee can be left overnight, and you can consume it the following day.

Iced coffee

However, watered-down coffee isn’t great, no matter how you cut it.

Use of coffee from the refrigerator to make iced coffee is perfectly fine, but do not keep iced coffee stored in the fridge before you get the ice out.


Another critical point is not to store espresso in your fridge. Just be sure to take your time to make the correct amount.

Espresso-based drinks such as Cappuccinos and lattes are perfect in the refrigerator.

I have put the leftover Starbucks in the refrigerator before drinking it the following day. It still tasted ok cold; however, I’m not sure if the flavor would be ok if you heat it up in a pan first.

Espresso-based drinks last only two days in the refrigerator because of the milk. It is prone to spoil much quicker and is more likely to cause you sick if you happen to consume it once it becomes rancid.

What Difference Does Milk Make   

Milk is a significant factor in the world of coffee. It alters the flavor, but it also changes how you store your coffee.

It makes sense that milk isn’t as long-lasting; however, it can be kept for a day or two depending if the milk was originally heated for the coffee. Should it be ok, then you can enjoy if it’s reheated (killing all bacteria).

It’s likely to be fine even if you leave it in the fridge, but it’ll taste better once it’s warmed up once more. Again, depending on the type of coffee you brewed or ordered.

What Difference Does Milk Make

If you are thinking about keeping coffee in the fridge for an extended period of time, ensure it’s black and add milk only after it’s finished.

Storing Coffee Beans In Fridge

You can put your coffee beans in the freezer, but you’re likely to lose some flavor by freezing them and then thawing the beans again.

Alternatives For Storing Brewed Coffee In Fridge 

Alternatives For Storing Brewed Coffee In Fridge 

Many other options can be used to store coffee instead of a fridge. Here are some examples:

  1. Leave it out

You can put black coffee on the counter in a pot of coffee for a night or a carafe; it will still be fine in the morning.

This is my preference when I make too much coffee. It keeps it from becoming a burden on the fridge. You can keep it in the coffee maker.

However, keeping it in your coffee maker’s carafe for too long may stain it.

Although it may cause some baristas to shiver, I don’t think it affects the flavor of the coffee if it’s not left for too long..

  1. Freeze as Ice cubes

Freezing your brewed coffee as ice cubes is also possible, as freezing the coffee by cup will not do your coffee any favors.

Creating coffee-based ice cubes can make storing easy, and you can use them on a summer day, adding extra zest.

It’s not the most effective solution, but it could be one that is enjoyable to explore, especially with Cold Brew.

  1. Use A Thermos

Is there a better approach to keep coffee longer than putting it into a thermos if you’ve got coffee left over?

Certain thermoses can keep the contents warm for 12 hours which means that if you’ve made more than you need, you can store it until later and drink it hot.

It’s not as delicious as if you prepared it from scratch. However, it’ll be better than if you store it in the refrigerator and then take as little time as you can reheating it!

Is there a better approach to keep coffee longer than putting it into a thermos if you've got coffee left over?


Does coffee go bad in the fridge?

The good news is that no coffee doesn’t really “go bad” in the manner that bread gets moldy or a fruit slowly begins to rot on your counter. But it does lose some of its taste, freshness, and aroma.

How long can you store brewed coffee in the fridge?

Brewed coffee can be stored for 3-4 days in the fridge. Brewed Coffee can last longer in an ice freezer if you move it into a freezer-safe Ziploc bag as soon as it is frozen to prevent getting mixed with the taste or aroma of other things in the fridge. I would also recommend that you make use of it within two weeks.

Storing AeroPress coffee in the fridge.

Can you get sick from drinking old coffee?

Old coffee or coffee beans don’t pose a threat to your health on their own. They’ll taste old, weak, and stale; however, they won’t cause you to become sick by themselves.

How long can iced coffee last in the fridge?

If it’s an undiluted concentrate, it will last for at least two weeks; However, the flavor will diminish over the course of one week. If you’ve cut off the concentrate using water, it reduces the shelf time to only a few days.


Coffee gets stale if stored in the refrigerator, even cold brew.

Use a mason jar or glass carafe to keep your coffee in the fridge, as it helps keep the flavor, and it’s recommended to use the refrigerator stored coffee within 2-3 days.

Coffee gets stale if stored in the refrigerator, even cold brew.

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