Healthy Dutch Bros Drinks: Your Guide to Guilt-Free Sips

Healthy dutch bros drinks

When visiting Dutch Bros, you may be looking for healthier drink options to enjoy without sacrificing taste.

With a diverse menu featuring not only coffee, but also various teas, cold brews, and fruity beverages, there are plenty of options to satisfy both your taste buds and dietary preferences.

By understanding the Dutch Bros menu and knowing which drinks contain lower calories, sugar, and fat, you can make more health-conscious choices while still indulging in your favorite Dutch Bros indulgences.

In order to navigate the wide array of drinks offered at Dutch Bros, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with their menu.

Healthy Dutch Bros Drinks: Your Guide to Guilt-Free Sips

This includes understanding the various specialty drinks and customizations available.

By knowing how to customize your drink with sugar-free or low-calorie alternatives, you can create the perfect, guilt-free treat for yourself.

Being informed about your choices ensures you’re able to make the best decision at the counter and enjoy a delicious, yet healthier drink.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore healthier Dutch Bros drinks based on the menu and nutritional information provided.
  • Customize your favorite beverages by requesting low-calorie and sugar-free alternatives.
  • Know your options to make health-conscious choices while still enjoying Dutch Bros’ wide variety of refreshing drinks.

10 Best Healthy Dutch Bros Drinks

Best Healthy Dutch Bros Drinks

Looking for a tasty, guilt-free beverage? Check out these top 10 healthy Dutch Bros drinks that won’t break your calorie bank.

With these options, you can enjoy a delicious treat without compromising your health goals.

  1. Americano: For a classic choice, grab an Americano. This simple yet bold coffee offers a pick-me-up with fewer calories than fancier coffee creations. Add a sugar-free syrup or non-fat milk for a hint of sweetness without adding too many extra calories.

  2. Skinny Peach Rebel: Craving something fruity and refreshing? The Skinny Peach Rebel is a blend of fresh peaches, black tea, and Rebel energy drink. It’s perfect for a summer day or whenever you need a low-calorie energy boost.

  3. Toasted White Mocha Cold Brew: Tackle your sweet tooth with the indulgent Toasted White Mocha Cold Brew, a combination of toasty white mocha and cold brew coffee. This drink is made healthier with sugar-free white chocolate sauce and low-fat milk.

  4. Green Tea: A simple, calorie-friendly option is green tea, bursting with antioxidants and various health benefits. Customize it with your choice of sweeteners and milk options.

  5. Nitro Infused Cold Brew Kicker: Enjoy a smooth, creamy, and low-calorie pick-me-up with the Nitro Infused Cold Brew Kicker. The nitrogen creates a velvety texture and amplifies the coffee’s flavor, requiring no extra sweeteners or additives.

  6. Double Chocolate Mocha: Have a chocolate craving? Opt for the Double Chocolate Mocha. Stay on the healthier side by choosing sugar-free chocolate syrup and non-fat milk.

  7. Skinny Cocomo: Transport your taste buds to the tropics with the Skinny Cocomo, which offers a blend of espresso, chocolate milk, and coconut. Swap in sugar-free syrup and non-fat milk to keep the calorie count low.

  8. Skinny Annihilator: Let the Skinny Annihilator satisfy your sweet tooth. This Dutch Bros favorite features chocolate macadamia nut syrup and can be made even healthier by choosing sugar-free syrup and non-fat milk.

  9. Strawberry Lemonade: Quench your thirst with a Strawberry Lemonade. This fruity favorite is low in calories and packed with tangy, sweet flavors.

  10. Passion Fruit Tea: Sip on a delightful Passion Fruit Tea, offering a unique combination of passion fruit, green or black tea, and other fruity overtones. It’s a refreshing low-calorie option perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.

With these healthy Dutch Bros drinks, you’ll stay refreshed and guilt-free while enjoying their fantastic flavors.

Don’t be afraid to ask for customization options such as sugar-free syrups and non-fat milk to make your drink even healthier. Enjoy!

Understanding Dutch Bros’ Menu

Understanding Dutch Bros' Menu

Coffee Basics

At Dutch Bros, you’ll find an array of coffees that are both delicious and potentially healthy if you know what to go for.

Of course, they serve all the traditional coffee drinks you’d expect, like espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos.

To keep the calorie count low, you can opt for non-fat milk or plant-based milk alternatives.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the type of drinks you’ll find in their coffee menu:

  • Espresso-based drinks: Lattes, mochas, americanos, cappuccinos, and more.
  • Cold brew and iced coffee: Refreshing options for hot days or when you’re craving a cold drink.
  • Blended drinks: Coffee-based smoothies, sometimes called “Frosts” or “Freezes” at Dutch Bros.
  • Customizations: Sugar-free syrup options, whipped cream, and various flavor additions.

Don’t forget that many of their drinks can be made with sugar-free versions of syrups or non-fat milk to help keep the calorie count in check.

So, don’t be afraid to ask for customizations to meet your dietary preferences.

Tea and Other Beverages

If you’re not a coffee person, don’t worry, Dutch Bros has you covered! They offer a variety of non-coffee drinks including tea, lemonade, and energy drinks.

Here’s an overview of their non-coffee menu:

  • Tea: Classic hot or iced teas, as well as more adventurous flavors and blends.
  • Rebel Energy Drinks: Dutch Bros’ signature customizable energy drink that can be ordered in various flavor combinations.
  • Lemonade: Traditional and flavored lemonades, perfect for a hot day or when you’re in the mood for something fruity.
  • Infused drinks: A mix of tea, lemonade, or energy drink with added flavor infusions (think fruit purees and syrups) to create a unique and refreshing sip.

These choices can be great alternatives if you want something without caffeine or if you’re just looking to mix up your drink order.

Two drinks with the words rebel energy drinks.

Again, customization is key to keeping it healthy, so don’t hesitate to ask for adjustments to fit your needs.

By understanding the Dutch Bros menu and knowing the types of beverages they offer, you can make informed decisions about which drinks will best suit your tastes and dietary preferences.

So, with this knowledge in hand, go out and enjoy your next visit to Dutch Bros!

Specialty Drinks and Customizations

Specialty Drinks and Customizations

Rebels and Dutch Freezes

Dutch Bros offers a variety of delicious and healthier options for you to enjoy.

Among them, you’ll find the refreshing Rebel energy drink and Dutch Freeze, which can be customized to fit your taste buds and dietary needs.

For example, if you’re craving a fruity kick, give the Peach Rebel a try.

The Dutch Freeze is a blended coffee treat that can be tailored to a lower calorie alternative like their Double Chocolate Mocha or Cocomo. Just make sure to ask for sugar-free or reduced-fat options when ordering.

Customizing Your Drink

No matter your order, Dutch Bros allows you to customize your drink to your preferences.

Here are a few simple swaps to help you enjoy a healthier beverage:

  1. Sugar-free syrup – Swap your regular syrup with a sugar-free version, like in the Skinny Annihilator, which contains sugar-free chocolate and coconut syrup.
  2. Choose a lower calorie milk option – Opt for skim milk, almond milk, or oat milk in place of whole milk or half-and-half.
  3. Reduce the size of your drink – Go for a small (12 ounces hot, 16 ounces iced) instead of a large drink to cut back on calories.
  4. Limit extra toppings – Cut back on whipped cream or drizzles to make your drink lighter.

Remember, you can always check with the barista if you’re unsure about how to customize your favorite Dutch Bros drinks, like the Annihilator or Cocomo.

Just let them know your dietary needs, and they’ll be happy to help you create a healthier, tasty drink that suits you.

Enjoy your customized Dutch Bros drinks and try out different options, while keeping them both delicious and within your dietary goals. Happy sipping!

Making Health-Conscious Choices

When you’re grabbing a drink from Dutch Bros, it’s essential to make informed decisions about your consumption to align with your health goals.

This section aims to help you make healthier choices when ordering.

Making Health-Conscious Choices

Low-Calorie Menu Favorites

There are plenty Dutch Bros low-calorie drinks available to satisfy your coffee cravings without going overboard on calorie intake. Some of the lowest-calorie menu favorites include drinks like the Americano,

Nitro Infused Cold Brew Kicker, or the popular Skinny Double Chocolate Mocha.

For refreshing summertime options, the Peach Tea made with green or black tea is also under 100 calories.


Tips for a Healthier Order

When visiting the Dutch Bros drive-thru, here are some tips to make your order healthier:

  1. Opt for skim or non-fat milk: This can significantly reduce the calorie count and fat content.
  2. Switch to sugar-free syrups: Many of Dutch Bros’ classic drinks can be made with sugar-free alternatives, like the Skinny Annihilator.
  3. Stay mindful of your budget: Keep in mind that healthier options might sometimes cost a bit more than the standard choices, but they are worth it for a healthier lifestyle.
  4. Choose unsweetened iced tea or green tea: These low-calorie drinks at Dutch Bros are perfect for a pick-me-up without the guilt.

By being conscious of your calorie intake, selecting menu options under 100 calories, and using these tips, you can enjoy your favorite Dutch Bros beverages while sticking to your health goals.

Your drive-thru experience will be both tasty and guilt-free!

Drink NameDescriptionIngredientsNotes
Nutty IrishmanA flavorful blend of coffee, almond, and Irish creamCoffee, almond flavoring, Irish cream flavoringCan be made with non-dairy milk for a lighter option
Rebel BerryA refreshing, fruity energy drinkSugar-free Rebel energy drink, mixed berriesLight on calories, high on energy
Cold BrewSmooth and rich cold brew coffeeCold brew coffee, iceOpt for sugar-free syrups and milk alternatives
Golden EagleA turmeric-infused drink with a kickCold brew coffee, coconut milk, turmeric syrupTurmeric may have anti-inflammatory properties
CocomoCoconut-flavored delight with a hint of chocolateCold brew coffee, coconut milk, chocolate milkChoose sugar-free chocolate and milk alternatives
Green Tea SmoothieA refreshing and healthy green tea optionMatcha green tea, almond milk, icePacked with antioxidants and lower in caffeine


For those seeking healthy options available at Dutch Bros, especially if you’re watching your calorie intake, there are plenty of choices.

Dutch Bros offers a range of low-calorie drinks, with some even as low as 10 calories.

These options are perfect for the coffee lover who wants to enjoy their favorite coffee flavor without adding unnecessary calories.

One of the lowest calorie options is plain black coffee, which is a staple for any coffee shop.

Dutch Bros offers a range of low-calorie drinks, with some even as low as 10 calories.

For a more flavorful choice, the Dutch Bros Private Reserve offers a rich taste with minimal calories.

If you prefer tea, both green tea and black tea are excellent low-calorie options.

These teas provide a refreshing alternative to coffee while keeping calorie content low.

Dutch Bros also caters to those looking for sugar-free drinks.

They offer sugar-free syrup options at Dutch Bros, allowing you to customize your order while keeping the sugar and calorie count down.

Sugar-free chocolate sauce, for instance, can add flavor to your drink without the guilt.

Additionally, sugar-free peach syrup can be a delightful addition to teas and other beverages.

For those who prefer milk in their drinks, opting for almond or coconut milk instead of regular milk can help in reducing the calorie count.

Dutch Bros understands this need and provides these alternatives, ensuring that you can enjoy your drink without unnecessary calories.

Dutch cocoa is another low-calorie option that can be included in drinks like the Golden Eagle Dutch Freeze.

This drink can be a great choice if you’re looking for something sweet yet low in calories.

When ordering coffee, the Dutch Bros website or their coffee shop baristas can provide information on the calorie drink at Dutch Bros.

They often have a ‘skinny menu’ with drinks less than 100 calories. For those on a ketogenic diet, keto coffee options are available, which are both low in carbs and calories.

In summary, Dutch Bros serves a variety of low calorie Dutch Bros drinks, including options like black coffee and sugar-free versions of your favorite drinks.

By choosing sugar-free syrups and low-calorie milk alternatives, and checking the Dutch Bros website for the latest offerings, you can enjoy a perfect Dutch Bros drink that aligns with your health goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

An illustration of a coffee shop with people at the counter.

What are some low calorie drinks I can order at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros offers a wide range of low-calorie drinks at their locations.

Some of the popular choices include iced Paris black or green tea, which only have 10 calories, and the Americano, a strong, low-calorie coffee option.

They also have a skinny menu containing drinks with less than 100 calories.

I love lattes, but I’m counting calories. Are there any low calorie latte options at Dutch Bros?

Absolutely! Dutch Bros offers several low calorie Dutch bros latte drinks.

One good option is the Americano with non-fat milk, it is flavorful but comes with very few calories.

Moreover, you can ask for sugar-free syrup to lower the calorie count even further.

What is the highest calorie drink at Dutch Bros and what is the lowest?

The highest-calorie drinks at Dutch Bros is usually one of their creamy blended drinks or specialty coffees.

The exact calorie count may depend on size and add-ons.

On the other hand, the lowest calorie drink at Dutch Bros is their iced green or Paris black tea which has only 10 calories for a medium.

What are some tips to keep your Dutch Bros drink under 100 calories?

There are several tips to keep your Dutch Bros drink under 100 calories.

Consider asking for syrup – sugar-free syrup, opting for non-fat milk, and avoiding additional creamers and add-ons. Also, it’s always a good idea to size down your drink.

I’m a fan of the Rebel Energy drink. Is there a low-calorie version of this at Dutch Bros?

Absolutely, Dutch Bros offers a sugar-free version of the Rebel Energy Drink, which certainly lowers the calorie content.

You can ask them to skip the sweeteners to make it even lower in calories.

What are some of the top 15 low-calorie drinks to order at Dutch Bros?

While Dutch Bros doesn’t have a specific list of top 15 low-calorie drinks, your low-calorie options would certainly include their black and green iced teas, the Classic Americano, and any drink from their skinny menu, which are all under 100 calories.

Also, remember, most drinks can be customized to be lower calorie by asking for sugar-free syrup or non-fat milk.

Are there any low-calorie Dutch Bros drinks under 50 calories?

Yes, Dutch Bros does offer drinks under 50 calories. Their iced green or Paris black tea are examples, as they only contain 10 calories for a medium size.

If I want a healthy Dutch Bros drink, along with low calories, what should I go for?

If you’re looking for a low-calorie and ‘healthy’ option, consider their teas, which come with or without caffeine, and their Americano espresso.

You can also opt for sugar-free syrup to keep it low sugar, and if you ask, they may even have dairy-free milk alternatives.

How long has Dutch Bros been offering low-calorie drinks?

Dutch Bros has been mindful of offering low-calorie drinks options since Dutch Bros early days.

They understand that some of their customers are watching their calorie intake, so they have always tried to include low calorie and sugar-free options on their menu.

Can I make a blended drink from Dutch Bros low in calories?

Yes, you definitely can! When you order, ask for non-fat milk, sugar-free syrup, and no whipped cream.

This can significantly lower the calories of your blended drink at Dutch Bros.

These modifications can help you enjoy your Dutch Bros blended drinks guilt-free.

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