Does Dunkin Do Pup Cups: Unleash a Yummy Delight for Your Furry Friend!

Does Dunkin Do Pup Cups

When you visit your local Dunkin’ with your canine companion, you might wonder if they offer something special for your furry friend.

The answer is yes! Dunkin’ does have a delightful treat known as the Pup Cup or Puppy Latte, perfect for spoiling your pup during your coffee run.

Two dogs laying on the floor next to a dunkin cup.

The Pup Cup is a small, four-ounce portion of pure whipped cream, which is just the right size for your pet to comfortably enjoy.

Not only can dogs indulge in this delectable treat, but cats might enjoy it too, if they’re into it.

This secret menu item is similar to Starbucks Puppuccino, so now both you and your pet can enjoy a special treat together.

Key Takeaways

  • Dunkin’ offers a special treat called Pup Cup or Puppy Latte for your pets.
  • The Pup Cup is a four-ounce portion of whipped cream perfect for dogs and cats.
  • This secret menu item lets both you and your pet enjoy a moment of indulgence together.

Does Dunkin Do Pup Cups?

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Definition and Contents

Dunkin’ offers a special treat for your furry friend called the Cup for Pup, which is similar to Starbucks’ Puppuccino.

The Cup for Pup, sometimes referred to as the Puppy Latte, is a 4-ounce cup of pure whipped cream that’s perfect for dogs to snack on and get their snouts comfortably inside.

It’s important to note that while this tasty treat is primarily targeted at dogs, cats can also enjoy it if they’re drawn to its contents.

The Cup for Pup, sometimes referred to as the Puppy Latte, is a 4-ounce cup of pure whipped cream

The ingredients of a Cup for Pup are simple, usually consisting of just whipped cream without any additives or flavorings.

This ensures that it’s safe for your dog to enjoy without adverse reactions.

Pup Cup Vs. Puppuccino

The main difference between the Pup Cup and its counterpart, the Puppuccino from Starbucks lies in their brand association.

Everything you need to know is that both serve the same purpose: providing your pet with a tasty treat during your coffee stop at either of these popular chains.

Contrary to popular belief, the Dunkin’ Pup Cup is not affiliated with Dairy Queen.

While both treats mainly consist of a small serving of whipped cream, there could be slight variations depending on the establishment.

a Cup for Pup

However, the core idea remains the same – to offer your pet a quick, delicious snack while you indulge in your favorite caffeinated beverage.

So next time you’re at Dunkin’ with your furry friend by your side, feel free to ask for a Cup for Pup to brighten their day along with yours.

Remember, it’s essential to treat these snacks as an occasional indulgence and not a daily habit, as excessive consumption of whipped cream can lead to health issues in pets.

The Benefits of Pup Cups

Dog-Friendly Menu Options

Dogs are not just pets; they’re family. As a pet owner, you need to know that may find joy in sharing experiences with your furry friend, even at your favorite restaurants.

At Dunkin’, they understand this sentiment which is why they offer the Cup For Pup, also known as Puppy Latte.

The Benefits of Pup Cups

This dog-friendly treat is made of whipped cream in a small cup, perfect for your canine companion to enjoy.

By offering a special treat just for dogs, Dunkin’ allows you to include your furry friend in your coffee runs, creating a more enjoyable experience for both of you.

Joy in Childhood Foundation Support

Dunkin’ is not only committed to providing dog-friendly menu options, but it also supports a great cause.

Through its charity initiative, Dunkin’ contributes to the Joy in Childhood Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping children overcome hardship.

By offering Pup Cups, Dunkin’ is not only bringing joy to dogs, but also supporting the foundation in their mission to help children.

The Joy in Childhood Foundation provides various types of support to improve children’s lives, including:

  • Grants: Financial aid and donations to organizations that specifically cater to children’s well-being.
  • Starlight Gowns: Specially designed hospital gowns for pediatric patients to make them feel more comfortable during their hospital stay.
  • Dog Therapy: The foundation supports dog therapy programs, which use dogs to bring comfort and joy to children in hospitals, schools, and other stressful environments.

As a dog lover, you can enjoy Dunkin’s Pup Cups knowing that not only are you treating your dog to a special moment, but you’re also contributing to a wonderful cause, the Joy in Childhood Foundation.

So, the next time you’re at Dunkin’, don’t forget to get a Pup Cup for your furry friend and join their efforts to make a positive impact on children’s lives.

How to Order a Pup Cup

Dunkin donuts - a cartoon illustration of a woman driving a car with a dog in the back seat.

Dunkin’ Ordering Process

To treat your furry friend with a delightful whipped cream snack, simply ask for a Pup Cup during your next visit to Dunkin’.

This small offering is a 4-ounce cup filled with pure whipped cream that your pet will surely love.

Though not displayed prominently on their menu, most Dunkin locations are familiar with the request and will happily prepare one for your dog.

Drive-Thru Tips

When you’re at the drive-thru, remember to:

  1. Clearly ask for a Cup for Pup along with your order.
  2. Ensure your pet is visible to the staff. They might even offer the treat when they see your dog!
  3. Be patient while waiting for your order; extra time might be needed to add your pup cup to the order.
  4. Once received, ensure the cup’s contents are safe for your pet to consume (i.e., contains only whipped cream).

Now you’re all set to enjoy a delicious caffeinated beverage while your pup indulges in their very own Cup for Pup during your next visit to Dunkin’ – whether you’re at the counter or going through the drive-thru of your favorite coffee shop.

Cheers to shared moments with our canine companions!

Menu Options for Pet Owners

Menu Options for Pet Owners

Dunkin’s Secret Menu Items

For those of you who love to treat your pets with a surprise treat on your hot or iced coffee run, Dunkin’s got you covered!

Although not widely publicized, Dunkin’ offers a secret menu item called the Cup For Pup or sometimes the Puppy Latte.

It’s a four-ounce cup of pure whipped cream that’s just the right size for your furry friend to enjoy.

Your dogs (and even cats) will surely appreciate this little indulgence, so we talk about a win-win option for all.

In addition to the Cup For Pup, some Dunkin’ locations might provide extra goodies like dog treats or a munchkin donut hole, especially if they’re combined with Baskin Robbins.

So, it’s always worth asking if they have any special treats for your pup!

Comparison with Other Restaurants

Dunkin’ isn’t the only place where you can find pet-friendly treats.

Here’s a quick comparison with other popular restaurants:

  • Starbucks: The most famous of all secret menu pet treats is the Starbucks Puppuccino—a small cup of whipped cream similar to Dunkin’s Cup For Pup.

  • Shake Shack: Shake Shack offers the Pooch-ini, a dessert made specifically for dogs. This delight includes ShackBurger dog biscuits, peanut butter sauce, and vanilla custard.

  • Sonic: Sonic’s secret menu has an item called the Pup Cup, which is a small serving of vanilla ice cream served in a cup.

  • Chick-fil-A: At select locations, you’ll find dog treats behind the counter. Just ask, and they might have some available for your pup.

  • In-N-Out Burger: In-N-Out Burger offers a “Pup Patty,” an unsalted, unseasoned, plain beef patty with no toppings or bun, just for your furry friend.

  • Tim Hortons: Your pup has a chance to enjoy Tim Hortons’ Timbits, which are small, bite-sized donuts. Remember to give these in moderation and check for any allergens.

While we’ve covered a handful of restaurants with secret menu items, always make sure to check with your local branches about their offerings, as they might vary.

Most importantly, remember that these treats should only be given occasionally, and never substitute them for a well-balanced, healthy diet for your pets.

Enjoy your outings and share the love with your four-legged companions!

Nutritional Considerations

Health Concerns for Dogs

Before you treat your dog with a Dunkin’ Cup For Pup, it’s essential to consider the potential health risks.

Most dogs are lactose intolerant to some extent, and consuming whipped cream might lead to gastrointestinal issues like vomiting or diarrhea. In some cases, dogs might even experience pancreatitis due to a sudden high-fat intake.

When it comes to obesity, feeding your dog high-calorie treats like Cup For Pup may contribute to weight gain.

Health Concerns for Dogs

Obesity in dogs can lead to a variety of health problems, such as diabetes and joint issues.

Moreover, always be cautious about any ingredients that might be toxic to dogs, like chocolate or xylitol.

Make sure the Cup For Pup does not contain any harmful additives before offering it to your dog.

Moderation and Safety Advice

To ensure your dog stays safe while enjoying their tasty treat, follow these guidelines:

  1. Consult your vet: Before introducing any new treats to your dog’s diet, consult with your veterinarian to make sure it is safe for your dog, especially if they have existing health issues.
  2. Moderation: Offer the Cup For Pup as an occasional treat, not daily. Over-feeding might result in weight gain or other health issues.
  3. Monitor for reactions: Keep an eye on your dog after they consume the treat to observe any adverse reactions or potential allergic responses.
  4. Size-appropriate portion: If your dog is small or has a sensitive stomach, you might want to give them a smaller portion of the whipped cream to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal problems.

By taking these precautions, you can make sure your dog can enjoy their Dunkin’ treat while minimizing potential health risks.

So go ahead, treat your furry friend to a delicious Cup For Pup, and share a lovely moment together!

Exclusive Merchandise for Pet Lovers

Dunkin’ Branded Pet Gear

Dunkin’ knows how much you love your furry friends, so they’ve introduced some adorable Dunkin’ branded pet gear for you and your pets. One example is the plush coffee cup that looks like a Dunkin’ coffee cup but is actually a dog toy.

This cute toy is part of their collaboration with BARK, a leading global omnichannel brand that aims to make all dogs happy.

Dunkin branded pet gear.

Another fun addition is the Dunkin’ Domutt To-Go 2-in-1 toy which features a donut and a to-go coffee cup, perfect for your dog to enjoy playtime with.

These items are available for Super Chewer subscribers, helping you spoil your pets with some Dunkin’ inspired fun.

Special Offers for Dog Owners

In addition to the charming pet gear, Dunkin’ also offers special treats for your pets, like the Cup for Pup.

As a dog owner, you can take advantage of New Dunkin’ Inspired BARK dog toys and Cup for Pup treats, making Dunkin’ outings enjoyable for both you and your pet.

The Cup for Pup is a small container filled with whipped cream, and it’s usually available for free, usually, those are free pup cups.

You can also find other Bark toys like the Dunkin’ Coffee Cup Dog toy and the 2-in-1 Dunkin’ Domutt To-Go toy which are designed to provide hours of chewing and playing fun for your furry friends.

So, feel free to share your Dunkin’ love with your pets – they’ll surely appreciate the extra attention and care!


When visiting Dunkin’ Donuts, pet owners often want to know if they can request a pup cup for their four-legged friend.

A pup cup is typically a small amount of whipped cream in an espresso cup, a sweet treat that dogs love.

It’s important for pet owners to be aware of their dog’s dietary needs, especially since some dogs have lactose intolerance or other digestive issues.

At Dunkin Donuts stores, pup cups are usually provided as a free courtesy for customers.

They do not contain any espresso or caffeine, as these can be harmful to dogs. Instead, the pup cups are simply a little whipped cream, making them a fun treat for your pet.

At Dunkin Donuts stores, pup cups are usually provided as a free courtesy for customers.

However, due to the dairy products involved, it’s always a good idea to consider any potential digestive sensitivities your dog might have.

The process to get a pup cup at Dunkin’ is straightforward. When you visit a store or drive-thru, you can request a pup cup.

These are often free at Dunkin’ Donuts, making it a great treat without any additional cost.

You can even make a pup cup at home if you prefer, using a small amount of whipped cream suitable for your pet’s dietary needs.

While not every Dunkin’ location may offer pup cups, most of them do.

It’s always a good idea to check with your local Dunkin’ store or use the Dunkin’ app to find out more.

Some locations may also support a good cause by suggesting a $1 donation for the pup cup, which is a nice way to contribute while treating your pet.

In summary, Dunkin’ Donuts offers pup cups – usually a bit of whipped cream in a small cup – as a free treat for dogs.

While it’s a widely loved practice, pet owners should be mindful of their dog’s tolerance to cream or dairy products to avoid any digestive issues.

Remember, every Dunkin’ Donuts might have different policies, so it’s best to check at your local Dunkin’ store.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dog standing outside a donut shop.

Are pup cups from Dunkin’ complimentary for our furry friends?

Yes, most of the time, pup cups are offered free of charge at Dunkin’.

Your dog can enjoy a tasty treat while you get your favorite Dunkin’ beverage. However, it might vary depending on the location, so it would be ideal to ask when ordering.

What goes into making a Dunkin’ pup cup?

A Dunkin’ pup cup, sometimes called a Puppy Latte, is a 4-ounce cup filled with pure whipped cream.

It’s a simple yet delightful treat specifically designed for dogs (and even cats!) to safely enjoy.

Is there a specific menu for dogs at Dunkin’ Donuts?

While there isn’t a dedicated dog menu at Dunkin’ Donuts, their pup cup offering shows their effort to accommodate pets.

So, feel free to bring your furball along the next time you visit the drive-thru.

Can dogs safely enjoy Dunkin’ pup cups?

Yes, pup cups are safe for dogs to indulge in, as it is just a small serving of whipped cream in a cup.

However, always keep in mind that moderation is key, especially because whipped cream in pup cups contains dairy and sugar, which may not be suitable for all dogs.

How much do I need to shell out for a pup cup at Dunkin’?

In most cases, pup cups are complimentary. However, some locations might have a minimal charge.

It’s best to inquire at the specific Dunkin’ Donuts location you visit.

Do Starbucks and Dunkin’ offer the same deal for pup cups?

Both Starbucks and Dunkin’ provide similar treats for dogs. Starbucks offers the “Puppuccino,” while Dunkin’ has the “Cup for Pup” or “Puppy Latte.”

Both are small servings of whipped cream for your pet to enjoy while you sip on your favorite caffeinated beverage. So, both coffee chains cater to your furry companion!

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