5 Best Cuban Coffee Brands (You’ll Be Surprised)

5 Best Cuban Coffee Brands in 2022 (You’ll Be Surprised)

Cuban coffee is one of the world’s most iconic coffee drinks. It’s not hard to see why: the Cuban-style coffee is rich and flavorful with its unique blend of espresso. 

On top of that, you can easily make it at home with your Moka pot, French press, or espresso machine. You just have to have the best Cuban coffee that will suit your taste.

But with many Cuban coffee brands out in the market, it could be hard for you to decide which is to get.

That’s why we would like to share in this article the top 5 best Cuban coffee brands that just like us, and many people, you will also like.

It has been around for centuries and finally made its way into the mainstream. Many great Cuban coffee brands are out there, and we’ve got five of the best right here!

Best Cuban Coffee BrandsProductFeaturesPrice
Best for fans of robust coffee.
Cafe Bustelo Cuban Espresso Coffee

Cafe Bustelo Cuban Espresso Coffee

  • It has a rich flavor that makes it stand out from other brands on this notes list.
  • Has an excellent taste that’s just like real Cuban coffee
  • It’s very affordable
  • It offers a versatile brew
Best value
Chock full o’Nuts Cuba Espresso Coffee

Chock full o’Nuts Cuba Espresso Coffee

  • It’s great for your morning cup of joe.
  • Offers many different types of blends
Best ways to experience Cuban coffee culture
Mayorga Cafe Cubano Whole Bean Coffee Brand

Mayorga Cafe Cubano Whole Bean Coffee Brand

  • Reasonable price point
  • It’s robust
  • It has a rich profile

#1 Bustelo Supreme Whole Bean Espresso Coffee

Bustelo Cuban espresso coffee is an all-around favorite among those who love Cuban coffee.

They use whole-bean espresso that’s finely ground for a smooth, rich taste that never disappoints!

Bustelo Supreme whole bean espresso coffee is actually one of the best Cuban brands in America.

This Cuban coffee brand also offers decaf blends for those looking to avoid caffeine.

The “Bustelo Supreme Whole Bean” is the most popular blend, which balances flavor and acidity.

Best Strength

  • Offers a mild blend, medium for a medium roast seeker, and dark roasted
  • Has a robust flavor and an intense aroma
  • Suitable for those coffee lovers that like dark roast coffee beans


  • The price for this Cuban coffee brand is on the higher end compared to the cost of other popular make Cuban coffees.

#2 Naviera Cuban-Style Coffee

This brand of Cuban coffee uses pre-ground coffee beans, making it easy for users to use since they won’t need any coffee grinders to grind it.

However, since it’s a pre-ground coffee, you must be careful when buying and ensure that you’re getting the right grind size of beans you want for your coffee.

This coffee brand also offers various beans and blends, including Moka pot (single cup) and espresso varieties.

All of their products are 100% Arabica beans that have been roasted using traditional Cuban coffee methods.

They’ve been in operation since 1921, located in Tampa, Florida.

Best Strength

  • Excellent quality Cuban coffee beans
  • Easy to prepare in a French press or drip machine
  • Rich flavor with a bold taste


  • The only drawback to this particular Cuban coffee is that it does not offer decaf varieties.

#3 Cafe Bustelo Cuban Espresso Coffee

The third best Cuban coffee brand is Cafe Bustelo. Talking about its appearance, this coffee brand has simple packaging with a simple design.

Judging by its appearance, some people may doubt this coffee is good. But we don’t judge a book by its cover; the same is true with coffee.

This dark Cuban roast brand is delicious and has a great aroma.

Although this coffee is robust, you cannot sense any unpleasant or bitter aftertaste to this coffee. It also blends well if you add milk to create a latte or cappuccino.

What we like about this coffee is that it has a very low acidity which is good, especially if you have a sensitive tummy or are avoiding acidic beverages.

This coffee brand might work for you if you’re a fan of robust coffee.

Best Strength

  • It has a rich flavor that makes it stand out from other brands on this notes list.
  • Has an excellent taste that’s just like real Cuban coffee
  • It’s very affordable
  • It offers a versatile brew


  • It can be bitter if not brewed properly

#4 Chock full o’Nuts Cuba Espresso Coffee

The full o’Nuts Cuban roast coffee is made from premium coffee beans and has a bold flavor.

It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to try a Café Cubano-style coffee but doesn’t want to spend too much money.

It’s got the signature dark roast color, and the aroma is like walking into an old-school Cuban bar: rich, earthy, and just a little bit smoky.

The flavor profile is strong without being overwhelming flavor—it’s got just enough bitterness to make Cuban interesting without making you want to switch back to your regular brewed coffee.

Best Coffee Strength

  • It’s great for your morning cup of joe.
  • Offers many different types of blends


  • The only downside of this brand is its bitter aftertaste.

#5 Mayorga Cafe Cubano Whole Bean Coffee Brand

One of the best ways to experience Cuban coffee culture is through the country’s native drinks. One of these Cuban coffee drinks is the Mayorga Cafe Cubano.

This company has been around since 1997, which means they have been making their special blend of the real Cuban style of coffee for decades.

They use Arabica beans, then roast them into a medium-dark roast Cuban-style coffee similar to espresso.

Best Strength:

  • Reasonable price point
  • It’s robust
  • It has a rich profile

Coffee Weakness:

  • It’s a little pricey, considering the package size
  • It’s not recommended for new Cuban coffee drinkers as it’s so strong

What is Cuban Coffee?

Cuban coffee, also known as Café Cubano, is a type of coffee brewed with a dark roast that is sweetened.

Most Cuban coffee is grown in Cuba by farmers who have been producing high-quality coffee since the 1960s.

Cuban brand coffee is made from a blend of Arabica beans, which are roasted medium to dark and ground to a fine consistency.

It’s served in a traditional cafe called a “cafe” or as an espresso drink.

The most common type of Cuban coffee is called “cafe con Leche,” which is brewed with hot milk. Cuban coffee is also served as an iced drink called “Caballo negro.

Difference between Whole Bean VS Pre – Ground Cuban Coffee

Cuban coffee is special in Coffee culture, and many factors go into making a rich cup.

First off, you need to know the difference between whole bean and pre-ground coffee.

The whole bean means that it’s an unground bean that you can grind yourself right before brewing for the freshest cup.

Pre-ground coffee has been ground up already and is ready to go. It’s not as fresh as the whole bean, but it’s certainly convenient.

It also matters how long you let your Cuban coffee brew. Generally speaking, the longer you let it sit, the stronger it gets and the more bitter it tastes.

Final Verdict on Cuban Coffee Brands Picks

So what’s the best of the best at the finish? For us, it’s the Bustelo Supreme Whole Bean Espresso.

This coffee brand has a strong flavor and a pleasant aroma finish. The flavor is fantastic, and it provides an authentic and fresh taste of Cuban coffee.

The price is also very reasonable for the high quality of coffee. So, if you’re not sure which of the five to try, you should definitely try this one. 

And there you have it! We hope you have enjoyed this list of the top 5 Cuban Coffee picks in 2022. The best coffee brands aren’t always the ones that you’d expect.


How long does it take to make a Cuban coffee?

Brewing a Cuban coffee only takes 8-10 minutes. The time can vary depending on how much coffee you’re trying to make. 

Is Café con Leche a Cuban Coffee?

Yes. Cafe con Leche is a Cuban coffee. It’s made with a strong Cuban espresso added with an equal amount of milk and sugar if you prefer. 

Why should I try Cuban coffee?

Everyone should try Cuban coffee, especially if they enjoy strong coffee with a distinct flavor profile. Cuban coffees typically contain added sweeteners such as brown sugar, resulting in a strong and sweet coffee that is worth trying.

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