Coffee Beans Okuzawa Store 珈琲豆ビーンズ奥沢店

Okusawa Tokyo Japan

Attempting to locate Onibus Coffee, I stumbled across this awesome micro roaster – Coffee Beans Store – and was instantly fascinated with their setup… which looked like they have been doing for a while.. Unfortunately I didn’t try the coffee here as I had a number of other cafes I needed to get to that day. Next time!


Hey, guys, this is Tim coming to you again from Coffee Geek TV. I just walked into this coffee roaster, called Okusawa, at random. It’s amazing what you can stumble across here in Japan, especially Tokyo.

The Coffee Culture here is pretty intense, but I’ve never seen this before. These guys are micro-roasting small batches of about 500 g of coffee. It’s fascinating how you can come across some of the weirdest things here.

Look at the bean varieties you can get from these guys. They’ve got Blue Mountain. I can’t read the labels because they are in Japanese, but I’d like to give you a look at the sheer number of varieties they have here.

Just a little surprise from Tim of Coffee Geek.



Can’t rate the coffee hear as I didn’t get a chance to try… please rate it here if you have!

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