Charli Cold Foam: Sip into TikTok’s Delicious Trendy Drink!

Charli cold foam

The Charli Cold Foam has become a go-to treat for coffee enthusiasts and fans of Charli D’Amelio alike.

Born from a collaboration with the widely recognized social media phenomenon and Dunkin’, this beverage offers a unique twist on a classic cold brew.

Its distinct blend of sweet caramel swirl and the luxurious finish of cold foam, all topped off with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, has garnered a dedicated following, as much for its flavor as for its namesake.

cold foam

Created to celebrate the TikTok star’s 17th birthday, the drink reflects a growing trend of collaboration between brands and influencers.

Not only does The Charli Cold Foam represent a new chapter in flavor innovation at Dunkin’, but it also showcases the impact of digital celebrity and its influence on consumer trends.

Trying out this drink isn’t just about savoring the smooth, creamy taste; it’s about an experience, a connection to the lifestyle and personality of a social media idol.

Key Takeaways

  • The Charli Cold Foam is a Dunkin’ beverage inspired by influencer Charli D’Amelio.
  • It offers a unique flavor with sweet caramel and cold foam, topped with cinnamon sugar.
  • The drink highlights the intersection of influencer culture and consumer trends in the coffee industry.

The Charli Cold Foam Origins

In this section, you’ll dive into how The Charli Cold Foam gained popularity, its unique partnership with Dunkin’, and the inspirational support it has lent to a teen prom program.

The Charli Cold Foam Origins

Rise to Fame on Social Media

Charli D’Amelio, a teenage sensation on TikTok, swiftly became a household name as her dance videos captured the imagination of millions.

Her fame on social media platforms, especially TikTok where she boasts a huge following, laid the groundwork for an iconic beverage that resonates with her fans.

The Collaboration with Dunkin’

The partnership between Charli D’Amelio and Dunkin’ materialized as The Charli Cold Foam, a perfected spin on her favorite drink.

This collaboration banked on her widespread influence to market The Charli, an enchanting mix of Dunkin’ Cold Brew with caramel, sweet cold foam, and cinnamon sugar.

Charli demel and her favorite drink the charl cold farm.

Support for Teen Prom Program

Aligned with her supportive nature, Charli D’Amelio and Dunkin’ used the drink’s launch to promote goodwill by supporting the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation, which helps to fund a teen prom program.

The initiative aims to spread joy by organizing prom events for teens who face serious health challenges.

This charitable angle further cemented the connection between Charli and her fans, honoring the spirit of giving back.

Beverage Breakdown

Beverage Breakdown

Dive into the Charli Cold Foam’s lush layers—from its rich flavors to the art of its creation.

Ingredients and Flavor Profile

Your new favorite, the Charli Cold Foam, begins with a robust cold brew coffee, a refreshing and less acidic base compared to regular coffee.

It’s sweetened with a trio of caramel swirls, offering a rich and buttery taste that perfectly complements the coffee.

Topping off this delightful sip is the sweet cold foam, airy and velvety, which takes the beverage to another level, and some even feature a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar for a spicy sweet garnish.

Nutritional Information

When you’re sipping on the Charli Cold Foam, you’re indulging in a blend of flavors and textures, along with a certain amount of calories and sugar.

If you opt for whole milk, the calorie count is higher, but some coffee shops offer some alternatives, which can vary nutritional content.

The sweet cold foam and caramel add a sugary component, so if you’re watching your sugar intake, you will probably want to enjoy this treat occasionally.

Cold Foam Craftsmanship

The magic atop the Charli Cold Foam doesn’t happen by accident.

Cold foam is crafted using a milk frother to achieve that velvety consistency.

Skilled baristas carefully froth the milk, ensuring the foam is light enough to sit atop the drink but dense enough to blend slightly as you sip.

Optional cinnamon sugar can be sprinkled over for a flavorful finish.

Whether made with dairy or sugar-free non-dairy options, the froth adds a creamy texture that elevates your coffee experience.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

When you’re craving that Charli Cold Foam, you’re looking for ease of ordering and reasonable pricing.

Let’s break down how you can snag this drink from Dunkin’ without a hassle.

Ordering Process

Getting your hands on the Charli Cold Foam is a breeze. If you’re tech-savvy, grab your phone and use the Dunkin’ app to place your order.

It’s pretty straightforward: launch the app, find the Charli under the menu items, and with a few taps, you’re all set. Prefer to chat with a human?

No problem, just ask for the Charli Cold Foam directly at your local Dunkin’.

They’ll know what you mean.

  • Open Dunkin’ app
  • Tap ‘Order’
  • Choose ‘Cold Brews’
  • Select ‘The Charli Cold Foam’
  • Customize if you’d like (more or less syrup, sugar, etc.)
  • Checkout and pick up at a Dunkin’ near you

Cost and Accessibility

The Charli won’t bust your budget—prices vary slightly, but it’s comparable to other Dunkin’ specialty drinks.

You can snag this sweet, frothy treat without hunting for change in your couch cushions.

Plus, it’s available at Dunkin’ locations nationwide, so finding one shouldn’t feel like an epic quest.

Remember, prices can be different based on where you are, so check your Dunkin’ app for the exact drink cost and any potential deals before you order.

  • Typical Cost: Par with similar menu items
  • Find It: Any Dunkin’ location or on the Dunkin’ app

Comparative Analysis

Two iced coffees on a table with a city in the background.

In this section, we’re going to toss Dunkin’ and Starbucks into the ring and see how they stack up in terms of their cold foam offerings and the variety and complexity of their menu options, especially when it’s about that sweet, foamy goodness.

Dunkin’ Versus Starbucks

When you think of Dunkin’, it’s impossible not to conjure up the image of their famous Dunkin’ Cold Brew—smoo

The Charli Cold Foam adds a layer of velvety foam topped with a hint of cinnamon sugar to that beloved cold brew. It’s a vanilla-forward flavor that’s become a fast fave for many.

Over in Starbucks’ corner, there’s no shortage of innovative drinks, like the Chocolate Stout Flavored Cold Brew that’s making waves among premium coffee lovers.

Both Dunkin’ and Starbucks offer a range of customizations with flavor shots and swirls, but when it comes to unique offerings, Starbucks might just have more aces up its sleeve.

Menu Variety and Flavor Options

Sweet Cold Foam on the Charli

Dunkin’ can give you that quick coffee fix with a side of nostalgia, striking a balance between familiar and new with its drinks.

They’ve got a selection that keeps it simple—think coffee, with a twist like their Sweet Cold Foam on the Charli.

Starbucks, on the other hand, is like the Willy Wonka of coffee chains.

Their menu is a playground of flavors, ranging from seasonal hits to the classics, allowing you to customize to your heart’s content.

It’s here you might find something like the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew or Salted Caramel Mocha—evidence of their dedication to menu variety and intricate flavor profiles.

Sustainable and Health-Conscious Choices

Dunkin donuts sweet foam cold foam sustainable health conscious choices.

When you sip on a Charli Cold Foam, you can indulge in a treat that also aligns with your health and sustainability goals.

With options for dairy-free milks and less sugar, it’s easier than ever to enjoy your drink responsibly.

Dairy-Free Alternatives

You have the power to customize the Charli Cold Foam with a variety of dairy-free milks.

Whether you prefer the nutty flavor of almond milk or the creaminess of oat milk, these alternatives are not just lactose-free but also a step towards more sustainable consumption habits.

  • Almond Milk: A popular choice with a lower environmental footprint than dairy.
  • Oat Milk: Produces fewer greenhouse gases and uses less water than dairy.

Reduced Sugar Offerings

If you’re watching your sugar intake, the Charli Cold Foam can be tailored to be a reduced sugar beverage.

While the original recipe calls for three pumps of caramel swirl, you can opt for fewer pumps or even choose a sugar-free syrup.

  • Less Caramel: Ask for one or two pumps instead of three to cut down on sugar.
  • Sugar-Free Alternatives: Select from the sugar-free syrups available to enjoy the sweetness without the sugar rush.
NameCharli Cold Foam
CreatorCharli D’Amelio
Ingredients– Cold Brew Coffee
– Sweet Cold Foam
– Caramel Drizzle (optional)
Flavor ProfileCreamy, sweet, and refreshing
Popular PlatformPromoted on TikTok
Notable Features– Signature drink of TikTok star Charli
– Trendy and widely shared on social media
AvailabilityMay vary by location and coffee shop
Special InstructionsSome variations may include customizations such as different milk options or sugar levels.
Social Media BuzzKnown for its popularity on TikTok and Instagram. Hashtag: #CharliColdFoam
Reviews and RatingsReviews often mention the enjoyable combination of sweetness and coffee flavor


The “Charli Cold Foam” has become a notable remix on the daily coffee routine for many, especially among fans of the original “Charli” drink.

This large, indulgent beverage has quickly established itself as a go-to order for consumers seeking a delightful twist on their regular coffee fix.

It’s a testament to the influence of popular culture on our daily choices, especially when it comes to beverages.

The original Charli drink, named after the social media sensation Charli D’Amelio, gained rapid popularity, and this remix elevates the experience with the addition of smooth, velvety cold foam.

Its large size ensures that coffee enthusiasts have a full, satisfying drink to enjoy throughout their day.

The Charli Cold Foam captures the essence of what people love about coffee – it’s both a comforting ritual and a source of energy.

Furthermore, the drink has garnered attention not just in physical coffee shops but on digital platforms as well.

Various sites have featured this trendy beverage, showcasing how traditional coffee drinks can evolve into new, exciting forms.

It’s a phenomenon that resonates around the globe, highlighting how a simple beverage can become a shared experience among diverse groups of people.

The Charli Cold Foam isn’t just a drink; it’s a trademark of modern coffee culture, reflecting how personal preferences and celebrity endorsements can create a unique coffee experience.

It pleases fans and coffee lovers alike, offering a familiar yet novel taste that complements the daily routine of many.

In conclusion, the Charli Cold Foam is more than just a beverage; it’s a cultural icon in the world of coffee.

It represents how traditional coffee can be remixed to create something new and exciting, appealing to a broad audience and becoming a part of their daily ritual.

This drink is a perfect example of how a simple coffee order can evolve into a phenomenon, loved and enjoyed by people around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Charli cold foam

Here’s the lowdown on all things Charli cold foam so you’re in the know before your next Dunkin’ run.

How can I customize my order to include Charli cold foam on the Dunkin’ app?

When you’re using the Dunkin’ app, select your drink and tap on the “Customize” option.

Scroll down to find “Toppings” and choose “Charli Cold Foam” to add that sweet finish to your beverage.

What’s the calorie count for a Charli cold foam at Dunkin’?

A standard Charli cold foam adds about an extra 100 calories to your drink, but it can vary based on size and customization.

Keep it in mind when you’re counting!

Can I get the recipe to make Charli cold foam at home?

Sure, you can whip up something similar at home. Just mix some half-and-half with a touch of sugar and vanilla syrup.

Froth it up until it’s nice, then drizzle with caramel on top.

Is the Charli cold foam still on the menu at Dunkin’ locations?

As of now, you can still snag the Charli cold foam at most Dunkin’ locations.

Just ask for it when you order, or check the app to see if it’s listed at your local spot.

What are the ingredients that go into making Charli cold foam?

The Charli cold foam is a blend of half-and-half, a sprinkle of sugar, and vanilla syrup, all frothed to perfection.

Then it’s topped off with a caramel drizzle for that extra sweet kick.

How do I order a Charli with cold foam the next time I’m at Dunkin’?

When you’re at Dunkin’, ask for a Charli cold foam with your drink, or make it easy by using the app. It’ll add a creamy, dreamy touch to your favorite coffee.

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