Can You Use Target Gift Card at Starbucks? Find Out Now!

Can you use target gift card at starbucks

When strolling through the aisles of your local Target, you might find yourself craving a coffee fix.

Luckily, many Target locations come equipped with a Starbucks café, offering a convenient way to indulge in your favorite beverage while shopping.

If you happen to have a Target gift card in your wallet, you may wonder if you can use it to pay for your drink at this in-store Starbucks.

This question is quite common among shoppers who want to make the most of their gift cards while enjoying Starbucks treats.

Can you use Target gift card at Starbucks? Yes, it is permitted!

Can you use target gift cards at starbucks?.

However, it’s essential to note that this only applies to Starbucks locations inside Target stores and not standalone Starbucks cafés.

While you can purchase a wide variety of beverages and food items with your Target gift card, other payment options also exist for those collecting rewards or looking to use alternate forms of payment.

Understanding the nuances of where and how you can use your Target gift card can help you make savvy purchasing decisions and avoid any checkout surprises.

Key Takeaways

  • You can use your Target gift card at Starbucks locations inside Target stores.
  • Standalone Starbucks cafés do not accept Target gift cards.
  • Various payment options are available at Starbucks for those seeking rewards or using different tender types.

Can You Use Target Gift Card at Starbucks?

You may often find yourself with a Target Gift Card and wonder if you can use it for your morning coffee fix at a Starbucks.

The good news is that you can use your Target Gift Card to make purchases at Starbucks locations inside Target stores.

Can You Use a Gift Target Card at Starbucks?

Types and Uses

Your Target Gift Card functions as a convenient payment method at participating locations.

Specifically, when you’re at a Starbucks inside a Target, you can swiftly use your gift card to pay for your beverages and snacks.

It’s important to note that;

  • Target Gift Cards: Use them in-store or online at for a wide array of products.
  • Starbucks within Target Stores: They accept Target Gift Cards.

Keep track of your balance, and remember that gift cards cannot always be reloaded at Starbucks counters.

Where to Purchase and Reload

A Target Gift Card can be purchased from a variety of locations and not just at Target stores. You can also find them at major retailers like Best Buy, Kroger, and Safeway.

Here’s how you can handle the purchase and reloading:

  • Purchase: Target stores,, and select other retailers.
  • Reload: Target stores and (not at Starbucks locations).

When you’re looking to reload your Target Gift Card, it’s straightforward to do so either in Target stores or on

However, Starbucks locations do not provide the service to reload these gift cards. Keep this in mind to avoid any inconvenience during your next coffee run.

Starbucks Payment Options

When you’re ready to indulge in your favorite Starbucks beverage, it’s important to know how you can pay.

Starbucks provides several payment methods for your convenience, including the use of their Mobile App for fast and efficient transactions.

Accepted Payment Methods

Starbucks payment options.

At Starbucks, you have a variety of payment options at your fingertips. Whether you prefer using your Visa or Mastercard, these credit cards are readily accepted at most locations.

If you’re carrying cash or a debit card, don’t worry, those work just as well for your purchases.

For those times when you’re shopping at a Starbucks located within a Target store, you can even use your Target Gift Card to buy your drinks.

  • Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard
  • Debit Cards: Accepted
  • Cash: Always welcome
  • Starbucks Gift Cards: For a special treat
  • Target Gift Cards: Exclusively at Starbucks in Target locations

With these payment methods, you can also earn Starbucks Rewards, nurturing your coffee habit into fruitful benefits like free drinks and exclusive offers.

Starbucks Mobile App Usage

Elevate your experience and skip the line by using the Starbucks Mobile App.

Not only can you pay with a simple scan from your phone, but the app also allows you to track your Starbucks Rewards and reload your balance easily.

Credit and debit card information, including Visa and Mastercard, can be securely stored in the app, ensuring a smooth transaction every time you visit.

  • Mobile Payments: Quick app scans to pay
  • Rewards Tracking: Monitor and redeem your rewards
  • Balance Reloads: Top-up your account on-the-go

Download the app, link your preferred payment methods, and start enjoying the benefits of a modern coffee purchasing experience.

Using Target Gift Cards at Starbucks

When you’re holding a Target Gift Card, you might wonder if it’s possible to use it for your caffeine fix at a Starbucks location.

Here’s what you need to know about using your gift card at the coffeehouse chain, especially ones located within Target stores.

Using target gift cards at starbucks.

Target Starbucks Locations

At Starbucks locations inside Target stores, you can use your Target Gift Card to purchase your favorite beverages and snacks.

These locations operate as a store-within-a-store, allowing you to apply your gift card towards both Starbucks products and other Target merchandise during the same visit.

Restrictions and Limitations

While using Target Gift Cards at Starbucks is convenient, there are a few limitations you should be aware of:

  • Target Gift Cards cannot be used at standalone Starbucks locations.
  • You cannot purchase alcohol with a Target Gift Card at Starbucks.
  • If your purchase exceeds the gift card balance, you’ll need another form of payment to cover the difference.

How to Use at Register

When you’re ready to pay with your Target Gift Card at a Starbucks within a Target store, it’s straightforward:

  1. Order your desired beverage or product.
  2. Inform the barista that you’ll be using a Target Gift Card.
  3. Swipe the card or provide the access code at the register.

Remember, the register at these combined locations is equipped to accept a variety of payment methods, making it easy for you to use your Target Gift Card for your purchases.

Maximizing Rewards and Savings

Maximizing Rewards and Savings

When you blend the benefits of the Starbucks Rewards program with the perks of your Target REDcard, you unlock a treasure trove of savings and rewards.

Let’s dive into how to make the most of these programs during your coffee runs at Starbucks in Target locations.

Starbucks Rewards Program

Starbucks Rewards is a point-based program where you earn Stars for every purchase you make at Starbucks, which includes locations within

Target stores. As a Member, you’ll find that accumulating Stars opens the door to free drinks, food items, and more.

To optimize your savings:

Target REDcard Benefits

Target REDcard Benefits

By using your Target REDcard, you directly tap into exclusive discounts and savings, reinforcing the synergy between Target and Starbucks.

Your REDcard can be a powerful tool in conjunction with your Starbucks visits:

  • Save 5%: Automatically knock off 5% from Starbucks purchases at Target, which includes some in-store Starbucks locations.
  • Exclusive Deals: Access special items, gifts, and promotions reserved just for REDcard holders.

Remember, your Target REDcard and Starbucks Rewards can both be part of your strategy to enjoy more coffee for less.

Use your REDcard to save on the spot and collect Stars through the Starbucks program to snag free treats down the line.

Product Offerings at Target and Starbucks

When you walk into Target, you’re greeted by an array of products, and if there’s a Starbucks on-site, a wealth of coffee and tea options await. Here’s a snapshot of what you can find in both.

Product offerings at target and starbucks.

Coffee and Tea Selection

At Starbucks, located within Target stores, your coffee choices are vast and varied. You can enjoy a classic espresso or choose from a selection of specialty drinks like bold Frappuccinos.

If caffeine isn’t your thing, there are numerous tea choices and decaf coffee options. The coffee beans used in these beverages are sourced from various global regions, each offering a unique flavor profile.

Exclusive Products and Partnerships

Target often highlights exclusive collaborations with brands and designers, which extends to its Starbucks locations.

You might find exclusive Starbucks drinkware or seasonal products only available there.

These partnerships add a unique flair to the Starbucks experience inside Target stores, differentiating it from standalone Starbucks locations.

Policies and Considerations

When deciding to use your Target gift card at Starbucks, it’s essential to understand the specific terms and online purchasing details.

Your gift card opens doors to a variety of purchasing options, but there are important guidelines and limitations you should be aware of.

Policies and Considerations

Gift Card Terms and Conditions

In-Store Purchases: You can use your Target gift card at any Starbucks located within a Target store.

This is due to a mutual agreement that allows for Target gift cards to be applicable in these particular Starbucks outlets.

Remember that your card:

  • Must Be Activated: If it’s a physical gift card, activation might be required before use.
  • Expiration Date: Check if your gift card has an expiration date as some promotional cards do.
  • Remaining Balance: Always verify your card’s balance to ensure sufficient funds.

Restrictions: Using the gift card at standalone Starbucks locations outside of Target is not permitted. Additionally, items like alcohol, certain promotional items, or subscriptions may be excluded.

Online Purchase Considerations

Purchasing with Gift Cards: If you’re looking to buy something from Starbucks’ online platform, be aware that Target gift cards are generally not accepted.

Your Target gift card is tailored primarily for in-store purchasing experiences.

Funds and Exclusivity: Online, the purchasing power of a Target gift card does not extend to digital Starbucks transactions.

Funds on a Target gift card are designated for use at Target stores and select affiliated businesses, like Starbucks in Target locations.

Remember always to review the terms and conditions associated with your card to ensure a hassle-free coffee experience.


When it comes to using Target gift cards at Starbucks, there are specific guidelines to consider.

A common question is whether you can use a Target gift card at a Starbucks store, particularly at Starbucks on Target locations.

The answer varies depending on the type of Starbucks store and the nature of the gift card.

Firstly, it’s important to note that a Target GiftCard can usually be used at Starbucks coffee locations within Target stores.

This means if you’re at a Starbucks cafe that is co-owned or located within a Target store, you can typically use your Target gift card to purchase your favorite coffee or other items.

However, this may not be the case for an official Starbucks store that is standalone or not part of a Target establishment.

In these locations, a Target GiftCard may not be redeemable.

For those who wish to purchase a Target gift card, it’s easy to add the gift card to your cart either in the store or online through the Target website.

Target offers both physical Target gift cards and Target eGiftCards. Once you’ve got your card, you can scan the barcode at a Starbucks inside Target to redeem your Target gift card.

This can be a convenient way to enjoy Starbucks coffee without needing an additional Starbucks card or Starbucks rewards card.

However, it’s crucial to understand that you cannot use a Target gift card at an actual Starbucks store that operates independently of Target.

This includes Starbucks locations at gas stations or optical centers. In these instances, the primary gift card you would need is a Starbucks card.

If you’re unsure whether your local Starbucks accepts Target gift cards, it’s always a good idea to call ahead or check the store locator FAQs on the Starbucks or Target website.

In summary, while Target gift cards can be redeemed at Starbucks cafes within Target stores, they cannot be used at standalone Starbucks locations.

This distinction is important for customers who wish to use their Target gift card to purchase anything from their favorite coffee to other items available at Starbucks.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast with a Target GiftCard, it’s best to check with the specific Starbucks location to confirm their policy on accepting Target gift cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Target gift card at Starbucks in Target?

Yes, you can! When you are at a Starbucks located inside of Target, you can use your Target gift card to purchase your favorite Starbucks brand beverage or snack.

How can I get a Target gift card for Starbucks?

You can get a Target gift card from any Target store or online.

Once you have your card, you can use it at a Starbucks located inside of Target.

You can also buy Starbucks gift cards directly from Starbucks or any store that sells them.

Are there any restrictions on using a Target gift card at Starbucks?

Let’s be honest, there are a few. For example, you can’t use a Target eGiftCard at Starbucks, even if the Starbucks is inside a Target store.

Also, when using a standard Target gift card at Starbucks, the purchase will be subtracted from the card balance just like any other purchase.

Can I also purchase Starbucks gift cards with my Target gift card?

Yes, you can! Gift cards can be purchased with a Target gift card.

You can use the card to purchase a Starbucks gift card, which can then be redeemed at Starbucks either inside or outside of Target.

Can Starbucks gift cards be used to purchase items at Target?

No, Starbucks gift cards are also only be used at Starbucks.

They cannot be used to purchase items at Target. However, a Target gift card can be used at Starbucks located within Target stores.

How do I use my Target gift card at Starbucks in Target?

Simply use your card at the register when you make a purchase.

Provide the server with your card number and they will deduct the purchase amount directly from the card.

Can I use a Red Card at Starbucks in Target?

Yes, you can use your Target Red Card at a Starbucks located within a Target store.

Just use your Starbucks Card as you would a Target gift card at the register when making a purchase.

Can I find my Target gift card number online?

Yes, if you purchased your Target gift card online, you should receive a confirmation email.

This email will include your Target gift card number which you can use for purchases, including those at Starbucks within Target.

Can Target eGiftCards be used at Starbucks in Target?

Unfortunately, you can’t use a Target eGiftCard at Starbucks, even if the Starbucks is located inside a Target store. eGiftCards are typically accepted only at Target stores and Target web page.

What types of Target gift cards can be used at Starbucks in Target?

Only physical Target cards can be used at Starbucks inside Target.

This includes both general Target gift cards and those specifically for Starbucks. Please note eGiftCards and mobile gift cards can’t be used at Starbucks.

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