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Cafe Cereza | Osu Nagoya | Japan

The owner, Masahiro, on this occasion was so kind to allow me to sample some of his other coffee's he had available. The Single Origin Kilimanjaro was the most interesting. The generosity and style of Masahiro and the ambience he has created is beyond measure. I can...

Glitch Coffee and Roasters | Tokyo Japan

Glitch Coffee and Roasters was the best place I had an Espresso in Japan. All I have to say is that this cafe not to be missed when hopping around Tokyo! The owner was super definitely a coffee geek as I saw him throw out the first espresso he made for me. BTW - Sorry...

Switch Coffee | Toyko Japan

After meeting Yu and Nan at lunch and sharing my passion for coffee with them, their curiosity lead them to joining me at Switch Coffee to get their first experience of pour over... And it was a fine experience at that. Transcription: It's Tim, and new friends, Yu and...

Onibus Coffee | Okusawa Tokyo Japan

< I had a great experience at Onibus Coffee. Located only a short walk to the Okusawa station, this cafe was worth taking the trip to find. The roaster and barista at that location where so friendly and cool.. allowing me to quiz them with their roasting...

About Life Coffee Brewers | Shibuya Tokyo Japan

This was the first Cafe I ever visited in Tokyo Japan. It was a great experience straight off out of the gate to visit one of the most well known cafe in Shibuya. When you are in Tokyo next, do check out About Life Coffee Brewers! Its a great Hole-in-the-Wall style...

Wilbeck Coffee | Taipei Taiwan

Wilbeck Coffee was my last stop on my way back through Taipei Taiwan before I the next adventure in Japan. With 3 Wilbeck Coffee's located in the city, their The Hole-In-The-Wall style cafe and roaster is super conveniently close to the central bus station of...

Maytree Coffee | Hualien Taiwan

After first visited Hualien six months ago and loved it... its a beautiful coastal town in Taiwan. Never did I think this small town had this one so amazing speciality coffee bar hidden in the deep throws of this place... It was overwhelmingly serendipitous!...

GetMore Lab Taipei Taiwan

Same day as visiting Rufous Coffee I headed over to GetMore Lab based on all the media attention they have had.... instantly I connected with the owners who were very welcoming. The cafe had a great vibe and ideal for me to work from and catch up on some much needed...

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