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Best Coffee Shops In Hong Kong

Best Coffee Shops In Hong Kong

The coffee scene in Hong Kong follows a slow-to-start but rapidly rising popularity in all of South Asia, a region more often associated with a love of tea (Ma, 2018). These days, you're just as likely to find a coffee shop on the corner of every major intersection as...

Best Cafes In Tokyo

Best Cafes In Tokyo

Not only are the Japanese known for their passion and ceremony surrounding tea, but coffee and the cafe culture around it carved a unique niche in the Japanese urban landscape and lifestyle (Grinshpun 2014). Tokyo cafes range in styles from the cozy spot on the …

Best Cafes In San Francisco

Best Cafes In San Francisco

Though Americans had been enjoying coffee across the new and growing nation for decades already, California's mid-1800s Gold Rush saw demand for this stimulating beverage skyrocket ("A Bay Area Coffee History", 2016). As a busy port city, San Francisco's contributions...

Best Co-Working Cafes In New York

If you're working remotely or studying hard, you may be in need an environment that inspires you to get busy -- and makes you put on something other than pajamas for the day. New York City's coffee shop scene offers a little something for everyone. Like Los Angeles or...

Rocket Coffeebar S.49 | Bangkok Thailand

Rocket Coffeebar S.49 was a great little discovery recommended by my good friend and creator of - Sam. The cafe has a variety of gourmet dishes and coffee on their menu including some specialty coffee options. Its location is tucked away within the...

% Arabica | Kyoto Japan

  After first visiting % Arabica in Hong Kong, I was stoked with the opportunity to check them out in Kyoto.. Having 2 Slayer espresso machines and a Tornado roaster they pump out some pretty amazing coffee! Super impressed with what these % Arabica do....

Vermillion Cafe | Kyoto Japan

  Really loved the owner and barista of Vermillion cafe.. Positioned perfectly for the foot traffic from Fushimi Inari and Araki Shrine's. Great place to enjoy the scenery from the shrine hike.. Transcription: Hey there, it's Tim again with another episode of...

Weekenders Coffee Roastery | Kyoto Japan

Weekenders Coffee was a pleasant discovery about a 15 minute walk from the hostel I was staying in. The cafe and roaster was located upstairs set in a very simple yet funky layout. I loved their 'Cherry Blueberry' flavored Ethiopian Single Origin Yirgacheffe coffee so...

Takamura Wine and Coffee Roasters | Osaka Japan

This place brought both my beverage passions together - Coffee and Wine.. I place reminded my of the local alcohol shop in Australia called Dan Murphy's but with a twist.. a built in coffee roaster.. Although a little walk from the Metro, it was worth the visit to...

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