Cafe Cereza

Osu Nagoya Japan

The owner, Masahiro, on this occasion was so kind to allow me to sample some of his other coffee’s he had available. The Single Origin Kilimanjaro was the most interesting. The generosity and style of Masahiro and the ambience he has created is beyond measure. I can not speak highly enough of Masahiro… and although we couldn’t not communicate due to the language barrier, we definitely connected on a deep level…

Since this video in late April we have stayed in touch and exchange coffee gifts across the East and South China Seas whether it be coffee beans or Cold Brew.. Cafe Cereza will be the first place I return to when visiting Nagoya again.

So a HUGE shout out to Masahiro… Check out his cafe. Be prepared not to use your phone, take your laptop or your kids! This place is for you and your senses alone.. Enjoy part 1 of 2 videos.


Hi, It’s Tim coming to you with another episode of Coffee Geek TV. You have to be quiet. I’m at a beautiful place called Cafe Cereza, in Osu of Nagoya, Japan.

This cafe is a fancy place to come to for coffee. On the left, we’ve got an *African Kilimanjaro and on the right is a ^Hawaiian Kona. It’s about $40 AUS a cup, but the Barista is taking uncompromising care in brewing it, so it just blooms perfectly.

This place is about the experience and making high tea for coffee. It is unique and perfect.

One thing that is different about the Barista’s brewing process is that he did not wet the paper first. So we will see how the flavor will turn out. He is using a Kalita style as opposed to the Hario V60.


1. African Kilimanjaro: Coffee made with beans from fields near Mt. Kilimanjaro.

2. Hawaiian Kona: Hawaiian Kona is a coffee made with coffee beans grown on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa.

3. Gallate Coffee: Coffee brewed with the catechin EGCG, or Epigallocatechin gallate, an antioxidant

You come to Cafe Cereza purely for an experience as this place is definitely a one of a kind… By far and wide it is the best pour over coffee I’ve had in my life…

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In this video we conduct a small scientific experiment as Masahiro demonstrates the importance of balancing the PH levels in your water for ultimate body and balance.


Here we are at the moment doing a water experiment with the water that they balanced themselves. This test differentiates tap water and theirs. Whoa! Look at that! The cup on the left contains tap water, while the one on the right is their balance. We put in Rumfold Blue solution. It tells you the Ph level of the water.

Many people question whether water is essential to coffee. Using the right amount of top-quality water for your coffee is key. Here, you have green and blue. No points for picking the acidic cup.


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