Black Rifle Coffee vs Starbucks: Brewing Up a Battle for Your Morning Buzz!

black rifle coffee vs starbucks

What happens when two giants of the global coffee industry – Black Rifle Coffee and Starbucks – are pitted against each other?

This article dives deep into the various aspects of the two coffee behemoths, discussing their differences, what makes them tick, their performance, and their prospects moving forward.

What Are The Key Differences: Black Rifle Coffee vs Starbucks?

Starbucks vs black rifle coffee.

One may wonder, Black Rifle Coffee vs Starbucks – what differentiates these two coffee giants?

To truly understand the key differences, we need to examine their origin stories, their coffee culture, and their approach to customer service.

Overview of The Black Rifle Coffee Company

The Black Rifle Coffee Company is a veteran-owned and operated coffee roaster headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Founded by former Green Beret Evan Hafer, the company’s origins lie in Hafer’s love for high-quality coffee and a pro-military stance.

Black Rifle Coffee offers a wide variety of coffee, from an AK-47 Espresso Blend to a smooth Dark Roast, catering to a wide array of coffee connoisseurs.


Background Information on Starbucks

The Starbucks story began in 1971 at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, with the commitment to serve the world’s best coffee.

Today, Starbucks is an internationally recognized coffee company, with its green mermaid logo becoming synonymous with a coffee shop experience that spans across the globe.

Background information on starbucks.

Comparing the Coffee Culture of Both Companies

Black Rifle’s coffee culture revolves around the gun-loving, pro-military audience, while Starbucks fosters a more inclusive and mainstream coffee-drinking crowd.

The coffee shop experience of sipping a latte at Starbucks vs enjoying a mug of Dark Roast at a Black Rifle Coffee store would appeal to different demographics.


What Makes Black Rifle Coffee Stand Out?

The veteran-owned Black Rifle Coffee earned its place in the spotlight by wearing a Black Rifle T-shirt during a Black Lives Matter Protest. The company’s unabashed American patriotism and outspokenness have set it apart.

What makes black rifle coffee stand out in 2020?.

The Pro-Military Stance of Black Rifle Coffee

The year 2022 witnessed an unwavering dedication from Black Rifle Coffee towards supporting the military and law enforcement, further strengthening its pro-military stance.

The company’s support was evident from its commitment to donate a portion of its proceeds to veteran and first responder causes.


Unique Offerings of Black Rifle Coffee

From coffee blends named after firearms to pro-military merchandise and apparel, Black Rifle Coffee serves not just coffee, but also a lifestyle brand centered around what it calls the love America, or the Love America Blend.

Its subscription service allows customers to have their favorite coffee and merchandise delivered right to their doorstep.

Check out this Black Rifle Coffee Review and see how we rate them.

How Black Rifle Coffee Has Progressed Since 2021

Black Rifle Coffee has only grown stronger since 2021 amid controversy and supports from sections of society.

The company expanded its presence in physical stores across the country, including Bass Pro Shops, further solidifying its status as a leading coffee roaster.

Why Has Starbucks Been Acting As the ‘Starbucks of the Right’?

Starbucks, traditionally known for its liberal stance, has been labeled as the ‘Starbucks of the Right’ due to a discernible shift its political leaning in recent years.

Starbucks and Its Political Stance

Ranging from supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement to their response to protests, their political stance seems to be evolving.

Starbucks’ political leanings can be difficult to pin, given its vast international presence and efforts to stay neutral to appeal to a broader customer base.

Starbucks’ Reaction to Protests and the Black Lives Matter Movement

Starbucks' Reaction to Protests and the Black Lives Matter Movement

Amid the societal unrest in 2020, Starbucks reinforced its support for the Black Lives Matter movement and made efforts to promote inclusivity and equality within the company’s structure.

These actions attracted both criticism and praise from different sections of society.

Starbucks’ Performance: End of 2022

Despite the global challenges of the pandemic, Starbucks managed to resiliently navigate through 2022, with a commitment to provide a safe and convenient coffee experience for its customers.

The brand’s focus on digital innovation and enhancing its delivery services played a pivotal role in maintaining customer loyalty and driving growth.

What to Expect from Both Companies Ahead of Prime Day?

Whether it’s the excitement of discovering new blends or the thrill of finding the best coffee deals,

Prime Day is nothing short of a fiesta for coffee lovers. So, what should you expect from Black Rifle Coffee and Starbucks on Prime Day?

Prime Day Deals from Black Rifle Coffee

Prime day deals from black rifle coffee.

From discounts on the AK-47 Espresso Blend and apparel to introductory offers on subscriptions, keep an eye out for some fantastic deals from Black Rifle Coffee.

A toast to their ‘Love America’ initiative could also be in the plans for Prime Day.

Starbucks’ Prime Day 2022: What’s In Store?

Starbucks’ Prime Day 2022 could see a range of special deals on its popular coffee beans, exclusive merchandise, and possibly new introductions to their ready-to-drink offerings.

Starbucks prime day 2022 what's in store.

Keeping their commitment to customer engagement, we can expect crafty DIY latte recipes and interactive virtual brewing sessions.

Comparing the Prime Day Offers from Both Coffee Companies

While Black Rifle Coffee’s focus lies in celebrating American patriotism and a soldiers’ solidarity, Starbucks, in its offerings, aims to please a varied customer demographic with an all-inclusive approach.

Why Is Jonas a Trending Name Amongst Coffee Drinkers?

A perplexing rise in the popularity of the name Jonas seems to have taken the world of coffee drinkers by storm. Let’s explore this intriguing character’s connection with the two coffee companies.

Jonas and His Influence on the Coffee Market

Jonas, though being a fictional character, has found resonance with coffee drinkers, representing the everyday coffee lover who enjoys espresso shots as much as they appreciate an engaging latte art.

Jonas’ Connection With Black Rifle Coffee

As a part of an appealing marketing campaign, Jonas, a coffee drinker, could symbolize the bond between Black Rifle Coffee and its loyal customer base.

The idea is likely to create a sense of relatability and camaraderie among its customers.

How Starbucks Is Reacting to Jonas’ Popularity

Starbucks’ reaction to Jonas’ popularity is yet to be seen.

However, given their deep understanding of marketing dynamics, Starbucks could use this opportunity to connect further with its customers, serve to their changing taste profiles, and cement its position as a globally loved coffee company.

FactorBlack Rifle CoffeeStarbucks
Ownership and OriginVeteran-owned, USAFounded in Seattle, USA
Coffee SelectionSpecializes in premium coffeeOffers a wide variety of beverages
Roasting StyleSmall-batch, artisanal roastingLarge-scale commercial roasting
Social ResponsibilitySupports military and veteransEngages in various social causes
Price RangeModerate to premiumModerate to high
LocationsOnline and select retail storesGlobal chain of coffee shops
Brewing EquipmentSells coffee and coffee gearSells coffee, equipment, and food
Flavor ProfileEmphasizes bold and unique flavorsOffers diverse flavor options
Caffeine StrengthVarious strength optionsStandard strength
Customization OptionsOffers subscription servicesCustomizable drink options
Environmental InitiativesFocus on eco-friendly packagingWorking on sustainability efforts
Menu DiversityCoffee, apparel, and accessoriesCoffee, tea, food, and merchandise
Target AudienceMilitary and coffee enthusiastsGeneral public and coffee lovers

The Bottom Line

Black Rifle Coffee and Starbucks are two prominent coffee brands in the U.S., each with a distinct brand identity and audience appeal.

Starbucks is often seen as the universal benchmark for coffee retail stores, offering everything from pour-over to medium roast options sourced from regions like Colombia.

Black Rifle Coffee has carved out a niche for itself with its strong pro-Second Amendment, pro-law enforcement stance.

Evan Hafer, the founder of Black Rifle Coffee, has been vocal about his company’s mission. “Coffee or Die” is one of the brand’s popular slogans, emphasizing their rugged, no-nonsense approach.

Coffee or Die

Hafer said that his company aims to cater to “people who love America”, distinguishing itself from other mainstream brands.

Black Rifle has even integrated its brand into retail sectors popular with its target demographic; for instance, partnering with 5.11 Tactical, a company known for its tactical apparel and gear.

However, the brand has not been without controversy. Following the Capitol riots, there was a connection made between a rioter, known as the “zip-tie guy”, and Black Rifle Coffee due to a hat he wore.

While Hafer put distance between the brand and the rioter, the incident sparked discussions around the company’s political inclinations.

Some of Black Rifle’s branding and associations have been perceived as anti-lockdown and anti-Black Lives Matter, though the company has attempted to clarify its positions in various council meetings and press releases.

In terms of product offerings, while Starbucks offers a wide range of coffee varieties and preparations, Black Rifle Coffee boasts a unique selection with names like “Silencer Smooth” and “Smokey”.

They also offer Black Rifle apparel, further promoting their brand’s rugged physique.

In conclusion, while Starbucks remains a globally recognized coffee giant, Black Rifle Coffee has established its brand catering to a specific demographic in the U.S., emphasizing its patriotic and pro-law enforcement values.


What is the difference between the coffee company Black Rifle Coffee and Starbucks?

Black Rifle Coffee draws its unique identity from being a pro-military and pro-police coffee company. In contrast, Starbucks focuses more on inclusive and community-oriented values.

Both companies take very different stances politically and socially, which reflects in their respective brand identities.

Why did Black Rifle Coffee face backlash in 2021?

In 2021, Black Rifle Coffee was publicly associated with Kyle Rittenhouse, who was charged with the fatal shootings of two people at a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wis.

The company faced backlash when a photograph featuring Rittenhouse wearing a Black Rifle Coffee shirt went viral. The company distanced itself from the incident and denied any involvement.

However, the incident tainted their image as the ‘Starbucks of the right’.

What are the future plans for Black Rifle Coffee company by the end of 2022?

By the end of 2022, Black Rifle Coffee plans to increase its footprint across America. The company has announced plans to open several more stores, mainly in pro-military and pro-police neighborhoods across Oklahoma and Tennessee.

They are also focused on creating more original content under their ‘Coffee or Die’ brand through J.J MacNab.

How did the Coffee Company Black Rifle react to the “zip-tie guy” incident?

A: The “zip-tie guy” incident involved a man wearing a hat with the Black Rifle logo, resulting in a backlash against the company.

In response, co-founder Mat Best, a former CIA contractor and co-chief executive Tom Davin issued an official statement, firmly dissociating from extremism and affirming their commitment to justice and legal conduct.

What kind of apparel does Black Rifle Coffee Company offer?

Black Rifle Coffee company offers a wide range of apparel that embodies their brand ethos of American patriotism.

They sell everything from T-shirts featuring the thin blue line and American flag designs, to coffee mugs and other merchandise, with some items even utilizing slogans like ‘People who love America.’

How did Black Rifle Coffee company react to the 2023 bail incident involving Kyle Rittenhouse?

The company strongly disassociated itself from the incident when Rittenhouse was released on bail in November 2023. They reiterated their stance against all forms of extremism and violence.

Co-founder Evan Hafer stated that their goal was to provide a premium coffee experience and promote a love for America, not to indulge in divisive politics.

What is the subscriber base of Black Rifle Coffee Company as of 2022?

As of 2022, Black Rifle Coffee Company proudly boasts a robust subscriber base of over 1.2 million loyal customers who appreciate their pro-military, pro-police stance and unique blend of coffee.

How does Black Rifle Coffee Company’s slogan ‘Coffee or Die’ resonate with its aesthetic?

The slogan ‘Coffee or Die’ resonates with the company’s pro-military, pro-police image by reflecting a strong, assertive attitude.

It captures the company’s hard-core commitment to providing a high-quality coffee experience for those who love America.

The phrase also forms a large part of their merchandise, such as t-shirts and coffee mugs.

How have Sean Hannity and Black Rifle Coffee Company collaborated?

Sean Hannity, the well-known American conservative television host, and Black Rifle Coffee Company collaborated in 2022 to create a special ‘Hannity Freedom Blend.’

The collaboration was a perfect pairing as both Hannity and Black Rifle value giving back to those who serve the country.

This initiative cemented Black Rifle’s reputation as a coffee company that champions right-leaning values.

Do you think Black Rifle Coffee will still want to associate itself with grizzly bears by the end of 2023?

Black Rifle Coffee’s association with grizzly bears, or any other symbol, will depend on whether it continues to align with their mission and brand identity.

As a company, they’ve always showcased a strong commitment to American values and a love for the country.

Therefore, they will remain associated with symbols that best reflect this commitment and resonate with their customer base.

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