6 Best Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets: Which is Better

Best Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

We regret to inform you that you often have to wash your espresso machine. Regular use of coffee machines could create a mess.

Additionally, if you do not clean your coffee machine correctly, it could accumulate sludge and minerals.

However, we have good news that the process is straightforward and can be accomplished by dissolving a tablet into the tank that holds your machine’s water. 

The solution will wash and descale and disinfect the entire system.

We regret to inform you that you often have to wash your espresso machine.

In this article, we will help you and talk about the best espresso machine cleaning tablets. Want to know more about it? So, keep reading to find out.

Comparing the Best Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

Espresso Machine Cleaning TabletsProductFeaturesPrice
Editor's Choice
Urnex Cafiza Cleaning Tablets

Urnex Cafiza Cleaning Tablets

  • Concentrated Formula
  • Perform Backflush Cleaning
  • Eliminates Residue in Inner Part
Cino Cleano Cleaning Tablets

Cino Cleano Cleaning Tablets

  • Non-corrosive formula
  • Precision dissolution time
  • Pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients
Urnex Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

Urnex Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

  • NSF certified
  • Formulated to Clean Heavily Soiled Items
  • Eliminates coffee residue
Schaerer Cleaning Tablets

Schaerer Cleaning Tablets

  • Easy to Use 
  • Can Handle Large Machine
  • Optimal Cleaning


Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

  • Formulated
  • Efficient And Easy to Use
  • Clean residue from inner components
CleanEspresso Cleaning Tablets

CleanEspresso Cleaning Tablets

  • Automatically Clean Inner Machine Parts
  • Remove Oily Build-up
  • Ultimate Precision Cleaning

Cino Cleano Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

The package contains eight tablets, and the ingredients used to make up each tablet are food and medicine-based. 

The formula was designed to prevent the deterioration of the interiors of the machine.

Another advantage of these Cino tablets is that they allow you to use them in conjunction with descaling Breville espresso machines

Additionally, it isn’t simply a descaling tablet. Its main job is to clean your device.

Many tablets are used for descaling; however, this isn’t one of them.

Descaling the coffee maker is essential. 

But, descaling tablets do not provide the most effective results. These tablets cleanse the machine from the inside.

However, we also know that cleaning the other parts is also essential. 

When you want to clean your steam wand, portafilter, or group head, simply dissolve one tablet in some water and then use it as you would soap.

The entire espresso machine will be as clean as new and unaffected by the chemicals which could alter the taste of the coffee you drink.


  • The ingredients are food-based and are pharmaceutical.
  • Non-corrosive tablets’ formulas
  • Precise dissolution time


  • The espresso filter sometimes get clogged

Urnex Cafiza Cleaning Tablets

The second on our list to effectively removes coffee grease is Cafiza tablets from Urnex. We will be talking about the 100 count version.

Professional Baristas use them. They are perfect for cleaning espresso machines—each tablet measured12 millimeters in size and 1.2 pounds in weight.

Apart from being available in various sizes, the product is also available in powder form. It was specifically designed to wash filthy equipment.

In espresso machines, there are compartments referred to as valves, lines, and heads. The Cafiza tablets specialize in cleaning the residual oil accumulated inside these compartments. Instead of soap, one could simply use tablets.

A delivery chamber in every coffee maker is where you place tablets to use. They are small in size and weight; the tablets simply slide through the chamber.

These are manufactured using organic ingredients. It is also true that the authenticity of its ingredients is confirmed by NSF as well.


  • Formulated for controlled solubility, powerful cleaning, and easy rinsing
  • Nsf certified for metal compatibility and safety
  • Effectively eliminate coffee residue and coffee oils


  • It doesn’t come with an instruction manual
  • A little slow to dissolve

Schaerer Cleaning Tablets

Schaerer is a premium product commonly utilized by cafes and similar establishments and other establishments where the equipment must be in perfect state – even though they’re somewhat more expensive than other regular cleaning tablets.

If you have Schaerer Cleaning tablets, you’re all set. They are awe-inspiring in cleaning your espresso maker and can handle large machines, whereas other tablets may be a bit weak – needing to work with several at each time.


  • It is a good cleaning tablet that provides optimal cleaning performance
  • Contains 100 tablets per jar
  • It is easy to use with good results


  • Expensive

Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets 

If followed according to the machine’s instructions, these espresso cleaning tablets can increase the quality of espresso. It’s as if each cup was made from an entirely new machine.

They are compatible in conjunction with Jura, the Breville machine, Miele and other espresso makers.

The package includes 30 pieces of 1 grams of espresso cleaning tablets, which offers huge savings over other brands of cleaners. You can enjoy a better tasting espresso that won’t cost you a fortune.

Essential Values Cleansing Tablets aids in cleaning and removing coffee-based oil residue from the components of the brewing process like valves, screens and tubes in the group that brews. This can greatly improve the flavor of espresso.

These tablets are so effective and simple to use and anyone can clean an espresso machine, and it takes a few minutes to complete


  • They are compatible with almost any machine
  • Save money in comparison to other cleaners
  • Dissolves quickly and economically


  • It contains a laundry reek and that requires some extra flushing to wash out.

CleanEspresso Cleaning Tablets and Filters

CleanEspresso promises to provide top-quality cleaning of the internal parts of the espresso machine.

In the 20-count package, there are six filters included. In addition to the filters, there are replacement filters to ensure more flavorful, better-tasting coffee.

Most cleaning tablets for coffee machines weigh around 1 Gram.

However, these tablets of 2 grams assure that the ideal quantity of cleaning substances is present to withstand the stress of cleaning cycles.

Because it’s not easy for tablets to wash the insides of machines completely and thoroughly, this is seriously a big claim.

However, the tablets have been made to be precise in the cleaning process.

CleanEspresso Tablets can clear the inner parts of the machine automatically and offers you the ultimate precision cleaning experience.


  • Cleaning agents can retain the original taste of the coffee
  • CleanEspresso tablets keep the parts of the machine free of dirt and coffee grease
  • Amazing packaging and effectiveness


  • The price could be slightly higher than other tablets on the negative side.

Urnex Cafiza Professional Cleaning Tablets

The previous version was advertised as being used by Baristas, but this version is designed to be compatible with professional espresso machines.

The tablets are packed in a white-colored plastic container with clear instructions and explanations. 

Each tablet measures 15 millimeters in diameter and weighs 2 pounds in weight. The whole item weighs approximately a half-pound.

Backflushing is a process you shouldn’t miss even for just one day. 

The Cafiza Professional Espresso Machine Cleaners Tablets may be an excellent alternative if you’re not comfortable with detergents to clean your machine.

They don’t cause parts of the machine to rust as detergents can. In fact, they work equally well like regular detergents.

Cleaning tablets are well-known for their ease of control in maintenance and regulation, which is no different. 

It is easy to place these tablets into your coffee maker, and they’ll do the rest.


  • It can provide a clean environment to the internal parts of the machine.
  • Certified by NSF and OMRI
  • They’ll clean the machine without leaving any trace of residue.
  • This lets you create coffee with its true flavor without being hindered by the previous coffee.


  • You need more than 4-5 tablets for heavily soiled equipment

How Do You Clean Your Coffee Machine with a Tablet?

Step 1: Choose the Tablet

First, you need to select the correct tablet for your coffee maker. Certain tablets won’t work with your coffee maker. In addition, it is essential to determine the purpose of the tablet prior to making use of it.

Certain tablets are designed for cleaning. If you wish your tablet to be used for cleaning, you must look for tablets that specialize in cleaning.

Step 2: Create the solution

Whatever you decide to use for cleaning your coffee maker could be a tablet or a powder; you have to make a solution using it. This solution will be placed inside the maker.

In most cases, water is the main ingredient in this mixture. In addition to water, you could also make the concoction using vinegar or another solvent. Be sure that the solvent you’re using can ensure the necessary cleanliness.

Step 3: Fill the machine

Once you’ve come up with the perfect blend, now is the time to fill your machine up with the mixture. Each coffee maker comes with a reservoir or delivery chamber built into it. It is usually filled with coffee to make it.

It is necessary to fill the same delivery chamber with the formula you created. This will ensure that all gunk in the machine is drained out. Repeat this several times until you have clean water flowing through.

Step 4: Wash the reservoir

After completing the last step, it’s vital to wash the reservoir. In essence, all you need to do is fill it with water and then repeat the procedure.

Rinsing is essential when other solvents are employed in making the mixture. They have a distinctive scent and taste, which must be rinsed out using water.

Wash the reservoir

Step 5: last examination

In the end, it is time to end the cleaning process. If you are cleaning the exterior, wash it well. If you are cleaning the interior, take care to examine the smell emanating from it.

If you notice any noticeable odor coming from the machine, then the components require more cleaning. 

This way, it is easy to clean up a coffee maker with tablets. In terms of the process, it is simple and easy.

Things to look for in a Tablet


Although they’re advertised as machine cleaning tablets, they do not all used to clean the coffee maker. Certain of them are designed to remove scale. Cleaning and descaling aren’t precisely the same thing, and it’s important not to mix them up. Based on your requirements and needs, you must purchase suitable tablets for removing oily buildup inside.


The texture of tablets is pretty tough. There arent any noticeable variations in the texture of the tablets. However, it is important to be attentive to little particulars. Certain tablets are slimmer, and others are rougher.

Based on the condition of your espresso maker and your personal preferences, choose a tablet. Also, be aware of the size and shape of the tablet. These two features must be compatible with the device you are using.


Each tablet comes with basic ingredients. Most commonly, these are SPC, TSP, etc. Natural ingredients like vinegar, citrus acid, etc., are also utilized. Ingredients can be organic as well as non-organic.

While chemical compounds aren’t all that harmful, natural substances are more secure. Some tablets also have toxic ingredients in their formulation. It is recommended to research these tablets and stay clear about buying them.


Are cleaning and descaling tablets the same?

Cleaning and descaling don’t mean the same thing, so it’s crucial not to confuse them. Espresso machine cleaning tablets work for the brewing unit, while the descaling tablets are designed for the water system

What are espresso machine cleaning tablets made of?

Different espresso tablets for cleaning comprise different components. Some are made from 100% organic components, while others use synthetic ingredients.

Espresso Coffee Machine Tablets are made of:

  • Sodium percarbonate.
  • Polyethylene glycol 8000
  • Sodium carbonate.
  • Sodium sulfate anhydrous.
  • Citric acid, anhydrous
  • salt of phosphonic acid, organic
  • Potassium peroxomonosulfate.
CleanEspresso Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets and Filters For Breville Espresso Machines

Are all coffee machine cleaning tablets the same?

Tablets require a certain size and shape for the complete cleaning process. Therefore, not all tablets are alike.

Each tablet is made to fit a particular cleaning process, which is crucial because of the different times for cleaning, the quantity of water used, and the temperature of the water used for cleaning.


We’ve included the best cleaning agents in our guide, the best espresso machine cleaning tablets.

We recommend using Urnex Cafiza cleaning tablets; they are NSF certified and clean perfectly.

It is now time to wash your coffee maker with espresso machine cleaning tablets.

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