10 Best Coffee For People Who Don’t Like Coffee – Intro Guide

Best coffee for people who don’t like coffee

For many coffee drinkers, coffee is a preferred morning beverage. It’s a drink that many people enjoy daily all over the world.

But to the disappointment of your coffee-drinking friends, it turns out, coffee is not your cup of tea.

What is there to like about the bitter taste of coffee? 

Coffee is not your cup of tea

In this article, we offer easy and entry-level recommendations on the best coffee for people who don’t like coffee, so you can always catch up with your family and friends over your favorite drinks of choice. And maybe, eventually, go on to enjoy coffee regularly.

Reasons why some people don’t like coffee

Coffee makes them jittery

Perhaps, you’ve heard that the excessive consumption of coffee is not good for you.  

And that’s correct. Naturally, coffee contains caffeine, which may cause overstimulation and nervousness when taken in excessive amounts. 

Reasons why some people don’t like coffee

You just don’t want the jitters, so you avoid caffeine by not drinking coffee at all.

It adds up to be a costly expense

America’s favorite drink can be costly.  Typically, coffee lovers would head over to coffee shops to get a fill of their favorite joe.  

You spend your hard-earned money on what you consider as a small expense, without realizing that it all adds up.

Coffee is too bitter

But did you know that the bitter coffee taste is what turns most people off, not the flavor of the coffee itself? 

For one, the harsh taste of coffee brewed the wrong way may discourage you from drinking it.

Fortunately, the taste of coffee gets better as you get used to it.

Besides, you can look for a milder drink so you can still enjoy the coffee drinking experience with your family and friends. 

Coffee is too bitter?

What type of coffee should I try if I don’t like coffee?

There are a variety of coffees that suit the taste buds of noncoffee drinkers.

These beverages are a wonderful way to get folks who don’t like coffee to try them. These coffee-based beverages can help you get used to the flavor of coffee without overwhelming your senses.

Cold-brew coffee

Why is cold brew one of the best alternatives to your regular cup of coffee?

Cold brew coffee is just coffee that has been steeped for a lengthy period of time, usually between 12 and 18 hours. It is coffee that is smoother and less acidic than brewed coffee.

Cold brew

The form of the hot brewing process can match the smoothness of cold brewing. By removing the extracting effect of a high temperature, you also remove the bitterness associated with most coffee drinks.

As cold brew coffee is inherently smoother and sweeter, you can drink it without adding more cream, and sugar. This is especially good, especially if you are keeping track of your health.


Latte originated from Italy, is another beverage for noncoffee drinkers.  It is not sweet like mochas, due to the lack of chocolate, but it definitely can suit the taste of most non-coffee drinkers. 

A caffe latte is a drink made by blending around 1/3 espresso, 2/3 milk, and a thin microfoam coating on top.

A cup of latte

Lattes are creamy and sweet thanks to the milk!

Low-acid coffee 

Can you reduce the acidity of your coffee and still maintain its flavor?

Well, that’s possible. With  Lifeboost, you can have this specialty coffee with a lower acidity level. This coffee is organic and low in acid, making it a suitable choice if you have a sensitive stomach.  

 With  Lifeboost, you can have this specialty coffee with a lower acidity level

Decaffeinated coffee

Studies show that more than 90% of coffee consumers in the United States prefer caffeinated beverages.

However, decaf is also a fantastic alternative for people who desire the espresso flavor without the energy boost and the health issues associated with caffeine consumption.

Most of the health benefits of a regular morning cup of coffee are present in decaf, with little of the bitter coffee tastes and negative health consequences.

Decaffeinated coffee

A cup of decaf coffee is a great way to enjoy hot coffee without the negative effects of too much caffeine.

Caramel macchiato

Another way to encourage coffee snobs to try coffee drinks is by introducing them to the subtle coffee flavor of a caramel macchiato.

This beverage was thought to originate from Italy in the 1980s to describe a special espresso flavor drink mixed with milk.

What makes a coffee lover fall in love with caramel macchiato?

This espresso mixed with milk and caramel has a creamy, pleasant flavor. It’s the creamy and sweet caramel that pairs well with the natural taste of a concentrated coffee.

Caramel macchiato

And while caramel macchiatos are traditionally served as a hot beverage in almost every coffee shop, you may want to try the other way with an iced caramel macchiato.

This is a full-bodied espresso blended with vanilla-flavored syrup, milk, ice cubes, and caramel syrup drizzled on top of the beverage.

You want your best coffee served warm, but cold beverages are also a good pick. In fact, going cold on your fresh coffee is a way for most coffee shops to reduce the bitter tastes of espresso shots.

Café Mocha

Ever met someone who hates coffee? You can get them started on their own coffee journey with café mocha.

Mocha coffee combines the finest of sweet dark chocolate with milk, espresso, and whipped cream for good measure.

And presto! You’ve got a coffee that doesn’t taste like one but tastes like dessert.

Trivia:  The term mocha, initially, had nothing to do with chocolate or a mix of chocolate and coffee. 

In the late 1700s, “mocha” was used to describe a kind of coffee bean that became incredibly famous in Europe.

This variety of coffee beans was called after the Yemeni port of Mocha, and the coffees that left there were dubbed Mocha coffees.


Chai Latte

Thanks to the chai latte, you will always feel comfortable about tagging along with non-coffee drinkers to a coffee shop.

The chai latte is a popular drink because it is hot, milky, aromatic, and somewhat spicy.  With this beverage, you don’t have to worry about serving a cup of coffee that doesn’t taste like one.

Ironically, despite being served in cafes, Chai latte doesn’t contain any coffee. It is, in fact, one of the oldest tea-based beverages in the world.

Chai latte doesn't contain any coffee

Flat white

You are not alone if you are just starting your coffee journey but you do not enjoy drinking coffee.  Still, you need that early morning boost of energy.

Luckily, flat white hides the bitter taste of coffee in the background. So, you will still get that caffeine boost by drinking a beverage with a more delicious but subtle coffee taste.

So what is a flat white? This is essentially a milk-based espresso drink with a thin microfoam top. It is called a flat white for its thin and silky white microfoam on top that characterized flatness. 

Flat white

Pumpkin spice latte

The pumpkin spice latte is far from the taste of your regular coffee.

This is because this beverage is made by blending spices including nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove together with milk, regular coffee, and sugar.

Pumpkin spice latte

This drink is your go-to coffee if you feel like you want more spice in your cup than just a drip coffee with hot milk.

French Vanilla coffee

Another way to prepare coffee that does not taste like coffee is through French vanilla coffee, which is a variation of vanilla lattes.

This beverage still has a strong taste like coffee, but a sip leaves you with a vanilla latte aftertaste. 

French vanilla coffee

The light roast coffee grounds used in the brewing process bring a black coffee scent, but you’ll be amazed to know that the drink is a little sweeter.

What is the best coffee for first-time coffee drinkers?

I would recommend trying a Mocha as an excellent way to encourage non-coffee drinkers to introduce themselves to coffee.

A cafe mocha does not taste 100% like coffee as its a mix of hot chocolate, espresso shot, and steamed milk, taking the edge of the bitterness of most strong coffees

Mocha coffee

What’s the best beverage for people who don’t drink Coffee?

The inclusion of chocolate, milk, and sugar balances out the bitter taste of coffee and introduces you to sweeter flavors. Besides the Mocha mentioned previously, here’s a list of what I think are the best beverages for those who don’t drink coffee:

  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Iced coffee
  • Cold-brew

What is the golden ratio in coffee shops?

Although there is no one coffee ratio that is objectively the finest, the golden ratios have risen above the others. 

The Golden Ratios are as follows: 1 gram coffee to 15-18 grams water (1:15-18).


What do you call a coffee mixed with steamed milk?

The drink can be a latte or a cappuccino. Latte is an espresso-based beverage made with steamed milk in a 1:3 to 1:5 ratio and a dash of milk foam. A cappuccino is an espresso, steamed milk, and milk froth combined in equal proportions.

How does the roasting of coffee beans affect the coffee flavor?

The fragrance and taste contained inside green coffee beans are released when they are roasted.  As moisture has been roasted away, roasted beans smell like coffee and weigh less.

What is a Frappuccino?

A Frappuccino is an iced cappuccino mixed with milkshakes and other flavors. The common Starbucks recipe for this beverage is blended espresso, milk, sugar, whipped cream,  syrups, and of course, ice.


Can you drink unroasted green coffee beans?

Yes, much like your regular roasted bean, you can make a hot beverage out of an unroasted green coffee. Only that you don’t expect that a mug of this green beverage will taste like your favorite roasted coffee.

It’s milder and tends to have a herbal tea flavor rather than a coffee flavor. It may even taste woody or grassy, which could make it unpleasant on the palate. This is primarily because of the difference in chemical composition.

Green coffee has a higher chlorogenic acid content, which makes it an excellent antioxidant with a variety of health advantages.

unroasted green coffee beans

What is the brewing method that produces less strong coffee?

  • Moka pot
  • drip coffee
  • French press


We certainly recommend cafe mocha as the first choice if you are seeking a flavorful drink with just a hint of caffeine.

We hope that this article provided you with the information you need as you explore more about coffee.


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