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Taipei Taiwan

Wilbeck Coffee was my last stop on my way back through Taipei Taiwan before I the next adventure in Japan. With 3 Wilbeck Coffee’s located in the city, their The Hole-In-The-Wall style cafe and roaster is super conveniently close to the central bus station of Taipei… It was the perfect way to bookend my trip.

NB* Apologies for how vague I am in the video. I was so unwell that day and was exhausted already from the initial travel.


Hello, welcome to another episode of Coffee Geek TV. I’m Tim, on the last leg of my tour of Taipei, Taiwan. I’ve got a couple of hours till my train from Hualien to the airport arrives.

I stopped at this coffee joint known as Wilbeck Coffee. It is a little micro roaster near the main high-speed bus and rail station. I wanted to come here the last time I was in Taiwan, but I had little time. I had to bail on that and get a train to Hualien.

This little spot is cool. It’s bustling and has people coming in and out all the time. There’s lots of specialty coffee, but it they don’t come out till after 12, which is ridiculous in my opinion. Who wants to start drinking coffee after 12? Coffee Geeks will be the exception.

That said, this is a cool, rustic back in the 60’s feel cafe that plays funky music. I don’t mind. It’s good. I decided to surprise the cafe and have a pour over. This coffee is an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, a light roast which is interesting in flavor.

The cafe is on the fly and just pumping out coffee. They are doing what they do best; giving people their caffeine fix early in the morning.

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A little more on Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans come from the micro-region of Sidomo in Southern Ethiopia. Many regard this area to be this birthplace of coffee.

The coffee has a light to medium body. Like other coffees from this area, it has a slightly fruity flavor and a floral aroma. Coffee growers cultivate the beans at high elevation, between 5800 to 6600 feet.


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