Osaka Japan

Apparently Coutume Cafe was permanently closed at this location the date of this post.

My first experience of Steampunk coffee… I wasn’t overwhelmed by the experience to be honest… Although watching the brewing technique in action intriguing, I actually found it the flavor quite watery and under extracted.. I hope one day I can get better experience of Steampunk coffee.



I’m Tim coming to you again from Coffee Geek TV. I’ve come to a place called Coutume Coffee, a French cafe. They do innovative things here, and prepare coffee in a way I have never seen before. It’s called Steampunk.

Let me take you over here and show you how the machine looks. It’s a French press with a siphon built in together. The water rises to this level, and this is where the device compresses the beans. The coffee comes down through the same chamber.

This style of brewing coffee is slightly different. It is not my favorite, but you might want to give it a try. This place is a little difficult to find. If you are in Osaka, Japan, you have to go underground.

I can’t rate it when compared to the other coffees, but you win some and lose some. Tim, coming to again from Coffee Geek TV.


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