Brim 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker Review: Pros, Cons & Overall Verdict

Brim 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

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For some, the word joy is synonymous with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. It has many health benefits owing to its high levels of antioxidants and other nutrients.

Research has also proven that consuming coffee regularly improves a person’s health status and saves them from many diseases.

Some find it easy to pick coffee from their favorite restaurant or a cafe on their way to work, while others are enthusiastic about enjoying a cup of hot coffee after brewing it themselves.

If you belong to the latter category, start paying attention to this article because we will explore the features of one of the best coffee maker machines available in the market.

Brim coffee maker is an automatic coffee machine with a wide showerhead that is ideal for preparing multiple cups of pour-over coffee.

Brim Coffee Maker

It uses the technique of pulse brewing which is a relatively new concept but is very useful for extracting all the rich flavors from the coffee grounds.

Let us explore more about the features of this machine.

Brim 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker

Material: Stainless steel

Brand: Brim

Color: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 8 cups

Weight: 1 pound


  • Brew pulse technology
  • Increased water-coffee contact time
  • Precise temperature control
  • Less maintenance
  • Polarized plug
  • Alarm system


  • Frequent descaling
  • Delicate glass carafe

Parts of Brim Coffee Maker

  • Water Reservoir
  • Water Reservoir Lid
  • Showerhead
  • Warming Plate
  • Glass Carafe
  • Removable Silicone Sleeve
  • Plastic Filter Holder
  • Silicone Filter Holder Stand
  • Permanent Filter with Tab
  • Measuring Scoop
Parts of Brim Coffee Maker

It comes with a BREW/OFF power button and a BREW/CLEAN power indicator light. Just plug it

into a power socket and start using it.

How to Clean the Unit Before First Use

Whenever a new electric appliance is bought, it is never used immediately. First, a test run is done, and after that, the product is used the way it is designed to be utilized.

When using your brim 8 cup pour-over coffee maker for the first time, remove all the packing material from the inside as well as outside and place the unit on a flat, clean surface.

Thoroughly clean the glass carafe, filter holder, and permanent filter using hot water. Do not let the power cord immerse in hot water. It could result in electrocution.

How to Clean the Unit Before First Use

Then follow the following steps:

  • For the first brew, fill 1-part white vinegar and 2-parts cold water into the water reservoir. Also, do not attach the permanent filter for this. Instead, press the BREW button and let the brew cycle complete.
  • Remove the carafe from the hot plate, allow the liquid to cool for 15 minutes. You can repeat this brew if you want to.
  • This time clean the unit by brewing a full decanter of cold water.
  • When the brew cycle finishes, press the BREW button to turn off the coffee maker. Discard the pour-over water in the carafe and wash all the parts with hot water and dry them.
  • Wait another 15 minutes before brewing your first cup.

How to Brew Coffee Using Brim Coffee Makers

After you have followed the above set of instructions, you are good to brew your first batch of coffee.

It will be done this way:

Fill with Water

Remove the lid and fill the desired amount of water in the water carafe. Pour it into the water reservoir using the decanter. Place the lid back in its position. Make sure the water is not less than the minimum amount of water the reservoir allows, and it should not exceed the maximum quantity. 

Add Filter

Attach the filter stand to the empty decanter, add the filter with the filter holder to it. After that, place the permanent filter into the filter holder.

Add Ground Coffee

One leveled coffee scoop is recommended for each cup of coffee that is brewed. You can change the quantity depending on the strength you desire. Place the empty carafe with ground coffee and filters onto the hot plate. Plug the coffee maker into a 120 V switch with AC output.

Press Brew Button

Press the BREW button, and it will show a white light as the automatic coffee maker begins the brewing cycle. Then, water will pump up and through the showerhead onto the coffee grounds making a perfect bloom.

If you want to stop the brew cycle at any stage, press the same button again and plug off the cord.

Remove Used Grounds

3 beeps will be heard once the brew cycle is complete. Wait for one minute for the brew dripping from the showerhead to stop. Hold the carafe very carefully using its silicone sleeve; be very cautious and do not touch the glass. It gets scorching after a brew cycle. Set aside and dispose of the used coffee grounds.

Pour and Savor

Pour coffee into your cup and enjoy a fresh brew from the comfort of your couch.

Pour and Savor

Replace decanter

Place the carafe having unused coffee on the hot plate. The brim 8 cup pour-over coffee maker will then move to a KEEP WARM phase that lasts 30 minutes. The BREW/CLEAN light will remain white. When this phase ends, the coffee maker will beep 3 times and then shut down itself.

Turn Off

Press the BREW button when the coffee maker is not in use or the carafe is empty and remove the plug from the wall outlet.

It is recommended to wait for 15 minutes before starting another cycle of brewing coffee.

Things to Consider

Coffee Yield

Using your brim coffee maker, you can make up to 8 (5 oz.) cups of coffee. If you have an oversized mug, you should pour enough water for 3-4 cups in your coffee maker reservoir. Keep in mind that around 10 % of water is absorbed by coffee grounds and wasted as steam. So, the quantity of coffee prepared will always be slightly less than the amount of water you poured.

Temperature Maintenance

The temperature is maintained at a constant level, within the range of 197.6  to 204.8℉. This helps in maximum extraction from the coffee beans.

The ideal/warm temperature to keep the coffee warm once it has been prepared is 176℉. The taste does not change, and the coffee remains as fresh as a cup just brewed because it uses perfect constant brew temperature. Thus, you can enjoy your sweeter-tasting coffee.

Temperature Maintenance


The thoughtfully designed showerhead is one feature that distinguishes the brim 8-cup pour-over coffee maker from its competitors in the market.

It utilizes a technique called pulse brewing to evenly mix the coffee with water and get a uniform taste throughout.

The turbulence is created such that the saturation remains uniform and the delicious flavor is evenly distributed.


In addition, it has a permanent filter which means there is no need to filter the coffee. This saves the money spent on buying paper filters.

Artisan Coffee

The machine has been designed to help you craft coffee using classic techniques. The hot water pours through coffee grounds in a filter and drains into a carafe or a mug in a pour-over automatic machine.

The coffee is made by pouring the water over coffee, so it is also called manual brewing. This technique is special because it makes delicious flavors as compared to the other methods.

It is specifically good for single-origin coffees because it brings out the best in every taste at half the c.

Laser Etched Filter

The laser-etched permanent fine mesh filter has a capacity of 66g, ideal for a good coffee to water ratio.  This eliminates the need to use a paper filter.

You have to place the permanent coffee filter basket into the filter holder. When lifting it, use the handle tab.

Brew Pulse

It is a relatively new technique in the coffee industry. The idea is to increase the coffee-water contact time by pre-infusing coffee grounds with hot water before the brewing process begins.

This way, the coffee “opens up” before the brewing process starts. The water – coffee contact time is increased because the water absorbs the coffee better, resulting in even coffee bed saturation and the flavor profile of the coffee is also significantly improved.

In addition, the total dissolved solids (TDS) in the coffee are increased by more than 20 %. This makes the coffee brewed by this technique superior to others.

Tips For Making Good Coffee Using Brim Coffee Maker

You should follow these tips for excellent results

  • Regular cleaning and descaling of coffee maker should be done. A clean coffee maker is the first requirement for making a good cup of coffee.
  • Fresh and cold water should be used.
  • It is better to buy coffee beans and grind them as per your liking.
  • Finer grinds should be used.
  • Grounds should not be re-used.
  • Coffee grounds should be stored in a cool and dry place.
  • Reheating coffee disrupts the aroma and flavor distribution. So, it should be consumed immediately.
  • Heavily roasted coffee beans should not be used as they cause excessive oiliness.


This appliance requires very little maintenance. It is very easy to use and just has to be thoroughly cleaned. A qualified technician should only do any repair.

Care and Cleaning

It is essential to keep the brim coffee maker clean and take good care of it to function smoothly.

Below are some instructions on how it can be kept as food as new with the proper care and maintenance.

  • Before you start cleaning the coffee maker, make sure that it is unplugged from its power source, and the hot plate is cool.
  • After every use discard the used coffee grounds, remove the permanent filter, and rinse it. After that, wash the glass carafe and the filter holder with warm water. Similarly, the silicone sleeve can be removed to clean the area underneath it. All the parts (glass carafe, filter holder, silicone stand, permanent filter, scoop, and silicone sleeve) are dishwasher safe.
  • Wipe the coffee maker’s plastic base with a damp cloth to remove stains. If the stains are hard to remove, then a nylon or plastic pad can also be used, making sure it is nonabrasive.

Do not use any metal-based or abrasive pads.

  • Always keep an eye for any unusual signals from the machine. For example, when the BREW/OFF power indicator light flashes red and white, it signals that the coffee maker is ready for descaling.
  • Handle the glass carafe with care. Discard it if it is chipped or cracked. Do not clean it with wooden or metal scratch pads. Allow it to cool before adding liquids or washing it.


Special cleaning of the coffee maker machine is termed descaling. The frequency of descaling depends on the use of the unit and the quality of water being used in it.

If the water being used is hard, then descaling should be done more frequently because the presence of salts from the water in the appliance can affect the brew time of the coffee.

While brewing coffee, if the power indicator light changes colour from red to white and back again, this indicates that the coffee maker should be descaled as soon as possible.

The process for descaling is as follows:

  • Take one part vinegar and two parts water solution and fill it in the decanter.
  • Press the BREW/OFF button and hold it till the BREW/CLEAN power indicator light glows with a solid red light. The clean cycle will begin till the water reservoir is empty and all the water has been utilized. The BREW/CLEAN power indicator light will turn off when the cleaning operation is complete.
  • Rinse the unit by brewing a decanter full of water.
  • When the cycle ends, press the BREW button to turn the coffee maker off. Then, discard the water present in the decanter, wash all the parts with warm water thoroughly, and dry them.

After the coffee maker has returned to the normal temperature, wipe the exterior with a clean, dry cloth.

Press the BREW/OFF button at any time to turn the coffee maker off during the descaling process. When the liquid stops pouring from the showerhead, remove the decanter and let it cool for 15 minutes.


There are no special storage instructions. Just unplug and allow it to cool. Then, pack it back in its box or store it in a cool, dry place.

Do not store the unit when it is still plugged in.


The brim 8-cup pour-over coffee maker comes with a warranty of two years from the date of purchase; this includes any mechanical defects that may arise.

The warranty for the non-mechanical parts is that of 90 days. Moreover, if the product is defective, it will be repaired or replaced, or a refund will be issued within the warranty period.

The warranty is valid only for the original retailer, and it is non-transferable. Retail stores do not have the right to change the warranty in any way.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and damage due to negligent handling of the product in any way. It also does not cover damage caused by natural disasters like floods or earthquakes.


A good cup of coffee sets the mood to welcome the day with high spirits. Many people like to brew their coffee themselves because of the technique and joy associated with the process.

As a result, many coffee makers are available in the market. Brim has been manufacturing them since 1961. They have recently introduced this model with some unique features that no other brand is offered in the market.

The brew pulse technique ensures that the flavor of each grain is infused correctly in the water. The additional water – coffee contact due to this technology is an added perk.

The temperature control is accurate to serve the purpose. The appliance has been designed keeping safety in mind. It requires very low maintenance and provides the best results.

We highly recommend you this coffee maker if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee that tastes just like artisan coffee.

Brim Coffee Maker

SCA Certified
Brim Coffee Maker
8.8/10Our Score
  • Specialty Coffee Association Certified.
  • Delicious flavor with Brew Pulse for full blooming.
  • Ideal water to coffee ground contact time.
  • Allows essential coffee oils to pass through the filter.
  • Maintains the perfect constant brew temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who makes Brim coffee maker?


A Montreal-based small appliance manufacturer Saeco took the brand name and changed Brim into a brand that manufactures coffee makers and other such appliances.

Is the Brim 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker easy to use?

Yes, the Brim 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker is designed to be easy to use. Simply add your coffee grounds to the filter, pour hot water over the grounds, and let the coffee drip into the carafe below. The coffee maker has a simple, intuitive design that makes it easy to use even if you’re new to pour over coffee brewing.

How do I reset my Saeco coffee maker?

The Brim coffee maker manufactured by Saeco has a reset button. To access it open the top of the coffee maker using a screwdriver.
You will discover three thermostats and a button on the middle one.  If a metallic sound is heard on pressing the button it indicates there is air in the system.

What is the history of Brim coffee?

Brim is a brand of coffee makers and coffee accessories that was launched in 2018 by Sensio Inc. Sensio is a Canadian company that specializes in small kitchen appliances and has been in business since 2003.

How do you clean a Brim coffee maker?

To clean your Brim coffee maker, first unplug it and allow it to cool down. Then, remove the filter and the carafe. Wash the carafe and filter with warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Wipe down the exterior of the coffee maker with a damp cloth. To clean the inside of the coffee maker, fill the water tank with equal parts water and vinegar and run a brewing cycle. Repeat this process with just water to rinse out any remaining vinegar.

Can you adjust the strength of the coffee with the Brim 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker?

Yes, you can adjust the strength of the coffee with the Brim 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker by changing the amount of coffee grounds you use and the speed at which.

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