Bunn Coffee Makers Review – For Home & Commercial Use

best bunn coffee makers review

When it comes to automatic drip makers, few brands have as rich a history as the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation enjoys. Its founder, George R. Bunn, is often credited as a major player in changing the game from the once-popular percolated coffee of yesteryear to the filtered, drip methods we enjoy now.

Still, most coffee-lovers categorize BUNN coffee brewer as diner stalwarts or office break room fixtures rather than at-home brewers. We think there's a lot to love about bringing the brand's domestic offerings into the home, so we're here to give you our thoughts on our favorite models.

Read up on our top choice, then check out how we think other BUNN coffee brewers compare with each other. We've got you covered with answers to questions about how to brew, clean and maintain a BUNN coffee machine, too. 

We love the NHS Velocity Brew for the combination of BUNN's classic features and the sleek look of newer generation drip makers. Don't let the simple functionality fool you, there are precision components at work between the stainless steel walls of this brewer's build.

Like most BUNN coffee brewers, it uses the always-on internal water heater for one of the fasted brew cycles on the market. The NHS Velocity is calibrated for a range between 4 to 10 cups of good coffee depending on your preferences. 

The NHS Velocity Brew 10-cup thermal carafe boasts a proprietary spout design that wicks the drips and lets you pour a mess-free cup every time.

Need to know how to make the most of BUNN's drip-brew makers and their unique features? Read on for our best practices, tips and tricks. 

How to Use a BUNN Coffee Maker 

This brand has a few signature features that change the way you should be treating them in the home or office when it comes to proper care and extraction. Don't worry, there's nothing complicated about a BUNN coffee brewer. They make some of the most straightforward brewers available. Fill it with water, put coffee in a filter basket, then press start. Paying attention to these specific details will help you make sure they last long and brew true.

Choose appropriate countertop space 

One of BUNN's signature features is its always-on setting for their stainless steel hot water container. This maintains a constant 200-degree temperature so that when you press the brew button, you're just a few minutes away from hot, fresh coffee.

Because of this, you'll want to give models with the always-on feature enough counter space so that you're not storing anything against its warmed sides. The reservoirs in most models aren't removable. Make sure you have enough height clearance so refilling it is convenient. 

Use fresh, filtered water 

No matter what brewing method or brand model you're working, fresh and filtered water is a key component of making great coffee. Even though many of the brand's models feature that always-on heating element for the reservoir, it works best the quicker you're going through brew cycles.

This complicates the fresh, filtered water rule for people who only drink a few cups at a time or go several days between brewing. If this sounds like a potential issue for you, take a look at our review of this brand's single-serve coffee maker down below. The smaller brewing capacity works great for more casual consumers. 

Keep coffee stored until needed 

While it can be tempting to get the next pot of good coffee ready to brew well before you need it, there are a few reasons to avoid this, especially with a BUNN coffee brewer. First, no matter what brand you're working, air and light are enemies of the flavor-packed oils in coffee.

If you leave coffee grounds, particularly freshly ground ones, to sit in a filter basket for longer than half an hour, you're going to experience a degradation in flavor. Convenience may still win out if you're not detecting that much difference in your cup, so personal preferences play into this, too. 

However, the constant heat from the hot water container in a BUNN home coffee brewer can speed up how those flavor components break down. Try to wait for when you're ready to hit the brew button before filling the basket with coffee. 

Clean and descale machine regularly 

When the water lines, filter basket and carafe are all properly cleaned, you'll always have the purest flavor profile. Washing the carafe with mild soap and water between every brew cycle keeps oils from previous pots from going rancid and impacting the flavor of the fresh one.

This is true for the filter basket, too, but the frequency of use will determine how much film build-up occurs. The same can be said for the mineral deposits that water leaves behind. Check out our cleaning tips down below for a full explanation of how to keep all these components free of residue and deposits. 

Top 7 BUNN Coffee Makers

best bunn coffee makers
BUNN NHS Velocity Brew 10-Cup 
Max Capacity: 10 Cups 
Brew Time: 3 minutes 
Carafe Material: Glass 
BUNN MCU Single Cup Home Coffee Machine
BUNN MCU Single Serve Multi-Use 
Max Capacity: Single Serving 
Brew Time: 25 seconds 
Carafe Material: N/A 
33200.0015 VPR 2GD coffee maker reviews
BUNN 33200.0015 VPR-2GD
Max Capacity: 12 Cups 
Brew Time: 3 minutes 
Carafe Material: Glass 
CSB3T Speed Brew Home Coffee Maker Reviews
BUNN CSB3T Speed Brew  10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer
Max Capacity: 10 Cups 
Brew Time: 4 minutes 
Carafe Material: Thermal 
Velocity Coffee Maker Reviews &  brew 10-cup thermal carafe
BUNN GRB Velocity Brew
Max Capacity: 10 Cups 
Brew Time: 3 minutes 
Carafe Material: Glass 
BT Velocity Brew Coffee Maker Reviews
BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Brewer
Max Capacity: 10 Cups 
Brew Time: 3 minutes 
Carafe Material: Thermal 
BUNN 44900.0000 BX-B Coffee with water tank
BUNN 44900.0000 BX-B 
Max Capacity: 10 Cups 
Brew Time: 3 minutes 
Carafe Material: Glass