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Taipei is becoming known as one of the emerging third wave coffee destinations of the world. However one guy who worked the Melbourne coffee scene wanted to bring a slice of the cafe culture to Taiwan… This is what they have produced.. located in the Xinyi District 500m west of the Taipei 101 World Trade Center.. Definitely worth a visit.

Hi guys,

Welcome to the fourth episode of Coffee Geek TV. I am in Taipei, Taiwan at the moment in one of the cafes called Woolloomooloo. It is very much an Australian cafe. The atmosphere here is excellent. They are not into specialty coffee but are doing a great job.

The place is full of students. From what I’ve read, many of them have gone to Australia and brought the country’s cafe culture here. I am drinking a Cafe Latte Meno. It is in between a Cafe Latte and a Piccolo. It’s got a little bit more milk than a Piccolo and less milk than a latte.

I have also tried another coffee on the menu called Migore. It has more milk than a latte; I’ve never heard of it before. Besides that, this is the ambiance of the cafe. It has got a cozy industrial and bar counter feel.

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