The Cupping Room - Wan Chai

Hong Kong

The Cupping Room – Located in Wan Chai, Hong Kong is 1 of 3 of other locations within Hong Kong… a quant cafe that bares hustle of Hong Kong at its finest. With a simple yet specialty menu, the flavor experience is worth paying this award cafe a visit.

Hello, welcome to the second episode of Coffee Geek TV. My apologies for the background noise! I’m here at the second location with the lovely Yan Yan. We’re at the Cupping Room, world-renowned for employing the 2nd and 4th best baristas for 2016.

We are trying these two coffees right now- Limu Gera and Pavon from Columbia. They are both excellent brews, but we love Limu Gera. The reason we like it is that it has an interesting flavor. It is rich in color, and the beautiful pottery complements the brew.

I enjoyed this coffee the most. Yan Yan loved it as well. Did you. Yan Yan?

Yan Yan: Yes I did, very much.

That’s it for us at the Cupping Room. Peace out!


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