Switch Coffee

Tokyo Taiwan

After meeting Yu and Nan at lunch and sharing my passion for coffee with them, their curiosity lead them to joining me at Switch Coffee to get their first experience of pour over… And it was a fine experience at that.


It’s Tim, and new friends, Yu and Nana coming to you from Coffee Geek TV. We’re here at Switch Coffee. Here is Katz who is the pro-roaster with a Probat Roaster machine in the background.

We’re here drinking this beautiful Honduras Sschemi. This particular variety has raspberry and dark chocolate notes. I just dragged Yu and Nana with me to Switch after having a lovely meal. We ended up having a lively discussion about coffee and getting geeked out.

This video will be a quick one because we have to run to the train station and these guys have to go to work. If you are in the Meguro area of Tokyo, check out Switch.

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