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After first visiting Rufous Coffee back in August 2015 I had to return to Taiwan just to have the coffee from here again… in my initial visit I was blown away by the Panama Geisha cold brew.. To this day is was one of the best and most memorable cold brew coffees I’ve had….. ever.

Again on this day I wanted have the cold brew again but unfortunately they had run out already.. So instead settling for a Panama Geisha Esmeralda in cold drip… and yes it was absolutely brilliant! In this video, you’ll see how the cold brew process takes place.


Hello, it’s Tim, here again with Episode 6 of Coffee Geek TV. Here I am today at Rufous Coffee, located in Taipei, Taiwan. It’s the second time I’ve been here. I was here six months ago, loved it, and had to come back here just to try this delicious, cold brew that you see in front of me right now.

So this is Rufous, as you know. It looks backward, but it’s all good. What I am trying here today is another Panama Geisha. This coffee is the Esmerelda but brewed in cold drip.

This drink is lovely, with Logan juice flavors. There is a subtle hint of dark chocolate. This establishment obviously cares about what it does.

The cold drip process works this way. You put the ice at the top, It drips slowly through a tap for about 20 hours onto the grounds. The process creates a flavorful extract that pumps into a jar, which Rufous keeps refrigerated. You usually have to use it within three days, or it just goes off.

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A photo posted by Coffee Geek (@coffee.geek) on


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