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Welcome to my ad-hoc chronological caffeinated narrative, sipping my way around the world. New Year’s Eve 2013, I was introduced to Specialty Coffee in the middle of nowhere in southern regional village of Paksong, Laos.

My first drip-style Pourover brew was served as black as ace of spades… and I hated it. However, after 4 days of continued persistence, I grew to fall in love with this artisan style coffee. The Coffee Geek within me was unleashed.

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The Top 5 Specialty Coffee Shops in Hanoi Vietnam (Updated)

If you're a coffee fanatic and traveled to Hanoi in recent times, you've probably found the specialty coffee scene a little barren. There are coffee shops everywhere you look. But most of them are selling traditional Vietnamese filtered coffee which appears to have...

Best 50 Coffee Shops and Cafes in Chiang Mai for 2018!

Chiang Mai is an absolute gem of unique culture, nature, and adventure in the northwestern part of Thailand. In recent years, people from all over the globe have flocked here for its high quality and ease of living, gorgeous natural surroundings, and abundance of...

186 Cafe&Bar Review in Mae Joe, Chiang Mai Thailand

Today's Coffee Geek featured is with P'Bang from 186 Cafe&Bar. It was our first Facebook Live broadcast where we had the opportunity to have Stumptown Coffee with the Aeropress. Was a great brew.. Special thanks to P'Bang for treating us for the day. Transcription-...

Rocket Coffeebar S.49 | Bangkok Thailand

Rocket Coffeebar S.49 was a great little discovery recommended by my good friend and creator of - Sam. The cafe has a variety of gourmet dishes and coffee on their menu including some specialty coffee options. Its location is tucked away within the...

% Arabica | Kyoto Japan

  After first visiting % Arabica in Hong Kong, I was stoked with the opportunity to check them out in Kyoto.. Having 2 Slayer espresso machines and a Tornado roaster they pump out some pretty amazing coffee! Super impressed with what these % Arabica do. Transcription:...

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