The Endless Pursuit Of Specialty Coffee

Hello fellow coffee lovers,

I’m Tim and welcome to Coffee Geek

This is my ad-hoc chronological coffee narrative, sipping my way around the world. New Year’s Eve 2013, I was introduced to Specialty Coffee by Tyson Adams at his cafe Jhai Coffee House in the middle of nowhere in Laos. No cream, no sugar, black as the ace of spades…and I hated it. However, after 4 days of continued persistence, I grew to fall in love with the artisan coffee style. The Coffee Geek was born. Since then my coffee knowledge has grown exponenentially, but I still call myself a beginner, as there’s so much to learn about the wonderful world of specialty coffee.

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Vermillion Cafe | Kyoto Japan

Vermillion Cafe Kyoto Japan   Really loved the owner and barista of Vermillion cafe.. Positioned perfectly for the foot traffic from Fushimi Inari and Araki Shrine’s. Great place to enjoy the scenery from the shrine hike.. Transcription: Hey there,...

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Weekenders Coffee Roastery | Kyoto Japan

Weekenders Coffee Roastery Kyoto Japan Weekenders Coffee was a pleasant discovery about a 15 minute walk from the hostel I was staying in. The cafe and roaster was located upstairs set in a very simple yet funky layout. I loved their ‘Cherry Blueberry’...

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Coutume Cafe | Osaka Japan

Coutume Osaka Japan Apparently Coutume Cafe was permanently closed at this location the date of this post. My first experience of Steampunk coffee… I wasn’t overwhelmed by the experience to be honest… Although watching the brewing technique in action...

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