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Okusawa Tokyo Japan


I had a great experience at Onibus Coffee. Located only a short walk to the Okusawa station, this cafe was worth taking the trip to find. The roaster and barista at that location where so friendly and cool.. allowing me to quiz them with their roasting techniques. I was served a Costa Rican Pour Over which was quite sweet and citrus in flavor. Had some great fun with these guys. Can’t wait to see them again. You can also find them Onibus Coffee in Nakameguro.


Hi guys,

It’s Tim, coming you again from Coffee Geek TV. Here I am at Omnibus Coffee, in the middle of a suburban area of Okusawa, Tokyo.

This little roaster is fantastic. It is quite well-known in this suburb for roasting and supplying beans.

I love these guys. They are up-and-coming coffee hipsters. The outstanding barista just brewed me an incredible cup of drip coffee.

What I am trying now is the Costa Rican Villa Saatchi. This blend is beautiful. It is sweet and has an intense orange flavor. The acidity carries across with the rind flavor. It has a hint of green apple as well. The baristas say that it has a bit of musket in it too. In all, I like it. It has not been over or under extracted. It is the Japanese being perfect as they usually are.

Here is Abanesca, who just dropped beans into a training roaster. I like how you use the computer to regulate the flow of the coffee. Hi from Abanesca and Hashimoto as well.

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