Maytree Coffee

Hualien Taiwan

After first visited Hualien six months ago and loved it… its a beautiful coastal town in Taiwan. Never did I think this small town had this one so amazing speciality coffee bar hidden in the deep throws of this place…

It was overwhelmingly serendipitous! Maytree Coffee is one of the most artisan specialty cafes I’ve come across where a couple have been operating it for the last 18 years.

All of their pour over props have been hand made which they have an extensive choice of varieties to indulge yourself with. Observing them conducting there coffee brewing process is an art in itself and definitely worth traveling too for any Coffee Geek out there!


Hi, welcome to another episode of Coffee Geek TV. Here I am at Hualien, at a cafe called Maytree Coffee. Everything is in Chinese, so I can’t understand anything here. I’ve asked Zhihong to help me, he’s quite a friendly barista, who’s pouring me a Kenyan brew in an old sock at the moment.

What’s lovely is that he’s made the pour over the V60 by hand. He puts a lot of care and finesse into brewing his coffee. This little haven in Hualian is quite a unique find, and I’m looking forward to trying this Kenyan roast. The barista is a home roaster himself, so he does not prepare the beans at the cafe. If you are in Hualian, check out this place. I highly recommend it.

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