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The lofty second story location of Luguo Caf’e in Taipei can be a little hard to find… I recommend walking 500m directly North from the Beiman MRT station up Tacheng Street where you will find the cafe on Lane 32… Look for the bright Orange Vespa if you are lucky enough to see it parked out front.. Despite the trek and navigation of trying to find the cafe.. It represents itself with an excellent quite and relaxed atmosphere where it is fantastically lit from the large old school style windows..

The coffee however I went a little over the top by ordering the most expensive thing the menu – the Panama La Esmeralda Geisha Natural Process – having the waitress double checking with me that the price was ok… well… If i was ok or not with it is another story however it was a little over the top for me on this occasion.. still the coffee was good.



Welcome to Episode Five of Coffee Geek TV. I’m at Luguo (路过) Cafe in Taipei (台北), Taiwan (台 湾), around the Beimen (北 门) Station area in Datong (大同). It is a bit tricky to get to, especially since I’ve got a lot of gear with me.

But it’s worth visiting. The cafe has got a fantastic atmosphere. It’s a bit chilled out and old school.

I’ve got something special planned today. I’ve decided to go all out. This coffee is the Panama Geisha La Esmerelda, a grilled coffee which costs about $600 Taiwan. That’s about 25 Australian Dollars. It is a special black coffee with no sugar, but trust me when I say it is amazing.

I’ve not tried it yet. My first thoughts are that it is fruity with a caramel smell. It’s got an aniseed or a bit of brown sugar licorice.

I’ll have my first sip now and let you know what my thoughts are. I usually don’t trust my first sip. I usually go for my second to get my palate to taste it.

It’s nice. It’s got a high amount of acid and has quite a bold flavor. It’s neither rounded nor overly sharp. It’s got a little citrus flavor because of the high acidity. It’s earthy; it has brown sugar and caramel flavors.

The aniseed is not on the palate. All round, it may have been a little bit under-extracted, but the cafe did a pretty good job.

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