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Same day as visiting Rufous Coffee I headed over to GetMore Lab based on all the media attention they have had…. instantly I connected with the owners who were very welcoming. The cafe had a great vibe and ideal for me to work from and catch up on some much needed work. Located a short walk from the Daan Park Station, its only too easy to get to the cafe for a much needed brew.


Hello, it’s Tim again, coming to you from Coffee Geek TV, and this is Episode 7.

Here I am at Getmore Lab in Taipei, Taiwan. I’m still doing the rounds here at the moment, but this is probably going to be the last cafe that I am going to visit this time round. There are more that I wanted to check out, but I’m running out of time.

Here I am drinking my third coffee for today. It’s crazy, and I’m getting a bit caffeinated, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

What I’m having now is the Guatemalan Quiche. I’ve never heard of this bean variety before, but you never stop learning when it comes to coffee. I was going to choose between this and a Costa Rican bean that was not on the menu.

Both beans smelled different. The Costa Rican bean had a sweet, peanut flavor while the Guatemalan Quiche had a ripe, cherry smell. You can taste the intense dark chocolate along with the cherries.

I noticed that the intensity carried through with the smell of the beans. However, I don’t always trust my palate on the first sip. It may not always give you a good indication because of the acidity of the brew.

I’m drinking it like wine. I’m trying to get the oxygen into the palate and nasal cavity so that I can experience the intensity of the coffee.

This drink is a bit of a knockout. It is full-bodied, and you can get a sense of its acidity right on the tip of the tongue. I get the taste of caramel and dark chocolate as well. The cherry gives it a tart fruitiness.

I’m enjoying this. This coffee is a little different. It’s not rounded but runs on through the palate.

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