Coffee Roastery Lab

Hong Kong

Coffee Roastery Lab – Located in the heart of Wan Chai Hong Kong and own by the 18 Grams group… its fantastic location for getting some of the best roasted coffee from around the world.. When you visit do try the Nitro Brew..


Sawadee Khrap! Welcome to Coffee Geek TV. I’m Tim, here with the lovely Yan Yan, a fellow coffee lover who also lives in Chiang Mai. This is our first video for

We’re at the Coffee Roastery Lab. We’ve just had ourselves a nice Nitro Brew. The coffee was a little bit flat and didn’t have that nice creamy flavor, but they were nice enough to replace it with what they hoped was a nice Panama blend. That was quite a knockdown. Another thing we got to try was the Costa Rican Black Honey Microlot Seven. We’ve just had lunch!

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Coffee Geek TV!


Coffee Roastery Lab - Hong Kong
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