Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder Review

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When your alarm rings and you already hit the snooze button twice, it is time to get up and head for the kitchen. Groggy and half asleep, you reach for your Mr Coffee coffee grinder.

Your Mr Coffee burr grinder can grind beans to make two cups of coffee or produce ground coffee beans for 18 cups of coffee. Your personal programmed setting produces four cups.

Since you had the foresight to load the beans into the bean hopper last night, and you already chose the right custom grind setting, just hit the start button.

Your Mr Coffee grinder stops by itself upon reaching the pre-programmed setting for your coffee blend. With 18 different grind settings, your Mr Coffee grinder produces evenly crushed grounds for the consistency you like.

The blessed aroma of perfect, consistent coffee grounds reaches your nose as you remove the grinding chamber and load freshly ground coffee beans into your coffee maker.

Hot water flows and releases the ground coffee bean’s flavors, aromas and oils. Before you know it, you are drinking your first perfect cup of coffee for the day. 

  • 18 grind settings. 
  • Can hold up to a half pound of coffee beans at any time. 
  • LED on and off indicator light lets you know your grinder is ready to use. 
  • check
    Cleaning is easy using the built-in scoop/brush. 
  • check
    Has cup selection dial with the start/stop button for the right amount of coffee.
  • check
    Stainless-steel body.
  • check
    Removable ground coffee chamber lets you transfer freshly ground coffee conveniently. 
  • check
    Automatic shut-off

Background Information About Your Coffee Beans 

To fully appreciate your Mr. Coffee automatic burr mill grinder, you should know a little bit about the coffee beans you put in it.

Because of the hard, wood-like surface, you cannot run hot water over a coffee bean to access its flavor. The coffee bean shell protects its oils, aromas and flavors even through the roasting process.

To gain access to your liquid morning elixir, you must smash, cut, grind, crush or gnaw through the hard shell to reach the flavor inside the coffee bean.

Your teeth will thank you for choosing a Mr. Coffee automatic burr mill grinder to do the job. Even extraction is the key to a great cup of coffee. A quality burr grinder allows coffee to extract consistent, uniform particles for an even flavor and taste of your coffee. 

Poorly ground coffee produces a wild mix of particles with all shapes and sizes. Large, chunky grounds extract flavor slowly. Powdery, fine grounds extract flavor extremely fast and may cause an overflowing filter. 

How is a Mr Coffee Burr Grinder Different from a Blade Grinder? 

Once you use a Mr Coffee Burr Mill Grinder you will never look at a bladed grinder again. Many people ask what is the difference between a Mr Coffee burr mill grinder and a regular blade grinder. 

That is a valid question, as most households used blade grinders for years because that was the only coffee grinder available for home use.

Your nose can follow the pure coffee essence aroma released by a burr mill. Your Mr. Coffee automatic burr grinder extracts the coffee bean’s natural oils, flavors and aromas by forcing the hard coffee bean between multiple burrs or grinding discs. Usually, burrs or grinding discs are called plates.

These plates crush the beans evenly to create consistent coffee grounds with a uniform size. Consistent, uniform grounds produce the particle size you want for a great cup of coffee.

Since you enjoy your status as a coffee enthusiast, consider a Mr Coffee grinder is a necessity. Blade grinders produce a great deal of friction. In turn, friction produces heat. Heat affects the flavor of freshly ground beans and affects coffee’s natural flavor.

It creates tainted grounds with a diminished coffee taste. Your Mr Coffee burr grinder has plates that produce less friction which, in turn, creates far less heat. Thus, you get more coffee flavor from freshly ground beans than you would from a blade grinder.

Heat tends to taint coffee’s natural flavors. When you love coffee, you want the full flavor that results from consistent coffee grounds with no flawed taste from overheated grinding blades. 

If you wanted boulders in your coffee you would put them there yourself. Blade grinders have no way to set the particle size. It really is not a grinder as it is a coffee processor. Most folks assume the blade cuts the coffee beans.

The blade spins extremely fast and throws the coffee beans against any available surface which occasionally includes the blade itself. This results in smashed coffee beans.

The finished mixture is a haphazard blend of pieces, boulders and uneven grounds. Uneven grounds equate to uneven extraction when brewing your coffee. Under-extracted boulders and pieces lend a sour taste to coffee. Over extracted uneven grounds tend to cause a bitter flavor in your coffee.

If you want to taste your coffee’s full aroma and flavor, your Mr. Coffee automatic burr mill is a better choice than a blade grinder. 

Facts About Your Mr Coffee Coffee Grinder 

To satisfy your curiosity, here are a few facts and details about the Mr Coffee Grinder. The Mr Coffee bean grinder has convenient cord storage underneath the unit. Unwind only the amount of cord you need to plug it in. Your 160-watt unit has dual switches with safety-locks.

Once you plug in your unit place the bean hopper on top of the unit. Turn it clockwise until it stops at the Fine indicator for grind size. It will go through several rotations and you will notice clicking as it gets tighter.

Mr Coffee coffee grinder holds up to a half pound of coffee beans in the removable hopper for coffee beans. Choose one of the 18 different grind settings. Press the start button and watch your coffee beans move down the chute to the grinding chamber as it works.

When your ground coffee finishes its automatic grinding cycle, take the removable grinding chamber out to pour your coffee grounds into your coffee maker.

It has dimensions measuring 8.4(D) x 7.9(W) x 12.8(H) inches and weighs about 4.3 pounds. 

What Kind of Coffee is Best Suited for Mr. Coffee Gridner?

Your taste buds will do a happy dance because the ground beans are suitable from the finest blends to the coarsest roasted coffee.

With 18 separate choices for the grind texture, this burr mill is suitable for any ground coffee. Use the fine settings for espresso or latte, medium settings work best for drip coffee made from an automatic coffee maker, or the coarser settings for French press brews.

What Coffee Beans Should You Avoid Using in A Mr Coffee Burr Grinder? 
Most coffee lovers enjoy the pure taste from the coffee bean. You probably will not mind steering clear of flavored beans. 

According to the grinder instructions the Mr Coffee coffee grinder does not process flavored coffee beans very well. Flavored beans apparently gum up the inner workings and leave an oily residue. They turn oily and rancid if stored in the whole bean hopper for a long period of time.

Now, if you crave the occasional flavored bean, just be sure to run white rice through this grinder and do not store the flavored beans in the hopper. 

Pro Tips for Using This Grinder? 

  • Finer grounds might cause an overflowing coffee basket. Avoid using the finest setting with your Mr Coffee programmable coffee grinder. 
  • Do not more than two full hoppers without a break or you risk overheating your Mr Coffee grinder. Let your Mr Coffee automatic burr mill cool down to room temperature for at least two minutes between each cycle. 
  • Brewing more than two full 12-cup cycles with no break might cause this grinder to overheat. Let your Mr Coffee coffee grinder cool down to room temperature for at least two minutes between each cycle. 
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    Your automatic drip coffee makers brew basket or paper filter might overflow when using the coarser grounds settings on your Mr Coffee Grinder. 
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    If your coffee tastes too weak, use more grounds from the grinder. 
  • check
    Adjust the grinder setting to medium or fine for a regular or strong cup of coffee
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    Clean your Mr. Coffee automatic burr mill grinder after every third use to obtain the best coffee results. 
  • check
    When using this grinder, always keep the ground coffee chamber and lid in place. 
  • check
    After using your Mr Coffee grinder, run it empty on the coarsest setting to clear the grinding path. 
  • check
    If your Mr Coffee coffee grinder stops working after running several cycles in a row, unplug it from the outlet and let it cool for a minimum of one hour. Then, plug it back into the outlet. It should work properly. 

What Downsides Are There to A Mr Coffee Grinder? 

It is only human to have a few dissenters out of thousands of reviews. However, even the most popular negative review writer on Amazon makes a point to say he would still purchase the Mr Coffee coffee grinder again.

Some users have complained that the the coffee beans tend to stick in the whole bean hopper.

Giving this grinder a gentle shake works to loosen them. According to several review writers on Amazon they cannot leave the room to allow the automatic settings work in case the beans jam in the hopper.

Another downside appears to involve the whole bean hopper lid. The lid simply sits on top of the grinder bean hopper and is not secured in place. This makes for cleaning up some messy spills.

Overall, reviewers state that despite minor frustrations with their Mr Coffee grinder they would purchase it again. Most point to the low price as the reason they would buy it again. 

How to Clean a Mr Coffee Burr Grinder? 

According to the Mr Coffee grinder instructions, you can spot clean the Mr Coffee grinder or wipe it clean. Both the whole bean hopper and the ground coffee chamber can be removed and cleaned with soap and water or in the dishwasher.

Main Competitors for the Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder 

These appear to be the main competitors to the Mr Coffee grinder.

•Baratza Encore Burr Grinder
•Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder
•Capresso Infinity Grinder.
•OXO Barista Brain
•Breville Smart Grinder

However, none of the following grinders comes close to the low price of Mr. Coffee burr grinder.


Say goodbye to boring mornings as you anxiously count the hours waiting for morning so that you can grind fresh beans using your Mr Coffee burr mill.

Burr mills are the preferred choice of any coffee connoisseur. Seldom can you find a burr mill for such a low price. When you do, they tend to be flimsy and have limited settings. 

The Mr Coffee grinder offers a long-lasting, rich coffee experience. From espresso to French roast, it produces a consistently blended grind for your coffee maker.

It is easy to clean, simple to operate and is offered at a remarkably low price.